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  1. A while back I was following TOM's Nanoha works, and even bought a paper doujinshi of his (Another Crisis #5), as well as purchased all of Another Crisis. Over time, I moved on to other things, and after a while, I decided to check back on his web page. All I got was a 404. His circle pages on Gyutto, Melonbooks, and DLSite and all of his works can no longer be found. I don't know if any of his listings on Toranoana, the only store still listing his works, can be purchased. A shame, as I would have really liked to read his Unveil and Dgness Archive series.
  2. Chat seems to have been down for a few days now... Is it being updated?
  3. Chat went down Sorry, there is a problem There was an error joining the chat room. Please try again or contact us. Error code: 5H269/A
  4. Mare will be born on July 7th this year

    1. yfytdasnp0822


      Yup, can't wait to celebrate

    2. K450


      Today is Mare's Birthday!

      It's 5:24 AM, July 7 in Japan as I write this message.

  5. KASASAGI NO MEMORIA/鵲のメモリア An alternate universe/continuity where things go off the rails from the main storyline. Kogasaka You happens upon an eccentric person, one whose wisdom was far beyond their years.He met this person while in the city, and was curious to know just how he manages to be so peaceful even in the worst of times. Curiosity turned to friendship, and he is gradually introduced to the radical principles of a curious book over a period of five years. While this curious book was still being translated into Japanese, that proved to be no obstacle, as his friend, whom he called Aki
  6. Well, looks like your suggestion worked brilliantly As for calling within python, I never did figure out how to call the specific function I wanted, but at least your hint will help me should I ever decide to return to that method. But, all in all, thanks immensely for the help!
  7. I tried using that before, but couldn't figure out some of the variables and what they did. However, after a bit more digging, this is what I've inferred so far: nvsg_converter.convert_from_png("inputpng","outputimage",imagecount,x-coord,y-coord) Where only the first two arg inputs are strings, imagecount determines the nvsg format, and the x-and y-coords reference the location of the bottom-left pixel of the image in relation to the game window. I don't know what values imagecount can take on, or what those values mean in relation to FVP, so a hint would be helpful here. Right now I'm stuck o
  8. Success! What I did was use akerou's fvp toolset, compiled with qt, and decoded the original graph.bin. Then, I converted those .bmps I made to png (Photoshop's automation saves the day!) and set fvp to convert them back. Curiously, when these new files were copied to the replacement graph folder as per Method #3, they defaulted to x0 y0. However, when adding them to another copy of the graph folder (converted using bin_archiver.py), and after appending their correct numbers (ex. 0882_eyecatch_0705), I repacked this folder, again using bin_archiver. I copied this new bin over to my game dire
  9. Ah, thanks for helping! I appreciate the help.
  10. Alright, uninstalled all other versions and installed the recommended (3.0) release. This was the result:
  11. I tried running bin_archiver through cmd, imported the module, and ran "bin_archiver -c graph graph.bin" (usage instructions were the format "bin-archiver.py folder output.bin") The folder was in the same directory as the script, and the same name as given in the above command. I got: File "<stdin>", line 1 bin_archiver -c graph graph.bin bin_archiver -c graph graph.bin ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax No dice And is AE the same as Akerou? If so, he's planning to add a repacker, though I don't know when.
  12. Hi, I was planning on making edits to the files eyecatch_0705 to eyecatch_spring in hoshimemo to include the year as well as the date, and even used the exact font (via test drive, no way am I spending $500 on one font), correct format (24BMP with alpha) and everything, and discovered crass can't repack them into bins. Unfortunately, repacking tools rest on the EH project, so I'm left with nothing to work with, unless by some miracle I can work out/find a method for doing so, or someone points me in the right direction.
  13. "Whoa, what happened to you? Did Mare make you forget again?" Not exactly, but here's the short of it; Not doing too well in some classes, felt like Zenya for a good 6 months.Discovered during that time one of my favorite projects had been 'butchered' by Nils Frahm, felt like my mind was in permanent 'kusottare'. Yeah I know it sounds silly, but that's how it was for me.After a few months, I picked up a book which I had abandoned for 8 years prior, which is basically a self-study guide on how to detox the unconscious mind.I utilized this guide for three months, and uncovered and healed a lot o
  14. I am not a sane man. This has taken two weeks to set up, and a little more than 7 days to get all the amplifiers through one upgrade cycle. Unfortunately, I promised to get to a displayed grade 100, which means TWO MORE upgrades and weeks of farming the 3.6e+37 mana required for the last upgrade.
  15. I have been reading VNs and browsing many more that have "True Ends", or those where the plot is solved the "correct" way, at least as intended by the scenario writers (others have begged to differ by way of "best girl", but that's another subject). Usually, how the conflicts are resolved always point towards the antagonist(s) or antagonistic forces being defeated in some way. Sometimes the protagonist might lose his love interest/someone he cared for, or the protagonist might die, or the antagonist might pull off some part of his Xanatos Gambit. However, the outcome is always a net gain in th
  16. ...wow The former case actually proves true! And, doing a quick skim of the internet reveals another anime sourced the same town. Check it out.
  17. Hmm, don't know how to 'read' this, but I assume it's in jest, going by the search results on all search engines for the town. Either way, I plan to locate and document this town with a level of detail bypassing any means of severing. Or, maybe not. I haven't been here long enough to know you or others long enough, so please correct me in any case.
  18. So, here I am, trying to figure where this mythical town called Hibarigasaki might be. Most likely, the writers didn't even care where it was, and maybe it was modeled it after one or several real places (e.g. Higurashi's sanctification of Shirakawa-go). Or, failing that, an utopia. However, if there are any bits and pieces of information that might give several likely places along Japan's coastlines and many islands, please do share. I need more than one set of eyes to scan every line of this VN series that I have enjoyed more and more these past months.
  19. Sorry for asking this the day before I leave, but I want to know or confirm some basic facts presented in Spica's after story, as well as some rough dates chronicling important events to help integrate the canon into my story. I want as much spoiler as necessary without completely negating the impact of Eternal Heart, a risk I'm willing to take. I might get to this a little late, since I will have no internet (Local 802.11b public wifi sucks), but any answers will not go unappreciated. So, here's what I have interpreted or guessed so far.
  20. Hah, so I guess there was a nightmare attached to those files, and its severing took out the H-scenes. Well, it hasn't stopped Kogasaka You; it should never stop you guys! I give you all my enchantment of Absolute Memory - invalidating the scythe's severing powers. I wish you all the best in remembering those memories!
  21. This game, man. Seriously, this game. 11 hours spent getting to this ridiculous mana pool, around 68 septillion total mana. The cost for this gem alone was 130 septillion. At the moment I have 126 septillion mana.
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