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  1. Here, extra KS Steam codes I don't need. Kasumi & Marie DLC B2XQA-84M8H-P5XGH Kei & Rea DLC XDHJE-GDNM7-YNKRP
  2. Essentially. Steam is unforgiving. If a recent release doesn't stick out and has zero hype, it'll be buried under a mountain of crap and won't have another chance at success outside of a major sale on the front page. They all seem to strive for Sakura and Nekopara level sales figures, but those are anamolies. Popular YouTubers with millions of subscribers covered those titles, giving them more exposure than anything else ever could. I'm not saying disallowing YT footage is why they're failing, but who knows, maybe a major e-celeb would've given them coverage if they weren't risking a DMCA.
  3. Something, something, something, inadequate reading comprehension. Something, something, something, surface level.
  4. No sexual content aside, the version they're releasing in the west has high resolution 4:3 assets cropped to 16:9. That's a far greater crime than the lack of pee-pees and vagos.
  5. Individual kanji study is generally a complete waste of time unless you're leaning towards production. What you should be doing is simply learning readings through vocabulary. Download Core 2k/6k/10k and do however many new cards a day you have the capacity for. At 40 new cards a day, you'll be done with 6k in 5 months or so, which is around 1700 kanji with multiple readings. Additionally, using the ITHVNR + Firefox and Rikaisama text-hooking method, you can import unknown kanji and vocab into Anki with a single key press. It's also a method which does not spoonfeed you with furigana, parsing
  6. By the sound of it, you already know basic grammar. There should be nothing stopping you from using the methods mentioned above to read basic untranslated VNs. It's a very useful way of expanding your vocabulary and getting further grammar practice. One of the best, actually. I don't recommend reading anything you'll want to enjoy one day with better comprehension, though. Additionally, you should fire up Anki and work your way through the Core 2k/6k deck alongside whatever you decide to read. Japanese is not the insurmountable mountain it seems to be.
  7. Visual novels are pornographic in nature, whereas video games are not. The tools in that video were treating ME as the former. Western visual novels have just as much lewd and erotic content as eastern ones, and the reason why VNs with adult content outsell those without is that the vast majority of the medium's demographic read VNs solely to get off. This is the case in all cultures. What the mainstream media thinks of "lewd" content is irrelevant to this medium as it doesn't affect anything other than censored releases on mainstream platforms, which is sensible to say the least.
  8. I think Muv Luv is a shining example. Extra is the absolute shits, while Unlimited just barely gets the ball rolling in the new setting. It's mind-blowing how much better Alternative is than its predecessor.
  9. Isn't that like the first thing they made a mod for? Honestly the only thing I'm disappointed about in Fallout 4 is that it uses pretty much all the same music as Fallout 3, and I liked New Vegas' selection way more :c I listened to the classical radio station for a few hours until it started looping, and have since stopped using the radio. The original ambient soundtrack is far more comfortable to listen to. Also much more varied than the radio stations. Isn't that like the first thing they made a mod for? Honestly the only thing I'm disappointed about in Fallout 4 is that it uses pretty m
  10. We need to start a movement and lure these plebeians away from moege and into more serious and realistic vns. While not necessarily "serious and realistic vns," this has always somewhat unironically been my stance on the medium and the western community as a whole. While I give no shits about what people enjoy, I'm always hoping the community will miraculously recover from terminal moe waifu cancer. The circles where I actually discuss VNs are getting increasingly difficult to bear.
  11. I haven't experienced any long loading times. The only technical issue I've had was microstutter related to exclusive fullscreen and Vsync. Otherwise, it's running at a constant 60 fps on Ultra with ReShade at 1080p. I also play the game with an Xbox One controller from the couch, so the interface and controls are perfectly fine. Visually, it's not too bad. The lighting and weather system is nice, and the LOD has been greatly improved. Not even DynDOLOD or any uGridsToLoad tweaks could achieve this LOD object density in their previous games. Not to mention any such modification resulted in ins
  12. Thanks for letting us known. I will clear my schedule to do a 48 hour marathon of Sakura Beach 2. Truly, I have found a light shining in the darkness that is my life.
  13. I've always enjoyed anthology shows, but Tales from the Darkside is my least favorite. Nothing really stood out in any way, and I can only recall a handful of episodes. The 90's Outer Limits, Tales from the Crypt, Masters of Horror and the original Twillight Zone are my favorites. It's a shame that the uncensored Outer Limits beyond season 1 is impossible to find. The DVD releases were butchered, and Hulu has those versions. Still enjoyable, though.
  14. The graphics are fine. Force some ambient occlusion and the lighting will look less flat. Give the modding community a few years and it'll be the best looking game around, just like Skyrim was for years. The leaked gameplay footage I've seen looks excellent. Definitely a huge step up from FO3 and NV. Looking forward to seeing how creative you can get with base building. If there are no limitations, I can see myself having a skyscraper by the time I'm through with the game.
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