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  1. I probably went for a good 2 years thinking Kino was a boy, good old times. Witch is fun, you never know what kinda story you're gonna get out of it, can go from romcom to tragedy. Kino's definitively interesting, but I'd say it's a fair bit more down to earth. I was kinda was on my way out by the time you joined, so it's no surprise.
  2. Hoho, disguise is working as intended.
  3. Hi, I'm basically new to the forums as they are so I might as well introduce myself. Hobbies are reading manga, watching vtuber streams and sometimes even anime or playing eroge. I'm mostly a manga otaku lately, I like series like uhhh.... Houseki no Kuni and Yuru Camp, so both thought provoking stories or healing fluffs are good for me. Last VN I played was FLOWERS 3, and before that I tried some Umineko chapters... quite a mystery fanboy aren't I? Before those two there was probably some weird lewd game. Last manga I read was this one called "An easy introduction to love
  4. do I need to read the entire thread before I ask anything?
  5. Add me on NA guys, it's 138,413,657 I don't play JP daily but there's that too, it's 579,706,655 over there
  6. They're just called ninja turtles in my country, so I've always wondered, why do you think the turtles had to be teens on top of being mutant, and ninjas? Would you mind making a speech rather than a rant next time you're drunk?
  7. Wa, that's horribly easy to understand.
  8. Hmm? How does this work? I mean, is it so bad it's sad or is it so sad it's bad? How is this not an utsuge?
  9. Damn, it's been a while since I last cried this much with Natsume. Too sad it's almost over.
  10. Feel free to add me then, name's Rururu #1112
  11. Got Enkidu on first 10 rolls, I don't know what to do with all my remaining quartz, my plans were ruined once more. That said, it sucks he's a lancer, I still need to final ascend Karna and even without that I already have Scat... doesn't matter, I'm happy I got him, my ability to draw traps is still in effect. I'll shoot for the Camelot traps after I finish the chapter so I can complete my trap collection.
  12. You totally should, but you do realize Civ 6 is out next month, right?
  13. It's pretty good to see Amanchu outdo itself. It was also great they kept Aria's VAs and see Teko with an Alice-like hairdo. Can't get enough of it.
  14. Seems I'm minority for thinking of Amanchu! As anime of the season, that's too bad. Also, kinda dropped Re:zero, what's the point if Subaru pulls himself together?
  15. I can't imagine living there for a long-term, but I'd like to- even if only to satisfy my desires to live there at all. It'd be nice, yes.
  16. I feel 10 years younger after watching Amanchu! Glad the wait paid off.
  17. Inganock, it's pretty rad. Has gameplay but I'm certain you can deactivate it.
  18. Feels like they're only jabbing the people that already read the story- did tear up of course, since I'm one of those.
  19. Don't you all have better things to do than shitposting here?
  20. So much I already ran out of quartz.
  21. Happy to see more of it, but sad I'll have to go through finishing all the CCS content there is, again. My best bet is that it's going to be a movie based off the manga special whose summary is already announced. Probably gonna be like that extra chapter that followed the last episode, except longer, but the endings are different for both, anime and manga, so who knows? With luck the anime will take a different approach.
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