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    Totally not in Nablus...I`m serious.
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    2.Pratt & Whitney F119 n F135
    3.Most of anime n vn (especially number 1 included)

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  1. I think the anime ends at volume 10 of the manga. And dont forget that the whole season 3 is not from the manga and just fillers.
  2. Osadai pretty awesome n funny. And u can tap Putin's ass.
  3. Welcome and have fun here~~ be careful of perverts,strangers,traps,and Futas. I recommend Demonbane,Majikoi and Walkure Romanze if u havent read any of them. Oh and do u play Kancolle?
  4. Nope, not really interested with her. I got Yuus,Iowa,Akizuki,Teruzuki and Pola. Farming Hayasui atm.
  5. I`m doing awesome~~ I got every Kanmusu i want except Hayasui. I use 1CA+1CAV+4DDs and Support shelling. Good luck.
  6. Monmon


    Hey Hey!! Another kancolle players in Fuwa?? nice~~~ Hope u enjoy Fuwa.
  7. OH I DIDNT KNOW ITS KAMI B`DAY!! Happy B`day buddy~~
  8. i made a server in discord for kancolle players in fuwa, come and enjoy. We got free cookies n panties.
  9. Best profile pic ever, u deserve a like. And read Demonbane.
  10. My favourite duck.

    1. luciodragao


      My favourite master.

    2. URV


      Also my favourite duck.

    3. luciodragao
  11. My heart is big...so 1 or 5 heroines doesnt matter for me, i will love them as equally as possible.
  12. Not really. I managed to edit squad hp,enemy boss hp,Mana,It and levels.
  13. Yo. Love your name, i`ll give you a like because of that.
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