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  1. Considering that the VN everyone is saying has the same twist has been described as a shittier knockoff version of Totono, I'd encourage anyone who likes the idea to still give this one a shot. Take my words with a grain of salt though; I haven't played it. Personally, I found ~the twist~ of ~that other game~ to be disappointingly executed, and considering that denpa is my favorite genre, I'm pretty hype for Totono.
  2. I was thinking, then I realized... I have never dropped a single VN. No matter how much I disliked it. I'm a completionist, so even if I feel that reading something was a waste of time, it's still better than leaving it unfinished imo.
  3. Been waiting forever for SayoOshi patch to get released... We need more denpa. Hatsuyuki Sakura hasn't been mentioned (I believe), that would be a treat.
  4. Finished MYTH last month. Definitely improved on the third chapter, I actually enjoyed myself most of the time. Overall, the game was really interesting in terms of the themes it dealt with. However, I personally didn't enjoy the writing style, it was simply too confusing and dense at times. I would have enjoyed the story more if it were written in a more traditional fashion, revealing information and plot twists to unravel the plot gradually, as opposed to leaving the reader mostly in the dark until the end. 7/10 - interesting concept for sure but just not really what I was looking for in terms of entertainment.
  5. I wasn't able to vote in time so I can't really complain. The only games that appeal to me from the results are Sakura no Uta, Soukou Akki Muramasa, and perhaps TRianThology. Kiss for the Petals series is okay. I don't play any otome or gameplay games so nothing much here for me to get excited about.
  6. I seek out games that I know suit my tastes, along with observing ratings. I've noticed that I typically rate games one score under the most commonly given score on VNDB (so if the most commonly given score for a game is an 8, I would most likely rate it a 7). Because I don't really want to waste my time on games that are just okay, I normally only play games that are most commonly rated an 8 or above on VNDB, and that have elements that I enjoy (dark themes and psychological elements, strong characters, no gameplay). I try to make my way through the "classics" that are rated the highest on VNDB, while also seeking out well-rated short games as palate cleansers (and for when I have less time available).
  7. Sad and/or bittersweet. By far. Didn't realize this until I finished the first two endings for
  8. Muv-Luv Alternative and Grisaia no Kajitsu. I started MLA right after finishing Unllimited and was really into it at first (played for 7 hours straight) but I've honestly been struggling to get back into the mood since. I know it's going to be great though. Same goes for Grisaia, I'm not a slice of life fan but the comedy is right up my alley. Not really making any progress because I'm not in a great place mentally and I want to make sure I actually enjoy both of them. I'm going to be away from my PC next week because I'm going back home for my break from Uni, going to try and finish MYTH during that time because it's the only VN I have on my Macbook. I have really mixed feelings about it, and I've heard bad things about the ending, but hopefully it'll be an enjoyable experience.
  9. Hey Fuwanovel forums! I was active on here years ago, and am back now after getting back into eroge after the release of Subahibi. [deleted]
  10. Happy Birthday (\^-^/)

  11. Saya no Uta, a remake with an extended storyline, more BGM, and newer quality CGs.
  12. PC, definitely. However, I do appreciate having a decent amount of VNs to chose from on smartphones and tablets, because I frequently travel on planes.
  13. I understand where companies are coming from with this, but I'd feel more justified in spending my money on a game with all plot and no filler, than a game watered down with filler, no matter how long it was. Too much filler can definitely affect my enjoyment of VNs, even ones that are flawless in all other aspects. For example, Saya no Uta, Kikokugai -The Cyber Slayer-, and Dra+KoI are all relatively short games, but they all left a lasting impact on me despite that, because the content that they did have was (in my opinion) amazing.
  14. I used to play and complete a new game every weekend. Now I play visual novels around once or twice every week or so for about an hour. This is mostly because of how tedious Muv-luv Extra is, I have a feeling I'll be adding a lot more play time to my schedule once I get to Alternative, if it really is as good as the members on here claim.
  15. To be brutally honest, Kenji was the only Katawa Shoujo character I actually found to be interesting.
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