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  1. Another day, another big brain post by ange. It's not exactly a bad thing for a hobby to be more closed off than others. There are plenty of VN communities. How about writing a book/manga/LN??? Yeah, well, that's what fan translation means, dude. Hello??? I think they're partially at fault for this. They could announce games only when they're closer to completion, not run update blogs, and not create things like discord servers where they're more easily exposed to toxicity. I imagine it's the same for something like anime. Anyhow who studies Translation will have their teachers tell them that literary translation pays the least. It's just the way things are. Not sure about this either. There are plenty of decent EVNs which are recognized by the community. But there's also a ton of games that are simply amateurish and sometimes try too hard to be Japanese. This is BS. There is more stuff being released nowadays than ever before. I've talked with several Japanese learners who say that if VNs were translated at the same pace as they are now back when they started, they would never have started learning Japanese. Had to re-read this a couple times to actually understand what you were trying to get at. Honestly, tell me what matters most: the amount of people you can talk to, or the quality of the discussions? I am completely fine with sharing my opinions with a restrict group of friends, though now and then I feel the urge to write a review or two. Perhaps you're the one at fault since you seem to enjoy sharing every little opinion you have with the wide world.
  2. Shinobi Harisenbo (otomege, full patch released)

    Just finished playing, it was a quite nice read. The translation is top notch, well done guys!
  3. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    I thought all Fruitbat did was PR. It was quite explicit in the previous thread where the CEO himself intervened...
  4. I wrote a review on MM here: https://j-addicts.de/master-magistrate-early-access-review/
  5. Master Magistrate - Early-Access Review

    Glad that you enjoyed both the game and the review! Actually Nagai reminded me more of von Karma (although a pettier version of the man). His son sure is a pushover, though. And yeah, they changed everything to vertical, which I suppose is the bare minimum they have to do. Still shows great effort on their part though, and I felt the transition was quite seamless. If you enjoyed the first case, I can only imagine that you'll like what comes next even more. Be sure to share your thoughts! Also, speaking of family names, that's something I criticized not in the review but on discord. It's very strange that they go through great lengths to preserve the setting (keeping references intact, food names untranslated (which is fine), pre and post-name honorifics, etc.) but opted for Western name order. I brought this up and they confirmed that it wouldn't be changed because they already made the trailer. You could say that's reasonable, but it's not like they couldn't change just the names in-game. Not the end of the world, but surely an odd choice.
  6. It can take some getting used to, but it has many awesome features. Custom lists, the ability to compare scores with friends, even check which version of the release they watched. Also image previews, better search filters (or filtering overall), statistics, weighted ratings, the ability to block users, amongst other things. Look at http://www.visualnovelcharts.com/ or https://vnstat.net/, for example. I'd prefer a website that is slightly difficult to use at first, rather than be forced to use ten different websites to do the things I want.
  7. Have you guys ever used anidb? Probably not. It's miles ahead of vndb. There are tons of QoL features that could be implemented, instead of us having to use third-party software.
  8. Master Magistrate - Early-Access Review

    Funny story — I also stumbled upon it by chance, thought it might be interesting to read, and then found out a translation was underway. Glad you're looking forward to it. From what I could gather, the studio was pretty meticulous with their research to try to make the setting as historically accurate as possible, which is mostly reflected in the character designs and backgrounds. For example, the whole Shinsengumi cast was based on real people. If you inspect their weapons in their rooms, you'll find out that they have the same names as the actual weapons they used. The patterns inside the courtroom are based on a small-scale replica of a Kabuki theater.
  9. Will just leave this here: I read this with @Zakamutt, and it was pretty fun for the both of us. It was entertaining enough to make for a pleasant evening. As you may be able to gauge from his response, he quite enjoyed it. The game is more serious than what it first might seem to be. I'd be interested in the full version but I wonder if the humor would stay as funny if the game were several hours long. The game becomes so self-referential that sometimes you can predict what's coming next. Just about as often as I have no idea what could come next, mind you. Aside from that, I'd like to point out a few issues (only like 4 sentences). For example, "for for", lay instead of lie (incorrect usage), the one line about the wincing door (feels slightly odd) and some other line that should've been in past tense (I think the verb was...remain?). Oh, and make sure to use em dash instead of en dash — it looks way better. I'd also considering toning down their usage, or they lose their oomph. God is dead but he left us this visual novel.
  10. Master Magistrate is the murder mystery detective visual novel set in the late years of Japan's Edo Period. Developed by the indie studio Irodori and released in the year of 2017, it quickly attained popularity and became a hit amongst Japanese fans. They praised the great direction sense, well-crafted scenario, immersive atmosphere, and fascinating soundtrack, amongst other aspects. Hobibox have attained publishing rights for the Chinese and English versions of the game, wishing to bring this experience overseas. They have committed themselves to provide a high-quality product, hoping to turn a new leaf and redeem themselves for not so fruitful past endeavors. Read more at https://j-addicts.de/master-magistrate-early-access-review/ - we now have a comment box! (I was initially planning on cross-posting here but the screenshots looked strange, so yeah).
  11. Disappointed....

    Why not BOTH?
  12. Disappointed....

    I have played this game. In fact, I've played the entire Saiminjutsu series and many other hypnotism games. I agree that this game is an incredible letdown, even if you restrict that to the series or to hypnotism games as a whole. The protagonist's reasoning is very difficult to get behind. Unlike most games, where there's some kind of justification for the protag to resort to hypnotism (revenge, loneliness, being too much of a greasy, disgusting fatty to get girls to like him), in SJ4, he does it simply out of pure selfishness, while pretending he's doing the right thing. He keeps his sisters as slaves, robbing from them ability to ever love anyone else. He tortures one of his friends, simply because she doesn't agree with his lunacy. And all of this would be fine, if only it was portrayed as something evil. As it stands, this game is a blemish in Fudegaki Soft/Blackrainbow's catalogue. I really hope they take a different direction with future titles. That being said, comparing a charage to a nukige is... to not be insulting, I'd say it's not the smartest thing to do. Really, what's the point? At least compare it to other nukige or hypnosis games. Saves you the embarrassment.
  13. http://prntscr.com/p9lcxg Well...kinda stuck here.
  14. Glad you had fun! Also, it doesn't seem too difficult to read, so keep up the hard work!
  15. So yeah, uh... We at Memeshii Translations have released our translation of Ichigo & Kyuugo, a short comedic otome visual novel. Ichigo is heads over heels for Kyuugo and makes absolutely no effort to hide that. She goes as far as to casually propose to him, repeateadly tells him that she loves him, and goes fully on the offensive. We tried our best to preserve the humor from the original, with our best attempt to make it actually sound funny in English. I'd have to thank our <anonymous> editor for that, as he completely breathed life into the characters. While this is an otomege, I'm sure that it can be enjoyed by everyone. Although I'd note that there's usage of some uh...more mature language at times, so keep that in mind. You can download it here, and I'd advise you to avoid Zaka's autistic screeching...unless you're into that, pervert. Since I know there'll be plenty of questions, I'll do a preemptive FAQ. Q: How long is the game? About 10-15 mins, depending on your reading speed. There a total of four paths, you can just do them in whatever order you want, but I believe I personally enjoyed top to bottom choices the most. Q: Are there honorifics? A: No. Q: 'Dude' or 'onii-chan'? A: There will be both, for the right reasons. Q: Why did you choose to translate this? A: Partially as a measure of my own skills, but also because I legitimately thought it was funny, so why not. Also because I believe that beginners should start with something small rather than tackling on a tens of thousands of lines project they will never finish. If you're wondering how Zaka happened to stumble upon this game, he detailed the events on the blog post. That's all, I sincerely hope you enjoy the game.