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  1. Be warned, this is full of spoilers for one of my favorite VNs, Evolimit. Shiranui Yoshikazu is one of my favorite protagonists of all time, and I thought it would be good to just lay out why I loved the guy from beginning to end. Shiranui's past The Disaster (MAJOR Spoilers. Don't read this part unless you have finished at least Kazuna's ending) Even entirely ignoring the events of the main story, Shiranui's story is one of quiet heroism, of sacrifice, and of love-born duty. A flawed hero who often acts the fool, while always stepping up when he is needed, without hesitation or regret. A pioneer in the best sense of the word (as opposed to the Manifest Destiny version) who acted out of duty and compassion to a girl who dreamed of Mars even as she never rose from her hospital bed. A man who, in the end, always acted for others as much as or moreso than for himself. Note: If you can't tell, I love this protagonist.
  2. Abyss Homicide Club is a great game... but it looks like Tsukihime, albeit with a better soundtrack and a lot more blood.
  3. Shumon Yuu's talent is in adding depth to every aspect of the games he serves as scenario writer for. Whether it is setting, plot, characterization, or atmosphere, he literally is the best out there. Perhaps that is why he is also one of the least prolific VN writers out there. Each of his works is a rather obvious product of love and passion, of art. I hope I see at least one more work by Shumon Yuu before I die.
  4. Technically, the protagonist of Tsuki ni Yorisou, Otome no Sahou applies if you choose Luna's path with the submissive option.
  5. Angel Magister- This one tried too hard to mix SOL with plotge, and as a result it didn't really fulfill on either side. It wasn't horrifically bad, but it isn't great either. Kitto Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo- Shumon Yuu. I don't need to say anything else. All games by Shumon Yuu are automatically awesome. Natsuyume Nagisa- One of the games Saga Planets became known for, a solid nakige with a mild mindfuck. Mecha-mimi- A decent android love story plotge pretending to be a charage on the surface. Sevens- Straight-out moege/charage from the era in which that was 90% of what Whirlpool did. Kurenai no Tsuki- A great inaka fantasy mystery based in fall (easily the best setting for that kind of thing). I found this one enjoyable both times I played it. Best heroine is the hidden one though, lol.
  6. It depends... in some cases, the SOL is handled in such a way that it makes you long for the lost daily life the characters enjoyed (this is the most common reason for SOL inserts). However, in some games - like G-senjou, they are just inserted as 'breaks' from the crushing realities the characters are enduring. In all honesty, in most serious games, these interludes are short and relevant. However, they aren't always.
  7. I'm having a similar problem with the Japanese version of Kaziklu Bey. Honestly, I dunno where this issue is coming from, but I can't get it to start. There are also reports that Zero Infinity is having similar problems. The only idea I have is that a recent Windows update must have partially disabled the older (pre-2016) malie engine games to some extent.
  8. Clephas

    Drapri Guu-Ta-Life

    Just by what I saw? Almost definitely. Unfortunately, I can't say whether I'll bother with a second entry... I liked the humor, but even the best humor can get old if it is repeated often enough. It's not that Whirlpool can't make games like that anymore... it is more like it isn't cost-effective at present. To be blunt, coronavirus has screwed up the VN world pretty badly, with otakus less likely to splurge on random charage or figurines than they were a year ago... and things were already on the decline then. This looks to have accelerated a trend that was already rising, toward decreasing VN production and a more specific decline in the charage-lover demographic due to financial issues.
  9. The Emirillia Chronicles by Michael Chatfield (incidentally my favorite litrpg author), the writer of the Ten Realms series, is one of the more fascinating ones I've come across. Unlike the Ten Realms, which is fairly unfocused due to Erik and Rugrat's generalized motivations based on their personal ethics, desires, and whims, Emirillia has a somewhat clearer goal for the characters. In the series, humanity was defeated by an alien empire called the Jukal, but the Jukal almost lost everything in the process. Humanity's innovative and competitive nature made them devastating opponents, despite their lower tech base, so the Jukal decided to destroy them utterly... until one of them, a scientist named Lok'al, came up with the idea of tricking special-grown humans into killing more aggressive species for them. What they came up with is the Trapped Mind Project, where 'cycles' of people grown in a simulation of Earth, believing they are 'logging in' to a VRMMO, are physically manifested on the planet and sent against aggressive species. Natives of Emirillia are also human variants, made by tweaking DNA to make them seem like the legendary races (dwarves, gnomes, elves, demons, angels, dragons, etc). By the time the protagonist, Austin Zane, 'logs in', over eight hundred years have passed and Emirillia has become something of a reality TV show for the Empire, used as the 'opiate of the masses'. Aggressive races that would have been exterminated previously are instead used as opponents for Players, and the POE (People of Emirillia) get caught in the crossfire, more often than not. The protagonist is a brilliant engineer and scientist, a man who managed to exceed the parameters of the Earth simulation by creating a company that mined space and dumped the resources on Earth (something that normally didn't happen), and his desire to enter the 'game' was to build a cabin and get away from everything. Unfortunately for him, Bob (Lok'Al) has other plans, and Dave (as Austin comes to call himself) is too good-hearted and active by far to sit idly once he knows what is going on. Generally speaking, much like the Ten Realms, this is a series for people who like to see the characters growing in power and helping others growing in power. It is also a series for those who like innovative and brilliant main characters (as the main ones are) and nasty characters getting their comeuppance. It is a rather large series (12 books), but I honestly hardly noticed the passing of time while I read it. This game has a significantly stronger western influence compared to the Ten Realms, which was more influenced by xianxia cultivation stories than anything else.
  10. Stellar Theater was Rosebleu's first game, written by Agobarrier, the creator of Shuffle. It is a pretty good charage with a mahou shoujo theme. I won't say it is the best charage out there, but it hits all the high points of the genre in a way that is easy on the brain and eyes at the same time. However, it was only with its FD that it found a true conclusion... mostly because everyone wanted the little sister as the main heroine. Reincarnation Shinsengumi is a kusoge. I played three hours of it, then dropped it. Primary is a decent plotge with a moe focus. I won't say it is a kamige, but it is considered a classic by the older members of the community. Oni Uta is actually a decent game, with a typical focus on incest and tainted relationships (this company always does this). The main heroine, the oni princess, is actually a pretty good heroine. The third heroine, the osananajimi, is a yandere, so watch out if you don't like that type.
  11. Really, the name of this game says it all... 'A Dragon Princess's Lazy Life'. This game centers around Takeru, a young martial artist NEET who will do anything to avoid real work, his osananajimi Suzuka, and the dragon he picked up off the street, Haru. I'll be honest, this game is pretty similar to Nekonin in length, if not in quality (it is slightly better), and I mostly enjoyed it because the double-boke of Takeru and Haru is so hilarious. Neither Takeru nor Haru has anything resembling common sense, and they are both perfect sponges, so most of the game has them quite naturally sponging off the people around them, Suzuka in particular. The H in this game is plentiful for its length (four scenes in a three hour game), but they really aren't that important. Neither Haru nor Takeru has a serious bone in their body (all they think about is food). I'll be honest when I say I can't call this a great game... but it was amusing. I'd hoped that this would be a new plotge by Whirlpool, but I guess I can live with a short comedy VN.
  12. Trample on Schatten - A decent game by a writer that specializes in the 'hot-blooded' sub-genre of chuunige. Honestly, I was only moderately entertained by this one, but it was pretty popular when it came out. Valkyrie Complex- A decent srpg with a decent but cliche fantasy story. Not much else to say. Tenshin Ranman- If you've played a Yuzu Soft game, yoiu know what to expect. Like most Yuzu Soft games, it is good enough to stand out, but it isn't godly. Stella Eques- Played this with no idea of what it really was. I spent a good part of the game confused, even as I liked elements. By the end, I was wondering what the hell happened, because it made almost no sense.
  13. I beg to differ... hetare protagonists are always an obstacle to enjoyment.
  14. Honestly? I'd suggest just getting the PC version from Steam. Don't mean to be a jackass, but the smartphone isn't exactly the best medium for playing the game (in fact, the smartphone version is rated the worst of all the versions including the SNES one).
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