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What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?


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I picked up Dark Souls 2 for the ps3 earlier today.  Played about an hour and a half after coming home with it.  Looking good so far.  Battle, while indeed tough, hasn't been as hard as online comments had lead me to believe, most of my deaths so far were the result of me accidently jumping of cliffs a bunch of times.  I started off as a Knight since I thought a slower and sturdier character might be better suited to my play style.(and I like two-handed swords.)


On the portable side I'm mostly focusing on Ace Attorney Dual Destinies, with a little Mother 3 on the side.

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I'm focusing on Bioshock Infinite's season pass- Clash In The Clouds is crazily fun, Burial At Sea Ep. 1 completed.


It keeps me quite busy alongside Ever17.


I no-lifed both of those to 100% them ASAP. I'm excitedly waiting for Ep. 2 to come out! 


I'm currently playing two newly-released games of which are classics.


Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster. However, between Visual Novels and a few PC games I play online, I keep getting distracted so I haven't had much chance to progress in either very far.

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Lemme know if they made it any better the second time around, in HD. I'm going to be there sometime soon myself. ;D

Everything is done really well, and the cutscenes are pretty damn beautiful as well. Sin is pretty damn annoying but easy if you're prepared. Same with Seymour except he's much harder. They would have my money if Square Enix decided to do an HD remake of FF 7+8 together which is probably never but one can dream. I honestly would've preferred this than the two horrible sequels to Xlll
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I just buyed Resonance of Fate and started playing it, 12 hours so far and in Chapter 3... It's a very complex battle system, but still the game is great and the battle system although complex, is really fun once you get the hang of it.


And of course, I'm goin' for the platinum too, but this playthrough is my first and I want it to be enjoyed, I'll try to unlock every Hex and level up myself to get the Lv.100 Trophy, but that's about it. The hardcore stuff comes at NG+

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