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  1. Post your desktop screen shot

    he is the one of the best things about the anime
  2. hi

    i make no such promise.
  3. hi

    welcome home.
  4. ok im on my first play through and on serawis route . im stuck on chapter 5 and cant seem to progress to chapter six its been 2 days now, iv been racking my brain over it. i have all the requirements for promotion of rank and there's only 3 quests i haven't finished and they aren't even limited to be finished at this chapter. they are the clean the lake quest, collect shadow fire gems, and investigate the creature quests. any one have any clue how i can progress?
  5. Did Fuwa die?

    this is like the 4th or 5th fuwapocalypse i survived through its kinda a thing now
  6. What are some good VN podcasts

    well if there's anything i can do to help please don't hesitate to ask i would be pleased to help. there's not enough visual novel / otaku games podcasts.
  7. What are some good VN podcasts

    Isn't the FuwaFM podcast dead?
  8. Frankly i don't even care if there decent, there made for fap materials as long there in English so i can read all that yummy yandere trash fantasy i would be a happy man.
  9. any of the dozens of yandere based eroge, mangagamer please get on this some of us freaks crave those.
  10. Not really new its been around in English since the mid to late 90's but it was even more of a niche then it is now. Also i was talking more that playing of visual novels and "adventure games" on mobile devices though id agree that the genre was probably at least started in the 80's with Bishoujo games and date sim's.
  11. i know its a really long shot but i hope the new partner will be Eushully. like i said i know its a long shot and the chances of it happening is like nil but well a guy can dream right?
  12. What are you playing?

    Im currently i think half way through Root double and thinking ill read the Fault series next.
  13. Don't forget Tablets , Nintendo DS/3DS , PlayStation Portable as well while there are less visual novels on those platforms in English thats not the case in Japan there are many that never get translated or are even brought to the attention of the most Gamers in the west. Japanese otaku have been playing visual novels on mobile devices as long ago as the early 90's with the introduction of the HuCards and the PC Engine GT.
  14. Birthday thread

    thanx man
  15. Birthday thread

    awww either you remembered, stalk me, or something else. either way thank you very much
  16. so i cant really figure it out is Pure Pure The Story of Ears and Tails TL dead? or did i just miss the news about the patch release? thanx .
  17. recommend me jrpg's

    if your familiar with emulators and since you used one for xenoblade chronicles on a emulator there are a epic butt ton of jrpgs on the ppsspp emulator and desume NDS emulator if you need help with them message me here or on twitter or add me on steam.
  18. Why I hate the Fruit of Grisaia

    no one can tell you that honestly since thats a opinion all they can tell you whether they enjoyed it and why or why not.
  19. Why I hate the Fruit of Grisaia

    well considering that iv read vns with only 2 or 3 of similar length , having 5 heroines and a protag, and 3 or more side characters that showed up one or more times id consider medium to large cast, then again this is a matter of personal opinion.