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What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?


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Just finished the new episode of The Walking Dead, not as great as episode two, but it was very good.

And wow, seeing Carver's skull being smashed in felt pretty good, too bad Carlos died in my game, I don't know if I could have done something to save him.... I don't care about Sarah, she just gets in the way of everything...

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Playing Tales of Vesperia PS3 with the aid of a couple guides from some importers, a nifty little app that has the translated text from the 360 version paired with the Japanese text for reference, and my own (limited) Japanese knowledge to guide me. It's been an interesting play so far (albeit slow moving).

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Playing Dark Souls 2 when I have the time, which isn't much, so just about 30 hours in.


Other than that, I keep randomly coming back to Drag-on Dragoon 3, replaying various missions. I blame that glorious OST. And I still haven't beaten that goddamn trollfest of a 'bossbattle' before the D 'ending', months after the release. Agh!

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the Sailor Moon quiz game


Here are some tips in case you try to play this game too:

-Just pause the game long enough to read the question and the 4 answers.  It's not cheating--the game is about testing your knowledge, not your Japanese language skills.

-You can't actually control how the dice is thrown--you just throw it.  It's not your fault if she hits herself in the head with the dice, which happens...frequently.

-When you get to the point with the 4 cards, there is no special rule here--all that matters is that they match, i.e. you want to get 4 of a kind.  And something good will happen then.

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