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  1. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No! It's self-aware 4th wall breaking episode!
  2. Are You ready for some ACTION? You're in luck as this is the topic of today's episode!
  3. In today's episode, we discuss VNs that tackled music as it's main focus!
  4. This time, we discuss VNs that did not deliver! Check out the talk about the disappointments!
  5. Today's episode is another special one, as we have the honor of speaking with the Dynamic Duo of Zaka and Hata!
  6. Happy Halloween! What spooky titles will we talk about today?
  7. I sincerely hope we managed to live up to Your expectations! I personally love the artstyle of both Eiyuu*Senki (that I've talked about before) and Littlewitch Romanesque, as well as eagerly await the release of Machine Child Thanks to all of our listeners for continued support! -- MR
  8. In today's episode, we're talking about Artstyle in Visual Novels, enjoy!
  9. Another week another episode, part 2 of PabloC's guest appearance is here!
  10. Today we have a pleasure of talking with PabloC about fantranslations! Hope you all enjoy it
  11. Got it, thanks! New episode today with Zany UI. Hope everyone enjoys!
  12. Thank You! We continue to improve and hopefully deliver episodes You'll enjoy --MR
  13. Another episode premiered today! This time we talk about a slice of life genre! Hooray? Let's find out!
  14. Hello everyone! For anyone interested in podcasts, we have weekly podcast episodes about VNs, brought to you by the hosts M.R. and Tauros113. It's a passion project premiered in July 2022, still going strong weekly! New episodes every Sunday! Newest episode: 4th Wall in VNs Let us know what you think! Previous episodes: - #22 Action in VN - #21 Musical Themes in VNs! - #20 Letdowns in VNs - #19 (guest Zaka & Hata!) Fuwanovel Revival - #18 Trick or Treat? Halloween special! - #17 Artstyle in Visual Novels - #16 (guest PabloC!) Exploring translation quality - #15 (guest PabloC!) Fan translation - #14 Zany UI - #13 Slice of Life - #12 Routes in VNs - #11 M.R.'s VNs iceberg PART 2 - #10 tauros113's VNs iceberg PART 2 - #9 (guest ASid!) Reviewing the Reviewer - #8 (guest ASid!) Degenerate Reviews Retrospective - #7 Famous Figures - #6 Mystery VNs - #5 VNs in backlog - #4 Scores and VNs - #3 Gameplay in VNs - #2 M.R.'s VNs iceberg - #1 tauros113's VNs iceberg
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