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  1. Heh heh... You guys are all right. See ya around.
  2. Compatibility issues. Until we meet again...
  3. Also, if your name is not mentioned anywhere in this thread, consider that a notice to GTFO. (I did not say this. I am not here.)
  4. I still don't see why it needs to be done manually, though. Just have the system compute your new friends for you based on the number of likes to their posts and the number of PM's you have exchanged.
  5. Alex-kun Of course I can discuss things like VNs or Japanese language, but I'd rather talk about blowing things up I once blew up a DVD player
  6. Yea, me too, I don't recall ever getting a notification of that. Either it's turned off, or my Friends don't have much to do. Seems like it's a demanding forum life for fuwanovel veterans; you have to keep up with the main forums, your PM's, your profile, your Friends, your Status Updates, the main blog, the other Blogs, the skype group, the TS group, and probably others I can't think of right now.
  7. Yeah, I've been watching all this stuff, too. Denizens of fuwanovel, I find your commitment to 2D rather lacking.
  8. I think best shows for a nonstop marathon are the shorter ones (12-26) that you can watch in one day and where every episode ends in a cliffhanger. how about Another
  9. The desire of the people to play particular titles (in their entirety, no less) trumps the quality of the translation, by a wide margin. (If I put myself in the position of someone who has been waiting for a particular game to be translated for some time, I can see why as long as it isn't utter nonsense they would go ahead and play it anyway--and not worry about how accurate or readable it is) And as long as this remains so, then the successful vn translators will be the ones who chooses something to undertake as a project which satisfies the desires of the people, then translate it as qu
  10. I think the key is "on the verge of nonsense". If it were utter nonsense, it wouldn't be nearly as good. (If you just wanted utter nonsense, you could just go and read the entire Three Word Story thread ) http://nargaque.com/2010/04/07/quotations-from-alice-in-wonderland/ In addition to the book, I have the classic cartoon movie, adventure game and video game... I don't know quite why I'm mentioning that, but anyway... If I were to count references I've seen to Alice in Wonderland, even just limited to Japanese anime, manga, and games, there'd still be hundreds.
  11. Krill, Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery
  12. I couldn't help but notice that out of the 5 "3000 post" threads linked, 3 of them were in Member's Lounge but 2 were in Coliseum of Chatter.
  13. So far I am very pleased with Noble Works. I hope it stays good. Y'all probably know this game by now, from the ongoing translation project. I've actually had this game a long time, ever since people made a big fuss about Dracu-Riot; now I like the art style of that game very much, but I like ojou-samas better than vampires so I picked this one instead. On the other hand, I put off playing it for a while because I didn't have an HD monitor until recently. (By the way, anyone who wants to buy a CRT monitor, let me know) I've done Akari and next I think I will do Shizuru and then may
  14. Regarding that last part, I'm willing to sell my Comic Party (as well as several other old games) That way you'd at least have it in your collection (you never know, you might learn Japanese someday)
  15. But that would imply that renumnum was the one who translated it (is that true?)
  16. About 私はすでに翻訳したライトノベルを読んでいます。まず英語で一度読んでから、また日本語で同じ文を読むのです。 I think he meant that he is reading a novel that has already been translated, and that what he's doing is first reading in English and then reading the same sentences (not "speed") again in Japanese. Hopefully renumnum can confirm that by and by... (I can't add anything to the convo right now; it's time to retire and Japanese takes me a long time to write...)
  17. btw, do you plan to move into dollfie dreams at some point? or do you already have one and I missed seeing it?
  18. Interesting, but, yes we need to hear that peculiar style of BGM, this is MOS SID we're talking about. It can even do voices (I know that from Impossible Mission)
  19. That first one sounds awesome! She's even got the bomb thing sticking out of her head (you'd think that might give someone a clue) That 2nd one... sounds like a copy of this one https://vndb.org/v254"Like Life " from many years ago. And then, I haven't read it yet ,but this one: https://vndb.org/v3098"No Place To Put It" because I watched a lot of giant robot anime. "in the small Japan, it's not easy for a giant robot; many problems face him!"
  20. ..might move to Japan. If that happens...
  21. "I want to know the origin behind Sana's name! (I am just a beginner at Japanese)" SEOはほんとにあだ名ですか?SearchEngineOptimizationじゃないですか?
  22. So, what are the huge benefits to which they refer? And how can I avoid damaging myself? (I mean, it's just a VPN, right? Why are they making it sound like some supernatural power from an anime?)
  23. You guys that are watching Tyler, be sure to freeze-frame it on those character bios that occur in the middle of the show (you can never see them otherwise)
  24. Hime-sama Goyoujin. What a zany show! It really was a blast. This is not a "4 girls crack jokes to each other" comedy, no sir. This is "situation gets more and more ridiculous until it's insane". Reminds me of the heady days of Dragon Half and Bannou-bunka Neko-musume Nuku-nuku Oh, and before that, I watched Arpeggio of Blue Steel (it's a more sophisticated Kancolle)
  25. Well they have that thing now in Japan where you can go and shake Miku's hand. It involves wearing an oculus rift and grasping a spooky disembodied android hand, though (Why not just build the whole android)
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