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What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?


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We have one for Visual Novels, Mangas, Music, Anime and even noodles. I figured it would be okay for a Video Games thread as well.

So what are you playing that isn't a visual novel?

I just finished Atelier Rorona with the normal ending. I messed up early on and didn't get enough reputation to get the true ending (gotta replay all 22 hours of the game now). It's still one of the most upbeat, happy JRPGs I've ever played.

I'm planning to start on The Last of Us now.

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Basically I only play retro games

I was on Pochi & Nyaa for some time, and now I've finished going through SMB3 again.

There is a new shooter called Dodonpachi Saidaioujou that just came out for the 360, I might have to see about that

In the meantime I'm just playing things on MAME randomly. I played this really old Zelda-style game called Venture.

If I were to ever play another RPG again, that Atelier Rorona game looks like it'd be at the top of my list. But I don't have time for both VNs and RPGs, I think.

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You playing Odin Sphere on PSN or PS2? Just an FYI the PS2 can have some game killing lags. Nothing like dying because the lag is so bad you cannot react in time. Honestly I rage quit the game 3/4 of the way through, I simply decided the aggravation was not worth the reward, although it certainly is a beautiful looking game.

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I recently finished Fire Emblem : Awakening. Great game, I actualy spent a lot of time doing side-battles before going ahead and finishing it.

I've been playing Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. I went back to it recently after being awed by the e3 trailer for the new "X" Monolith Soft project. Almost 100 hours in, I got a bit tired of the unnending amount of sidequests, but I'm still really enjoying it.

Other than that, on 3DS I changed my mind and got Animal Crossing after I finished FE. I'm still pretty early in the game so there isn't a lot to do, but it's interesting. It's actualy my first try with the franchise. I also got Crimson Shroud at the same time. I'm liking it so far, an entertaining homage to tabletop gaming, from the mind of Yasumi Matsuno. I've also been playing a little 7th Dragon 2020 on PSP, which I imported when it got a "PSP the Best" edition a few months ago.

I also bought "To the Moon" on GOG last weekend, though that might count as a VN.

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Actually, can I ask for some suggestions? I plan to get a 3DS soon, and I would like some suggestions as to what games I should get. I already plan on getting the following:

Fire Emblem: Awakening (Heard this was amazing, so this will be the first game I play in the franchise.)

The new Animal Crossing (Played the first one on the gamecube when I was a young-un. Loved it.)

Harvest Moon: A New beginning (Another game that I played when I was young.)

Rune Factory 4 (Played the first one.)

Also, does anyone know what happened to the Advanced Wars franchise? That's another series that I grew up playing, but the last game that they made seems to be Days of ruin, which was made 4-5 years ago. Did they not sell well or something? I know the game before Days of Ruin did really well (Dual Strike). Either way, I would love to see another Advanced Wars game.

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