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  1. https://j-addicts.de/master-magistrate/ After a couple months of wait, the full version of Master Magistrate was released! This review is an update of my early-access review. I removed or corrected outdated information, polished my thoughts a little and added my thoughts on the final chapter and the epilogue. Master Magistrate is a pretty cool murder mystery detective visual novel with a historical setting.You'd be hard pressed to find something quite like it, the closest would probably be Great Ace Attorney or Elf's Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan. Overall, it has a bit of a weak start wi
  2. I think it's normal for people not to discuss their fetishes or masturbation habits in public. I personally believe it should stay private.
  3. I don't think these are rules so much as commonalities... You fail to mention why any of this makes the games good to begin with.
  4. Because virgin writers don't know how women work.
  5. Hi, haven't finished reading everything, but if you want to research the early beginnings of Eroge, I recommend reading エロゲー文化概論 by 宮本直毅 . If you can't find it, I could help you acquire it. Question, will this be a series?
  6. Hi, thanks for the update. And wow, I wasn't expecting this. I was sort of skeptical myself, so... Hope everything goes well for you man. Unless you're actually an awful person and deserve the jail time. If so, then you may repent in hell (just kidding, of course, please don't take this the wrong way). Hope you find what you're looking for and manage to enjoy your remaining free time, if things happen not to go well. If they do, do enjoy yourself all the more. Cheers.
  7. Didn't you say you were going to jail soon in your previous thread? Now I can't really believe that you are a smoker. Please be honest.
  8. What do you consider to be the top 5 Kamige?
  9. I heard someone is learning Japanese just so they can translate H2O.
  10. Another day, another big brain post by ange. It's not exactly a bad thing for a hobby to be more closed off than others. There are plenty of VN communities. How about writing a book/manga/LN??? Yeah, well, that's what fan translation means, dude. Hello??? I think they're partially at fault for this. They could announce games only when they're closer to completion, not run update blogs, and not create things like discord servers wher
  11. Just finished playing, it was a quite nice read. The translation is top notch, well done guys!
  12. I thought all Fruitbat did was PR. It was quite explicit in the previous thread where the CEO himself intervened...
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