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  1. Hello from Portugal!

    So, what VNs have you read/are reading and what type of genres do you like? Any favorites?
  2. Hello from Portugal!

    One of us, one of us!
  3. Create a Majikoi Best Girl and/or Guy Tier List

    I only played the first game.
  4. Anyone who knows japanese culture a bit better

    Please don't say culture. That makes it sound like they are from a foreign land. It's just a country like any other.
  5. Kikokugai 'not responding'

    What's your OS? Also, do you have the correct patch? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ctwxfx1497bxmck/Kikokugai - Reichin Rinrinshan - English Patch.rar?dl=0 The readme included reads as follows: Japan as system locale and language for non-unicode programs are a given. You might want to reinstall the game if you weren't in JP locale when you installed it. And like Seraphim said, you'll most certainly want to install K-Lite Codec Pack, update .NET Framework, DirectX, etc.
  6. The remake features high quality artwork in higher resolution, lots of effects and animations, and full voice-acting. The H-scenes are intact, the CGs were only slightly censored. It's also the same translation, made by THE Makoto, with very slight changes. In conclusion, you should play the remake (15+ version).
  7. True Remembrance, Kikokugai.
  8. Anything by: https://vndb.org/p539 Although it's quite nuki-focused, I find it's pretty good when it comes to roleplaying. https://vndb.org/p3276 These games have better characterization and more of a healing feeling. https://vndb.org/v1286 I guess eden* fits the bill perfectly though. https://vndb.org/v860 I love the Galaxy Angel trilogy. There are two "loli" characters, one of them being voiced by one of my favorite anime seiyuu of all time. The most fun part is the character interactions. https://vndb.org/v646 Two of Ayakashibito's heroines, including the central heroine could be considered "loli". It's a story I'm quite fond of, despite its flaws. I believe you have to do all routes to unlock the True Route with Suzu, though. Can't really think of anything else right now, as "good story" is quite ambiguous. What did you like about Maitetsu? Was it its in-depth disucssions about train stuff, the character interactions, or perhaps that you can "throw in your coal" inside a 120cm tall train-girl's "furnace"?
  9. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Whatever, none of what you say matters and won't deter me from reading and enjoying this. Having such kamige translated by Conjueror, just imagine something being absolutely perfect and adding another layer of perfection on top! Though in all honesty, whenever I see a thread about some new game I don't care about, I tend to not bother posting. Don't you think it's wrong to talk the game down when you haven't played it or know anything besides the synopsis, if all you have is your educated guess? In fact, I don't think I've ever really played any game with this May-December Romance type of plot, so I'm quite looking forward to it.
  10. I'm sorry to say, but no such thing exists... How about https://vndb.org/v21552 , although it seems it will be localized soon.
  11. Reading VN in Japanese

    Just thought I'd mention that ITHVNR and ITH 3.0 (with windows10 fix) work just fine on Windows10 and I'd recommend having different text-hooking programs in case one doesn't work. Have been loving Textractor ever since I started trying it out though, don't have any complaints.
  12. Well, I didn't want to be that guy, but I felt I should say something given that this has gotten nothing but positive comments and no real criticism, good or bad, so far. I'm sorry, but I just can't like this. You're taking a perfectly fine game and porting it to Ren'py while destroying everything unique about it, I just find this to be disrespectful to the original work. Fixing misTLs and translating what was left untranslated? Sure, I'd say that's awesome. This game was translated 23 years ago, there were different standards back then, JAST was just starting out and perhaps not the most qualified team was working on it, but this was literally one of the first steps for translated eroge. While it totally wouldn't be good enough nowadays, I think it's wrong to hate on the translation or a few rewrites. I see it as a as something left behind from JAST's humble beginnings. Fixing the names is pretty cool, considering the furigana was given for the names, I can only imagine that the translator had to rush to meet deadlines or that this project itself was a risky bet from the Japanese developers (so the priority was speed). Adding alternate tracks, mosaic toggle and such are all cool bonuses and that's what they should be - nothing more, nothing less. I like fiddling with these options myself, so I'm sure most people will find it to be a warm welcome. Maybe people would appreciate something like a JP/EN language toggle if that is even possible, but sounds like too much work. Adding CGs or tachi-e from other games that don't even have anything to do with Sakura no Kisetsu or Tiare makes no absolute sense. It'd be a completely different story if they were unused assets, but they weren't there to begin with, and they don't fit in there. I mean, I've seen similar projects that make bold choices, but they always keep it optional. Just think what a mess translation projects would be if people did just whatever they wanted. You also took the original, beautiful pixel art and uh...smoothened it out, or whatever you may call it, and completely destroyed it. At the end of the day, this is an originally PC-98 game and should be reminded as such. This is not to say that the JAST Memorial Edition is good either. In fact, it looks horrible, mostly because of the "blurry background" window border that makes it hard to look at, that and the font. Meanwhile the DOS version still exists (but it's not being sold anymore? not sure) and is perfectly playable on DOSBOX, even on fullscreen. So, why? And finally, the gameplay. Personally, I hate verb-based gameplay, even more so the kind where you have to pixel hunt to get to the next scene. But I think above anything else, it's wrong to remove a fundamental part of this game, turning it into something it wasn't. Playing Sakura no Kisetsu with verb-based gameplay might be a bit annoying in 2019, now that we're used to other types of gameplay, but by removing it, would we truly be playing Sakura no Kisetsu? I think not really. Just to make this clear, I don't think this is "awful". Fixing the text and giving the game a better treatment than it could've afforded to have at the time is great, and I wish the same could be done for older games that have an awful translation, such as Divi-dead. I really dislike what you've done with the art, even more so considering how out of place the pixel art character sprites feel, but maybe it'd be possible to include an option to keep the original pixel art, just like Memorial Edition does (at least that's what it says). I'm sure you are passionate about this project and deeply care about it, or else you wouldn't have put so much effort into it - something the regular user wouldn't be able to, unless they were adequately skilled and/or were extremely dedicated. I just think this is bad in terms of concept - you mocked JAST's message of wanting to preserve the original as much as possible, but you're doing quite the opposite based solely on whims, is how I feel. Anyway, this is just my opinion - feel free to do as you wish. However, I'm pretty sure this isn't very legal, considering JAST is still selling this game, but that's up to them to take action. I hope that my feedback, even the negative parts can be of help to you. Cheers.
  13. I'm sure the Chinese market is very profitable, perhaps in some cases even more so than the western market if you take in the closeness of the languages and ease of translation (according to what JP>CN translator friends have told me, anyway). Even some western localization companies such as JAST have started releasing CN translations. In return, you have to sacrifice sexual content or aim for all-ages games only, which leads in to my second point. I fear that more companies will follow the business model of developers like Lose, where the H-scenes exist only as "what-if" scenarios and are accessible through a menu. Well, just think about this, if the game is written in a way that the H-scenes don't have a need to be there, why should they exist in the first place and why should I bother reading them? But my original post was more about japanese developers purposely avoiding certain type of content such as loli, incest, rape, hypnosis and so on, because it would be rejected by western values (and payment processors). You don't even need to go that far, for example, SolPress's Newrin's Steam release was rewritten to not contain sexual suggestive conversations or dirty jokes. Hello Goodbye's CGs had to be censored as the game was banned presumedly because of a few panty shots. Things do seem to be changing, as Miel/Norn nukige are sold on Steam without being cut or censored, but school-settings are still too risky. Not say that I have anything against all-ages games or less school settings, but yeah. Just some food for thought, I guess.
  14. It's an interesting post but there's a few false equivalents. Such as, this company is successful, so it means that their marketing/business strategy is the recipe for success. Well, without sales figures it's quite difficult to tell for certain, but I'd say these games are sucessful for different reasons. For example, Neptunia was poignant at the time for its meta-commentary on RPGs, overused tropes and videogames in general. In reality, the gameplay is quite lacking, even on the remake, and the story gets old pretty fast, becoming a victim of the tropes it parodies. Although, it is important to note that the remake was rewritten, while the original had a more interesting and fresh story. Nekopara's success has a lot to owe to its short length, cheap price, beautiful art by Sayori and most of all, the E-mote system (whatever you may call it). That is, having the characters move and breathe, as if they were really alive inside our very screens. But beautiful art, a cool story and characters...blah, blah, blah, none of that matters. What matters is memes. No matter how good or bad Neptunia was at the time, it became popular because of its almost cult following in communities like 4chan, where many gamers for the first time felt that they were playing a game made for them specifically, as people, through the use of constant forth wall breaks. They felt that the characters resembled them in certain ways and it helped strengthen this bond between them. Over time, I'd say that Neptunia de-evolved into mere yuri bait, but I risk triggering the anger of many fans. Nekopara instantly became known as "the game where you can fuck cute catgirls". To those people who weren't deep enough into otaku culture to know about the existence of bishoujo games, Nekopara might've been their first contact with the genre. And what can I say, it helps that it doesn't beat around the bush with an overcomplicated plot, to the point where it can almost be labeled a "moenukige". Above all, this game is important because it is an escapism fantasy for us humans, who live in a world ruled by cats, giving us the illusion that for once we can rule over the cats. What these games have in common is being poignant at the time, offering something fresh or never-before-seen...but it's difficult to predict that a game will or not spread like wildfire on social media. An example would DDLC, which is innovating in a way because of how it messes with your game files, but it got popular thanks to its shock factor. It also helps that it's short and a free-to-play game. So, the idea of releasing a translation on as many languages as possible isn't exactly worthwhile especially since most people can speak English and most eroge aren't exactly Shakespearan novels either...and while it is important for Japanese developers to take in account the foreign audiences when making their game, they run the risk of adapting the game to fit certain standards or values, robbing them of what made us like them in the first place.
  15. Mahoutsukai no Yoru Chinese patch

    Try changing system locale and the language used by non-unicode programs to Chinese (Simplified). Have you installed the font? If you keep getting this error, it might have to do with your Windows 10 version, the patch is known to have issues in update 1803+. Should also try with both version 1.00 and 1.01 of the game, where you should have 30 and 31 files, respectively, including the patch .exe.