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  1. Something I noticed over the past ten years is that the best writers in the industry have mostly left it, with no one really replacing them. Higashide Yuuichirou, Shumon Yuu, Kinoko Nasu, etc etc The fact is, as SOL took over VNs, fewer serious writers remained. Those who replaced them were, to be frank, low-level LN writers rather than people with skill or talent. Occasionally, one of the 'great talents' of the industry will pop in and write a new game... but that just makes the difference in quality between those games and every other game released in a given year even more obvio
  2. While one doesn't necessarily need dozens of characters, just having twelve solid ones can make for a rich story even if the writer is only moderately talented. The problem is that every person has a different degree of 'social memory', and recalling all the characters of large casts and their roles becomes very difficult. This can be seen in book series like the Malazan Book of the Fallen, where there are literally over a hundred major characters and keeping them straight is a task in and of itself. Locations I fully agree on. Most JVNs, in particular, will restrict themselves to 5
  3. Good anime make horrible VNs and good VNs make horrible anime.
  4. Also sprach Zarathustra is generally considered to be an incomplete version, which is why it was rewritten into Acta est Fabula, which later was re-released as the non-ero version known as Amantes Amentes with a second ending and final battle for Rea's route. You'll notice that the official website for Also sprach Zarathustra even got taken over by Acta est Fabula, and it is impossible to find a copy of the original version anymore. There is nothing missing from the later versions that existed in the first version. If anything, there is significantly less content in the original.
  5. With chuunige, that isn't the issue. Rather, the more CG-reliant a chuunige is, the lower the quality. To be blunt, the worst chuunige I've played in recent years, Ryakudatsusha no Raillore suffered precisely because it was 90% reliant on CGs and dialogue to tell the story. I know some people have trouble with the reading aspect... but the question you need to ask yourself when you start complaining about having to read extensive narration is... why am I not watching anime? Otomege need to get over DIDS (Damsel in Distress Syndrome). I don't mind that western VNs imitate Japanese
  6. Haru Uso is the first game in the Uso series by Campus, a subsidiary of Light. This series is actually fairly high quality, but I recommend that it be played all at once, as it is otherwise just a bit frustrating. Hatsuru koto Naki Mirai Yori is probably Front Wing's best non-Grisaia game by far. It has an excellent story, great characters, and a great setting. The only downside is that it is profoundly uncomfortable to consider a zombie loli to be a heroine. I rated Kodomo no Asobi fairly highly, but that was because it was a quality game, despite me finding it a bit outside my t
  7. Kenseiki Alpha Ride is an example of a game that would have been so much better... if 1) there had only been one protagonist, 2) the gameplay was more well-balanced, and 3) Said protagonist wasn't a whiney little bitch. I gave Sakura no Uta a relatively high rating, but most of my positive comments on it exclude the true path. I say this because, while Sca-ji constantly annoyed me throughout the game, it was only on the true path that he managed to send me over the edge into rage. Kyuuketsuki no Libra... it should be noted that this is a watered down Draculius with a much weaker pro
  8. Psychologic Love Comedy is... nothing like the title indicates. It should be called Psychopathic Love Comedy. I actually rated this VN fairly high later on, and I really should have played it at the time. Still, it is a doujin game, and as a result, its visual effects suffer somewhat. Boku wa Tomodachi is the second doujin game from this month I played... and it is extremely unusual. I gave it a low rating because the sheer stress of self-inserting into the protagonist is unbelievable. Essentially, the protagonist is the 'best friend' of a bunch of harem protagonists, cursed to alw
  9. A lot of Nitroplus games are disturbing... in particular, I recommend Jingai Makyou, Muramasa, and Tokyo Necro. The former because of the approach to the inhuman, the second because of its unique approach to moralism and duty (with mostly disastrous results for the characters), and the third because... well you have to play it to understand.
  10. Other than guro ones like the ones above... Namima no Kuni no Faust Why? Because it is so easy to see where that particular dystopia could arise in our modern world.
  11. Himitsu no Otome is a failure of a trap protagonist game, so I won't bother saying much about it. Neyuki no Gen'ei is a horror game that has some similarities to Clock Up's style. Maboroshi no Dystopia is a game that channels Kinugasa Shougo in that the endings are inconclusive but fails to create as powerful a setting or characterization as that particular writer is capable of. As such, the game feels a lot like a pale imitation of Akagoei. Love Rec is a high-quality charage with a solid cast of heroines. It's one of my few unreserved charage recommendations.
  12. Hyakugojuunenme no Mahoutsukai is just a worthless kusoge. Ayakashi Contract is one of AXL's better SOL plotge, but it is really only suitable for people who already like AXL. Chuunibyou na Kanojo is a mildly funny charage that doesn't really do anything special despite having an obvious theme. Koitama is a decent game that is half-charage, half-plotge. It's major flaw is that no backstory is ever really given for the main characters. Love, Vampire flowers is a plotge/charage hybrid focused on a centuries-old vampire (who became a vampire in order to overcome hunger and th
  13. Bansenjin was the sequel that should never have been written. Why couldn't Masada have just created another new IP? Chrono Clock is at the lower end of the post-Mirai Nostalgia Purple Soft games in terms of quality, but that is still well above the average for a VN. Evenicle has decent gameplay but the story is crap. Kami no Rhapsody has a decent concept and story, but the gameplay suffers from inherent limitations due to a system that was probably designed with eventual mobile ports in mind. Puramai Wars is a decent charage... but it doesn't go beyond decent.
  14. 11gatsu was an attempt to make a plotge with a bunch of charage paths tacked on for fanservice. I'm not saying it was a horrible choice, but this game would have been much better if they'd gone one way or the other. Anekouji Naoko to Gin'iro no Shinigami is the most dramatic failure of Minato Soft to date. It still saddens me to recall how awful this game turned out to be. Debate School 9 was an attempt to be clever by including a debate club into a charage... and it failed miserably. Hana no No ni Saku Utakata no is a first-class nakige worth playing for anyone who wants some
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