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  1. That's an excellent announcement! H2O is one of the VN that I ever wanted to read (specially because I'm a big fan of the artist art style, I love it), I will look forward to it.
  2. Ok, So they do seasonal sales like Steam. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, it was surprising to see that the prices on JAST are cheaper than in Steam.
  4. Recently I decided not to close myself to buy VN only on steam, but also buy on other stores like JAST or Mangagamer, and I was wondering if these stores do sales? And if they do, when do they usually do it? For steam I use steamdb to know when will be the next sales. I live in latam and the economy here is "complicated" and I can't afford to buy VN at full price, I always save money for months and wait until the sales begins to buy them.
  5. I'm sure this isn't the type of revenge you were looking for, but in Aokana there is a main Heroine (In Rika's route) who wants to "revenge" his teammates, a mysterious woman played dirty and hurt them in a match...
  6. At first I was planing to read this month Love sweet garnish, but then I realized I had to pay $4 for the 18 patch, well I will wait for a steam sale... In the end I started reading Tsukihime last night, I just started reading it, but I'm already loving it.
  7. Ah yeah, Gambs and the other guy who hate mosaics (Who has insulted me in the past just for saying I enjoyed a moege that have mosaics lol). Thank you for the welcome! I've been on r/vn, but I haven't interacted much there because of the drama that happened weeks ago with Gambs banning a user just for being on that subreddit. Still, I don't have problem with being in different VN communities, I am not a fanatic, I like to talk with other people who also likes VN.
  8. A VN that isn't for everyone, but I'm glad they bring this kind of VN in English, I'm one of those who likes this stuff.
  9. Claro! También me gustan las westerns VN así que no hay problema. Ten por seguro que cuando lo lea hablaré de él en mi blog
  10. Hey! I know you. I don't usually read eroge, but some weeks ago I read one of your VN on itch.io (Slay the dragon) I loved the artstyle and as a dragon girls enjoyer it was fun to read (?.
  11. Sorry to hear that. My main language is Spanish, but I prefer to read VN and be in the English community (I only read VN in Spanish if the VN doesn't have English patch yet) so I'm not really aware of the Spanish scene and these things you say about not crediting the English circles, but it's a shame that those things happen Most of the people who speak Spanish and read VN that I know prefer to read it in English and support the English scene! So there are cool people in the spanish community.
  12. Interesting, I didn't know about this case.... But yes, like you say, I'm sure they won't arrest you for reading VN with lolis, but maybe if you import stuff like that (sex toys, doujinshis or explicit lolicon content on the cover) they end up being held by aduanas. I've read people from Canada and Australia say they haven't had any problems importing those things to their country, maybe it's rare, or you have to have really bad luck?
  13. I mean, the police have more important things to do than arrest someone for reading a VN with fictional characters. Even people from countries like Australia (who have similar laws) have said they've imported physical copies of VN with lolis on the cover with no problems. We don't know anyone who has been arrested for something like that (I have heard of one case, but I don't know if it was legitimate or just someone trolling). So don't worry about your lolis bro.
  14. It's good to see another person here who speaks Spanish. About what you say, I understand you. In the last few years there have been some good Spanish translators who have even released translations before the English community like Tsui No Sora or Chaos;Head Noah (My favorite VN, but if it hadn't been for the Spanish translation, I wouldn't have been able to read it a few years ago). It would be great if the spanish VN community grow, but it's a fact that VN are niche, now imagine how many spanish speaking people are interested in VN? If the distributors already have problems with translating VN into English, imagine translating a VN with +50 hours lenght into Spanish? It would be a waste of money to do so since doing it wouldn't bring in new consumers since most of the hispanic people who read VN prefer and have no problem reading them in English. Still, Spanish VN readers have their fanbase and I dare say it's bigger than other languages since I've been seeing them since mid 2000s, but most of them are active in English communities, like Reddit (There is also an active discord server only of people who speak spanish). In the last few years there have been youtubers who made videos about VN in spanish. I know Puerta al sotano, I don't like him very much, but I have seen that he has made videos about VN from Science adventure and NG (I think he also made a video about Aokana). One of those youtubers is HAISHA, his videos are really good and we have talked a few times. I wanted to contribute to the Spanish community and since a few years ago I do complete VN reviews on steam in Spanish. Recently I decided to take a step forward and open a blog where I will bring not only reviews, but articles, history of developers or sagas etc... in Spanish. My goal has been to bring content in Spanish and help people who are interested, to make more people interested in the VN niche.
  15. Wait, really? I remember years ago watching the OP on youtube and loving it. It was a shame when time later I found out it was in steam, but only in Japanese... Good to know it now has an english patch!
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