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  1. Beyond his cold and hard exterior lays a burning passion, one that wishes not only to ooze every single crevice of this forum but also into our very souls. Lady Justice who presides over us is an almighty being, but we are but mortals, and mortals make mistakes. If we are not merciful to this repenting soul, would that not be an unerasable blemish in our hearts? I say, I stand with Bee. And you? #IBuzzWithHim #BeTheBee #FreeTheBee
  2. Alright, so, the moon phases will alternate in this order: Fire>Ice>Wind>Earth>Lightning>Water>Light>Dark. Fire element units are stronger during a Fire moon and weaker during an Ice moon. Ice element units are stronger during an Ice moon and they're weaker during a Fire moon. This kind of dual relationships works in pairs for the aforementioned elements (Fire and Ice, Wind and Earth, Lightning and Water, Light and Dark). Eight elements, sixteen turns for a complete cycle. Since we have Day and Night phases, the moon takes one full day (or 2 turns in-game) to change. So you'll have: Turn 1: Fire (Day) - Assuming that you picked Fire moon as your starting moon phase when you started a new game Turn 2: Fire (Night) Turn 3: Ice (Day) Turn 4: Ice (Night) (...) Turn 16: Dark (Night) And then the cycle restarts at Fire (Day). If you're wondering what those numbers mean, 1 is the current moon phase, 2 is the next moon phase, and 6 is the previous moon phase. Here next to Attack, you can see that it's currently Earth moon. Hope this helps clear things up.
  3. Do you have troubles reading Japanese or the table above? You can read it with Google translate, but that won't work as well with the strategy walkthroughs. I'm not sure if it's possible to get S rank in a first Hard mode playthrough. In NG+, you'll be able to start out with the Commander Units you recruited during the previous playthrough, including any titles they had. Some of the recommended units for Chapter 1 are the Bouncer (really strong against Tilca and the Gale Ritters) and units that can Null Pierce and Wide Attacks, such as the Baron, iirc.
  4. Thank you for reading it! Not sure if you can read Japanese, but you can find the unofficial wiki here. If you wish to check what your ranking would be, you can check it over here. Making quick use of google translate: Element of the day (or moon phases) is easy to check out, it's right above your resources. I understand that there's a lot of information so it's not difficult to miss out on these things. It's also possible to check what the element of the day it is during battle, though. If my review urged them to finally reveal the stretch goals, that would mean mission accomplished, I suppose. I really hope we hit that first mark, but... I'm not sure if "Parts featured..." refers to a retranslation of the prologue and Chapter 1, but perhaps it can be mended by an editor. I still do hope that skill descriptions get fixed since it's kinda ridiculous when half of the script is cut out in a translation. Either way, I'm really happy about the announcement, but I wish that the reTL had its own stretch goal, since the other items bump the price up a bit.
  5. I wrote about the VBF gameplay trial and the environment that surrounds it here. I found that the gameplay was fun, engaging and complex but it could benefit from an interface upgrade and improved tutorial. Translation is decent, with a couple glaring issues that are a cause for concern. Overall, the demo is certainly polished in comparison with the first one, but it’s still rough around the edges. I also talk about localization mistakes, but the bigger issue is with the original script itself. Would appreciate any feedback or criticism, but either way, it'd be nice to revive this discussion thread. Honestly, it's quite vexing how low of a presence Ninetail have, barely even engaging with the community. It's also surprising how the stretch goals have yet to be revealed, 20 or so days in the Kickstarter. I believe that the initial goal will be reached, but there's a lot of wasted potential. Like, just imagine if the mikandi guy was running the PR campaign. (I know about the issue with a few of the images not loading. I have spent hours trying to fix it but it's probably the plugin that is at fault. It seems to work completely fine with Google Chrome, but try clearing your cache.)
  6. Your Diary+ Re-TL Project

    What previous experience do you have with fan translation and/or editing?
  7. Scene removed in Trample on Schatten

    I hope JAST doesn't shy away from certain VNs just because they conflict with "Western values" but that they take a different approach to the patching (e.g "unofficial" patch released before the game goes live).
  8. In the same vein, perhaps one is also scared of playing loli games because they wouldn't be able to handle it if they liked the content, all the while morally chastising themselves. Do we need trigger warnings for every single title? People seem to like finding new things to be offended by. Obviously we shouldn't promote something that would give us reputational issues, as it's not something we can do just for the sake of diversity. Before asking how, do you want VNs to be popular? Personally, I don't want to. The truth is that sex sells, there's no going against that fact. While Fata Morgana sold poorly and so did the community-proclaimed kamige Subahibi, a horde of moeblobs and Nekopara clones are eaten up by the community. People seem to have this perception that Visual Novels are just comfy waifu simulators and built their own echo chamber around it. They want more and more of the same, even if it's obviously a quick cashgrab. But I'm not here to judge those people. Popular doesn't equate good, so I'd rather keep Visual Novels to the niche they are. However as pointed out previously, the advantages of EVNs are the closeness the developers have to a much wider market, be it by the lack of language/cultural restrictions but also a different kind of mentality when it comes to engaging with the community.
  9. JAST editor confirmed, I believe many of our worries have been answered. In fact, Ninetail has been pretty receptive to our feedback, not only regarding this issue but also the matter of mosaics and H-content. It's really nice that they're willing to communicate and listen to us, it makes me feel that they really care about their fans.
  10. Hajimete no Okaa-san - a misunderstood gem

    Once again, to determine that this is a violent nukige without any basis is a completely erroneous thing to do and to judge it based on their past or future releases isn't adequate. You may even look at the CG gallery or look at some scene excerpts posted on the game's official page and come to the conclusion that nearly all scenes are the typical happy, consensual sexual interactions that are so common. But you're right, the real reason why I started reading this was because of a boat-loving man who lured me into playing a dice game. After plenty of storms, I felt pretty confident and in hindsight, overoptimistic. Something incredibly silly happened - one of the three dice fell out of the bowl the moment I threw them in, which made me lose all of my earnings. You can guess what was my punishment. Either way. what might have started as a joke or mere curiosity ended up in a wholesome experience, I am glad I didn't misjudge this VN either and read it till the end. Morally, I can't understand what's the problem with it. It's fictional characters in a fictional setting - I can perfectly distinguish between fiction and reality. If you're the type of person who's going to play this game and self-insert into a pedophile, well, that's with you. Many non-offending pedophiles use these type of games to stem their desires and avoid becoming child molesters. The two are very different, mind you. Even though this game was made in 2009, the writer was still able to produce something unconventional and outside the box. Obviously I wouldn't compare it to the other serious child raising focused novels because...are there any others translated in english? Topics like friendship are often discussed but familial relationships seems something that most writers tend to shy away from, what, with most protagonists nowadays either not having parents, not living with them or those type of characters hardly having any presence or impact on the novel. One could argue that personality-less 16 year old high schoolers are dime a dozen, but they are indeed fictional characters who live in a fictional world. Parents loving their child aren't uncommon either, I would too like to believe that my own parents liked me at least a tiny bit, but the thing is that this story isn't relating real-life events and it's not trying to. It can have both sex scenes and a story but perhaps that's something you're not used to because of recent trends - it's either a high focus on the story with excisable or unimportant H scenes on the side, or a complete focus on the H scenes with no regards for building an interesting story, setting and characters. This is a sexually-drived eroge with a pretty solid story, it's also the kind of story that could never be told without approaching sexual themes. Not only that, but it approaches certain aspects in a different fashion. Other father-daughter incest stories either have the heroine be a mindless deredere moeblob who unconditionally loves her Papa (quickly growing boring) or it's a rape game where the daughter eventually grows to like it without the story caring for proper character progression (which ends up falling flat). This game is neither. I agree that Chii is perhaps more mature than kids her age even though she keeps dropping her karage (chopsticks are more difficult to use than they look!) but I'm not a delusional person who sees her as a real life character. Another aspect of the drama is how Chii might claim to love Papa but it's not accepted without him first questioning if she understands what love is to begin with. Perhaps this story could have been told with an older heroine, but it would be something different. I've probably used the terms VN, game and novel interchangeably even though they're not the same, so please excuse me.
  11. Hata-tan/EroHata

    You forgot to mention your love for chuunige. Welcome aboard...
  12. Fatal Twelve - Review + Rant

    Hata, thank you for writing this for me since I can't read german. I already shared most of my thoughts with you and I believe you managed to get your points across. You can become a great reviewer if you improve on your structure and focus more on being concise and precise. Nonetheless, I hope you keep on writing and see it as a challenge you wish to surpass. Let's both give it our best. As for the game, it features themes that I personally find interesting but if you couldn't stand flat characters and slice-of-life nonsense, I doubt I could either. Thanks!
  13. Hajimete no Okaa-san - a misunderstood gem

    Since you brought up that synopsis, I took the liberty to analyze the original japanese synopsis and translate it with the great help of my friends. The current translation is too literal, fails to grasp certain nuances and wishes to deceive the reader. Biggest offenders are "violate" which assumes a onesided and violent relationship and "every evening" when "毎夜" has the role of emphasizing the next word and should not be taken literally. The other aspect is that the guilt he feels is not from doing that act, but feeling guilty "against himself", against his inability to hold back. Not to mention that the original synopsis only focuses on the sexual theme of the novel, but I won't bother argue it. The game having a meaningful, impactful and worthwhile story focused on family drama and something beyond its H-content is what I tried my hardest to convey. If it was my inability as a reviwer that made me unable to do that, that is something that I'd be willing to accept but your second sentence makes me think you might not even have read it. This review was written with the ambition of changing people's perceptions of this game and it makes me happy to know that it might have happened to some extent. It's unbecoming to make wild assumptions of something you never tried before , so it is my hope that you too read it and grow to like it.
  14. Recommendations with believable romance

    Clannad. Be careful though, the heroines don't only exist as prizes for the MC.
  15. I'm happy to see Girl Friends on this list. I got interested on the Aoi Hana manga after watching the anime and it was sweet. Honestly there is just barely any Shoujo Ai/Yuri anime, manga is where it's at. I'll look at the other titles, thanks.