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  1. Fuukan no Grasesta: gameplay as of Chapter 6

    Hmm, I don't think I've ever had any issues with money. Don't tell me you've been paying a few extra visits to the Brothel There's not much to buy and you keep getting health/action restoration items. Even if it can be tough to buy them back, I suggest using them asap or stacking them together. The same goes with using reinforce items as soon as possible. I didn't have issues with hiring fees since I literally don't sleep until I am close to finishing the chapter, and that is to see the story and character events. In the first chapter, I even made a mistake and took a couple hours to figure out there were three more characters to hire back at the basement lol. As for equipment items, greens tend to be better to be blues since you can reinforce those, but what matters the most is the equipped skill. Disasters are more challenging than the average fight, but I find that you are pretty much guaranteed to win as long as you keep your health up until you can use Kaur to defend. His Cover skill forces enemies to attack him instead, which means instead of an AoE attack, all damage will be focused on Kaur but with his defensive stats. When I fight those enemies I not only focus on keeping my health at 100% but also use +phys atk, especially with those characters deal too little damage. Either way, the only challenging enemies are those that can use AoE attacks...and sometimes they can be unexpected (like the firebird and the worm). I also found that upgrading skills isn't that amazing, even more so those that only give you an extra 1% chance to do something. There are some really good ones, such as increased drop rate, Judar's Lone Wolf skill and Kaur's defensive skills. Of course, the Charm skills too. Overall, I am excited for NG+ but I feel that the game has serious balance issues (relatively easy game with one or two enemies here and there that can one-shot you).
  2. Fuukan no Grasesta: gameplay as of Chapter 6

    >Go to Hetare's Dungeon first thing Sure, if you want to be a hetare. This is about the worst advice you could give since while the game is a bit hard in the first two chapters, all challenge is gone after that. The enemies just can't keep up with you, especially if you stack certain key skills such as Charm (turn delay) on different characters. If you do so, enemies will hardly ever get a chance to attack. Even then, you just start one and two-shotting everything (and it's really anticlimactic when you have no troubles dealing with story events). Once arena is available in Chapter 3, you could very effortlessly get infinite GP and in this way making the game much easier by upgrading every skill to level 5, stacking on action/HP recovery items, party buff items, etc. What I would recommend is spending some time to create good Auto settings. It reminded me a little of the tactics system in older CRPGs like Dragon Age: Origins.
  3. With my statement, I had meant that if the alternative is a lousy choice system, I would prefer to have a few choices that are meaningful instead of extra fluff. If you're not familiar with those games, they're the very reason why people nowadays instantly default to guides and use walkthroughs even for games with meaningful and thought out choice systems. Basically, "more is less." I think it's a little ironic that you singled out ME3 since it doesn't matter if Legion survived in the previous game or not, as a replacement will be there instead. I haven't played TWD so I can't comment on that, but aren't they fundamentally different games, with completely different budgets? I also understand your wish for looking for something emotional in the works you read. I, too, search for an experience I can't get anywhere else, but it doesn't mean something can't be both thought-provoking and emotionally-moving - a deep, lasting impression over a few cheap thrills. I want to comment on a particular statement you made. Since I played 428 Shibuya recently (and stopped after a couple of hours) and you seem to like it, I wonder how do you feel about this game's choice system. The story and the characters are interesting, as is the conflict in general and the misadventures that the characters get involved with. However, in the game, you are constantly bombarded with nonsensical Bad ENDs. I like the fact that there are multiple protagonists and they can help each other get out of sticky situations, and also the concept of choices from one character affecting the story of another, but more often than not, you are getting Game Over due to issues that you have absolutely no control over - it was all pre-determined. None of this feels fair or earned, and when you switch character to fix the problem, it doesn't feel smart or rewarding. Despite liking the game, I unceremoniously decided to take a break after getting three Bad Ends within ten minutes.
  4. Trans! Translation Project

    To those who aren't very interested, the art does look pretty good, especially keeping in mind how bad the art of most Toradora doujin looks. I'm somewhat excited as I believe that the team responsible won't deliver a poor product, and I wish them the best.
  5. I understand your preference for these type of works (VNs with plenty of choices), as this medium distinguises itself by how much agency is given to the player through forking paths and alternate endings, and it is surely one of the main draws of the medium. However, I believe that agency can be given in different ways other than choices. For example, Umineko is engaging because the many different elements come together to draw you into the atmosphere and it gives you a mystery to solve, while Swan Song forces you to think by yourself by presenting you with the idea of how people and society as a whole would change if they were thrust into catastrophe. How would your own life change if the rules and guidelines that keep society together had no one to uphold them? In fact, I dislike VNs with too many choices. They can often be meaningless and obscure your path towards reaching your desired ending. I'm not talking about games like Canvas 2 where you're presented, with dozens, hundreds of choices, but perhaps games like Clannad and Kara no Shoujo that leave you wondering how a seemingly meaningless choice you made many hours ago happened to lead to a Bad End. Thus, perhaps I'd say I'd rather have no choices than bad choices if that's the alternative. In conclusion, I think a balance is necessary, and choices should exist if they make sense in the story, not just for the sake of being there. Either way, hope you enjoy Swan Song, it's one of my favorites.
  6. https://vndb.org/v21252 https://vndb.org/v22702 The first one is on 50% discount on Steam. As for the titles Plk mentioned, I can vouch that Lucy is a good read, but I heard of complaints about typos and grammar issues on A Light in the Dark's demo, so... Lucy has voice acting in both Korean and Japanese. Personally, I found Korean to be too alien for me at the time, but it'd make for a different experience.
  7. Kokuhaku review

    Perhaps it's possible to enjoy this if you listen to all the heroines with Horie Yui's voice. Too bad that she didn't get anything decent to voice, huh. Also, amazing video. Everyone, please be sure to check it till the end...
  8. Extract the script and print it...could even add some screenshots for imagery. I have read two VNs on my android tablet and I had issues flagging the True End for one of them, so I never got to finish it. Thus, I can't really recommend unofficial Ren'Py ports, if not for Kinetic Novels. I'd say that a tablet is quite handy though, especially for college and whatnot. The Switch is something I can recommend especially if you're into JRPGs, but I'd say that most VNs will remain Windows only. If you have a 3DS, how about playing the text heavier interactive games, such as the Ace Attorney series? I only wish that I could be playing AAI2 on my handheld instead of on an emulator, so I understand your wish for convenience and comfort. If you feel you are running out of titles to read in English, maybe it's time to consider learning Japanese?
  9. What Sources Do You Use to Find New VN's?

    Ditto on that, pretty handy website. Hope the creator can add some extra filters, a couple months ago I gave the suggestion to make it so we can filter by developer. Would be cool to have the same for specific staff members as it would save having to check each entry one by one.
  10. This is VNR, not ITHVNR, no? Either way, you probably need a H-code. You could try to get a H-code for VNR or use other hooking tools like ITHVNR and ITH.
  11. VN Article

    This article and its author have recently caused an uproar in many discord communities, because the topic of this list seems to come up at any given moment. So, I'll try to provide some context regarding this list and be as civil as possible. My objective is not to be a bully but to give this article a fair analysis. First of all, I must commend the quality of the writing. Whatever one might say about the content, it is without a shadow of doubt well-written. The main issue is how the author's objectives are in conflict with each other. This is supposed to be an introductory article for beginners, members of the animanga community. However, the article is extremely lengthy, each entry worthy of being an article of its own. People have a short attention span and by the time most people are done with reading 2 or 3 entries, chances are they're already tired of reading it. If your objective is to convince, then keep it short. Or rather, cut the entry number. Perhaps a top 10 or even a top 5 would suffice. Regarding the entries themselves and the main objective...they don't really match. Half of these titles are UNTRANSLATED, which is already going to turn away a big chunk of the community. Second, pretty much all of these titles are Long or Very Long. Trust me, hardly anyone would be willing to lay down 50 or more hours for a hobby they're not invested in yet. How about a few shorter titles, such as Narcissu or Planetarian (off the top of my mind). They are short, sweet, have no filler and leave a deep lasting impression. They also don't have Sexual Content. You also excluded titles which are popularly known in the anime community, such as Clannad, Steins;Gate, Fate/Stay Night and Higurashi. People are more likely to find interest in reading the source material of something they already watched and liked. And then, the exclusion of moege and gameplay eroge. Like it or not, moege are some of the best-selling games of the medium (second to doujin H-RPGs, I'd say). If the objective was to attract newcomers from a new community, there is absolutely no reason to exclude one of the most popular ""genre"" of visual novels. Gameplay eroge are the closest to videogames and might be just what newbies need to make the transition to full-fledged text-only visual novels. I'm not going to comment on the entries themselves. After a certain point, they seem to be choosen sort of arbitrarily, merely there to fill the empty space. Honestly, anyone could've picked these titles, but that's not what's important. If I had to comment on one of them, it would be YU-NO. YU-NO was one my favorite eroge for a period of time. It's also one of the highest rated titles of erogamescape. When you have half-truths and misinformation, others are going to believe it if it's this well-written. This is something that concerns me, as one could think of modern bloggers as the historians of old. But to be honest, what bothers me the most is how this entry in particular is quite offensive to the medium as a whole. Not only does it ignore the hundreds of games that already existed in other platforms, such as PC-88, but it dismisses them as "cheap pornography". Just because you read two or three random nukige that JAST or whoever it was gave a bad translation 15 years ago, it doesn't make it true. Sadly, there are many great stories yet to be translated which most likely will remain so, due to engine issues and older art which isn't appealing to the modern gamer who plays everything in 4k 120FPS. To be fair, this title is heavily overrated. The interactivity is incredibly infuriating - not only is it a verb-based game but you literally have to pixel hunt and randomly guess where you should go next. Not only that, but you can't save at will. Because of this, the player is forced to default to a walkthrough. Due to this and many other games with terrible choice systems forcing people to look for walkthroughs, we use walkthroughs even for games with good, carefully crafted systems. As for the content of the game itself, multiple route mystery wasn't anything new at the time. None of the routes really stand strong on their own, except perhaps the stepmother route, the concept of this route having been done better on other games at the time. The sci-fi aspect of the game only exists so that - how cool is that? To finish this rant regarding YU-NO, let me tell you something interesting: one of the most important arcs, the whole emotional hook of the epilogue wasn't even written by Kanno himself. The current translation has different versions of the game mixed together, so you have the protagonist rejecting sex with a character in one line, and then deciding to go forward with it in the very next instant. If I had to say anything else, it would be how you portray YU-NO as an important step forward for the eroge industry and explain its historical value, but you chose the cover from the remake. The main issues, as pointed out by many others, is that this article is overly ambitious. You have only started reading VNs approximately a year ago and you have only read about 20 titles or less, yet decided to create a recommendation list of a higher number. You recommend titles that you haven't read and can't read (japanese). While there is some original content (SubaHibi and Danganronpa reviews), the description of the remaining entries is a mixture of opinions held by different people. If I wanted to read Conjueror's Sakura no Uta review or kastel's rants, I could do it, they already exist in other places. You could very well have started with a smaller project, publishing reviews of titles you have read with your one and only opinion. I know I might have been quite harsh, but I'm honestly tired of this topic being brought up every couple hours, no matter where I hang out. That and I'm not sure if you're really interested in the advice of others or if this is just to show off, but so be it. I gave my two cents, and I hope to not have to comment on this further. Good luck.
  12. Alright, so, the moon phases will alternate in this order: Fire>Ice>Wind>Earth>Lightning>Water>Light>Dark. Fire element units are stronger during a Fire moon and weaker during an Ice moon. Ice element units are stronger during an Ice moon and they're weaker during a Fire moon. This kind of dual relationships works in pairs for the aforementioned elements (Fire and Ice, Wind and Earth, Lightning and Water, Light and Dark). Eight elements, sixteen turns for a complete cycle. Since we have Day and Night phases, the moon takes one full day (or 2 turns in-game) to change. So you'll have: Turn 1: Fire (Day) - Assuming that you picked Fire moon as your starting moon phase when you started a new game Turn 2: Fire (Night) Turn 3: Ice (Day) Turn 4: Ice (Night) (...) Turn 16: Dark (Night) And then the cycle restarts at Fire (Day). If you're wondering what those numbers mean, 1 is the current moon phase, 2 is the next moon phase, and 6 is the previous moon phase. Here next to Attack, you can see that it's currently Earth moon. Hope this helps clear things up.
  13. Do you have troubles reading Japanese or the table above? You can read it with Google translate, but that won't work as well with the strategy walkthroughs. I'm not sure if it's possible to get S rank in a first Hard mode playthrough. In NG+, you'll be able to start out with the Commander Units you recruited during the previous playthrough, including any titles they had. Some of the recommended units for Chapter 1 are the Bouncer (really strong against Tilca and the Gale Ritters) and units that can Null Pierce and Wide Attacks, such as the Baron, iirc.
  14. Thank you for reading it! Not sure if you can read Japanese, but you can find the unofficial wiki here. If you wish to check what your ranking would be, you can check it over here. Making quick use of google translate: Element of the day (or moon phases) is easy to check out, it's right above your resources. I understand that there's a lot of information so it's not difficult to miss out on these things. It's also possible to check what the element of the day it is during battle, though. If my review urged them to finally reveal the stretch goals, that would mean mission accomplished, I suppose. I really hope we hit that first mark, but... I'm not sure if "Parts featured..." refers to a retranslation of the prologue and Chapter 1, but perhaps it can be mended by an editor. I still do hope that skill descriptions get fixed since it's kinda ridiculous when half of the script is cut out in a translation. Either way, I'm really happy about the announcement, but I wish that the reTL had its own stretch goal, since the other items bump the price up a bit.
  15. I wrote about the VBF gameplay trial and the environment that surrounds it here. I found that the gameplay was fun, engaging and complex but it could benefit from an interface upgrade and improved tutorial. Translation is decent, with a couple glaring issues that are a cause for concern. Overall, the demo is certainly polished in comparison with the first one, but it’s still rough around the edges. I also talk about localization mistakes, but the bigger issue is with the original script itself. Would appreciate any feedback or criticism, but either way, it'd be nice to revive this discussion thread. Honestly, it's quite vexing how low of a presence Ninetail have, barely even engaging with the community. It's also surprising how the stretch goals have yet to be revealed, 20 or so days in the Kickstarter. I believe that the initial goal will be reached, but there's a lot of wasted potential. Like, just imagine if the mikandi guy was running the PR campaign. (I know about the issue with a few of the images not loading. I have spent hours trying to fix it but it's probably the plugin that is at fault. It seems to work completely fine with Google Chrome, but try clearing your cache.)