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  1. Steam Prison looks pretty good. I'm awaiting more information about it though. I want some kind of simulation or choices that matter when playing an Otome though.
  2. The Fuwa shipping thread

    You all need satan and some purification right now. Sadly I am a part of this Discord-group.
  3. Grand Strategy Games

    I don't own HOI4 but always up for some Stellaris, EU4, CIV 5 or 6 and any Total War. A big fan of strategy overall since 15 years back. My Steam-link should be correct. I'm one of the 3 Zander mentioned.
  4. Dies irae OUT NOW for everyone!

    Apparently all voices in my game disappeared and it didn't help verify the game. Tried reinstalling the game but still missing voice for any characters. Yes I checked my settings and googled if anyone else had the same problem. I can hear the BGM, movie and special effects. Can't hear the voice, environmental and system sounds. If I unplug my speakers and run it through my monitor it works. Something wrong with 7:1 sound? It worked last week. My sound is horrible with the monitor and the atmosphere is kind of ruined if I can't play with headphones. A possibility is finding my old speakers from 2000 I have in a box on the attic. Anyone got a solution or experienced something similar? - Verfied game, reinstalled the game - Located that my headphones doesn't play voice, environmental and system sounds of Dies Irae. See picture of the config list. - No problem with BGM, movie and special effect sounds. - It worked earlier this week with the same headphones. Wired Logitech G35 with 7:1 sound. Any ideas what I could do or fix it? Perhaps I should post it in the tech FAQ area but I'm trying here. Worth mentioning is that I have no problem with my headphones with any other game. Nevermind found the problem and solved it. Something weird with my PC settings compared to my Logitech settings and they overwrote each other resulting in some weird setup.
  5. Dies irae OUT NOW for everyone!

    Got it. Strong opening of Dies Irae.
  6. Dies irae OUT NOW for everyone!

    Opening up the game. Interesting opening with kind of hype music. The first sentence with the music literary exploding out of the speakers. At least I should love the music of this game. So for someone living under a rock for the past 6 months. What was released for backerkit today isn't the full game? What I saw is that Steam installed an act 1 and act 2. So there is more?
  7. Tales of Berseria

    I've heard good stuff of the game. How it was better on every point compared to the bland Zestiria. Anyone could confirm that?
  8. Xbox 360 disk ring

    You are screwed. You can't save it sadly. If it is new and you got a cd protection you could perhaps get a new one at the store. Otherwise buy a new copy of the game. Been there done that. I thought it was the famous red ring of death.
  9. Rance 5D and Rance VI

    I agree with both of you Rooke and Kaguya. But I must also say that this dungeon crawler is one hell of a crawler. It keeps me entertained even though I would say this kind of style of game is so outdated. SR is the superior game but that's also a gameplay I grew up with and are more familiar with. But what VI is better at I think iare expanding and going in depth of the characters more than SR. That game is more about the conquest. Looking forward to more Rance titles from MG. They are doing good. Also looking forward to if MG and Alicesoft decides to bring other series over too.
  10. Rance 5D and Rance VI

    Kind of stuck at the "Sleepy Village" and the Avatar mission. How does the "cancel" charge attack works? Is it percent based chance to stop an charged attack?
  11. What Did you buy in the Steam Sales?

    Warhammer: Total War and the new Civ 6 DLC but it wasn't on sale.
  12. In case you guys were interested in this game. Da Capo III is finally out of testing and up for preorders at MG. A link to MG's blog and the gamepage with more specific information about the release. Release is the 20th of January with both an all ages version and adult version. $39.95 for all ages and $44.95 for the adult version. Edit: Worth mention too is that DC1, 2 and Kotori side stories are 50% off today. Source.
  13. Donald Trump Megathread

    This and this is the only reason he won in my opinion. You are saying you want equality and free speech in media but the next second you are ridiculing every Trump supporter and throwing dirt right and left. It is so freaking sad to see celebs, TV stations and I don't know what doing anything to give Hillary support and bash Trump. The same happened in Sweden 2 years ago when we had our election. Media, celebs and everyone with just a small dose of influence was bashing one of the parties because their roots were racist and extreme. The solution isn't bashing and hating on someone. The solution is to bring the conversation public and pierce the political party and their key political issues. Bring it to the light and discuss it. You can't sweep something like immigration/housing/medical care/education under the carpet for example. You have to tackle it with your own solutions and pierce the bubble to break the other side. The Swedish democrats got almost 13% and destroyed the political stability we got for a long time. And it gets worse for every year. But no let's have a kindergarten level on the politics. That's doing great.
  14. Let's play some Dota!

    Of course I read it. But I am not taking any side yet until Secret and Puppey responds. But EE and Misery should have credit for what they are doing. The payment scandal in Secret is a big uproar for the so called fan favorite who were supposedly created to support the players, not in this way though.
  15. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    I'm just staring into a wall now. Waiting for the autumn flood of games. On Thuesday the new DLC expansion for Europa Universalis 4 arrives, Rights of Man. I have been looking forward to this for 2 months now. Gears of War 4 was released today for people who pre orderered it. So I am going to a friend's place tonight to play it. I expect greatness! In 14 days we got BF1 and Civ6 on the same day. And then later this autumn we got Pokémon Sun/Moon and FF15. And here I am. Trying to pass my time with some Civ5, Princess Maker 2 and Crusader Kings 2 and cursing al lthese late year releases. Please release games during the whole year. Yes I know Christmas is the biggest cashcow ever but please.