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  1. Decicided to get back into Bloodborne, since the Return to Yharnam community event is going on, and because I never finished it >.< I'll be streaming from 2pm PDT (9pm UTC) and I'll probably end around 4-5pm PDT, depending on if my dog will let me walk him later rather than sooner. If anyone wants to see me stream more, I might do more sessions. My Twitch channel I might not be able to chat all that much, since the closest computer's in an odd position to view the TV at, but I'll try to check the chat feed as often as possible. I have a headset, and will have my mic on. Adu
  2. Because I like hentai, animu, and chuuni bullshit. Simple as that.
  3. I voted for the three I stated, but I suggested partnering with virtually every company that was in that contest, and multiple others. Gotta work around the limit
  4. Voting for Erect!, Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou, and Hatsuyuki Sakura right now. Voting for a Navel VN is pretty much throwing my vote away, but I might as well try anyway :/
  5. 2018 in Review (NSFW banner image) (Click the images for links) What are you guys voting for this year? Still deciding on my votes.
  6. [Citation needed] I've yet to hear anything from anyone that isn't biased (literally just chuee and akerou) about them being able to handle something like IroSeka. They couldn't even handle HoshiMemo, FFS, and SakuSaku reportedly wasn't all that great, either.
  7. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX9cbNxuNYT3d
  8. Right? I'll never forget how they confirmed a new Rusalka route without even apparently asking Light what that meant, had someone tell them what they were actually promising, and then deleted the post and walked back the statement, claiming that they actually meant that a Rusalka bad end already existed. Good riddance
  9. They also announced that they're no longer working with the PR team they outsourced to for the original Kickstarter campaign. Apparently they're hiring steiner (one of the translators for the original VN) to as a brand manager, and there isn't going to be any kind of middleman company involved. He's also going to be the sole translator for Kaziklu Bey as well. I dunno about anyone else, but I'm pretty hyped. It's definitely the kick in the pants I need to get around to finishing the original.
  10. I doubt it, honestly. They seem pretty set on publishing the English TL themselves. They've had over two years to mull things over, and this appears to be their decision. You could try emailing them, but I doubt that will change their minds, and there's a pretty decent chance whoever reads your email won't speak English. All you can really do is refuse to buy it, and tell everyone that you know might be interested in it to stay away. The best case scenario is that the game tanks, and Harukaze thinks there's no money in the west and loses interest, never butchering a VN this badly agai
  11. Well, bad news for your wallet. Judging by the site and the fliers they handed out when they originally announced the English translation, the translation is gonna be top notch! Such gems as, "Once upon a time, mother passing away," and "Some people think she’s kind of a plastic" inspire such confidence in the TL staff, and give the reader a taste of the stunning prose that's sure to follow. One can clearly see that this VN is in the most capable of hands
  12. tfw I'm the odd man out because I'm too much of a square \/ Like I said before, though, it's not really ban evading if you're given the okay to do it by multiple mods. Besides, you'd have just received a warning or a temp ban if you hadn't spammed so much lol It wasn't meant to be a permanent punishment, just a stop-gap measure until all the spam could be cleared. I'll see if I have enough time before work to get rid of the rest of the spam. EDIT: @Clockwork Loli So, unfortunately, it appears that there's no way to recover your content, either the spam or the legitimate pos
  13. I actually haven't read either Higurashi or Umineko yet. They're both part of my rather large backlog lol Most episodic VN releases seem to flounder in obscure mediocrity, at least in the west. You don't really hear much about them besides those two 07th Expansion breakout successes. Well, that is unless you follow Frontwing's recent releases lmao It'd be rather interesting to find out the average rating for episodic VNs on VNDB and EGS and maybe get an estimate of how popular the format is on both sites. I could look into doing that, but I have no clue how to extract that kind of da
  14. That's a slightly different situation. The story was originally conceived as a single, complete release, and just happened to be later rereleased as three parts. It coincidentally lent itself pretty well to the episodic format. All three parts were released on different dates, though, but but the other hallmarks of episodic releases are missing. tbh, VNs, as a medium, could work pretty well as episodic releases, I've just yet to see an episodic VN fully take advantage of that release format.
  15. Exactly the same as my views on episodic traditional video games, which are rather negative. Disregarding the debate on whether or not it's anti-consumer, it kinda comes off to me as just another way of avoiding any kind of financial risk by not fully investing in a complete release. If it flops, just axe plans for any more episodes and move on, leaving customers with an incomplete story that will never be continued. Frontwing in particular, imo, uses episodic releases this way, and it doesn't look all that good. They can apparently afford to fund development of full JP releases, but a
  16. @meru any possibility of a standalone 18+ release? I personally don't like the whole "buy on Steam and patch the porn back in" approach, and much prefer buying 18+ VNs on more private platforms than Steam or GOG.
  17. Okay, enough is enough. No more "controversy" talk anymore, it's eclipsing the original topic of the thread. Almost 3+ pages of arguing? Nah. Take it to PM's if you guys desperately need to hash things out past this point.
  18. wat It's SakuraGame's fault for not giving even the smallest shit about the quality of their products. They're machine-TL'ing scripts, and literally nobody is holding a gun to their head and forcing them to do so. The devs that work with SG and the customers that buy their games are partially at fault for enabling them, but the blame for the garbage SG craps out lies solely with the people producing it.
  19. I kinda like the hard stuff, not gonna lie. I'll take shots of straight whiskey if I'm not feeling in a beer mood, and I've learned to like the less shitty brands of vodka. I do like beer too, though, but I mostly stick with IPAs, since ales are a bit too weak for my taste. I'm finishing up chapter 4 right now. I tend to get easily distracted when I read VNs, so I'm not that fast at reading them anymore.
  20. A light hangover, which consisted of soreness, dizziness when I moved and general fatigue. Nothing a cup of coffee and some relaxation couldn't fix. I've been pretty lucky with hangovers so far, I've yet to experience a really bad one.
  21. Not drinking anything at the moment, but I had multiple shots of vodka, an 805 and a spiked seltzer last night. Parties are fun
  22. If you stumble upon any piracy links or sexualized loli/shota content, please do report it. I tried in the past to remove all direct mentions of piracy sites and links in a bunch of old threads, but it was quite frankly exhausting. I spent hours and hours and hours doing nothing but that for several days before I got completely burnt out. I still remove them whenever I happen to find them, but I don't have it in me to crawl the entire forum removing every bit of infringing content. As far as I can tell, Kags and I cannot change that page. If I had to guess, only admins or users wit
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