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  1. Ayy what’s good you old FuwaFucks I’ve been watching Glass Mask the “newer” version, its pretty good for a drama, shoujo. Romantic elements present but not overt, realistic setback and character growth. When i saw it had a pretty gold score on MAL i had to give it a shot, and havent been disappointed
  2. I’ve never had a satellite or TV subscription. I had Netflix for only a short period of time and cancelled it. So not really many chances for me to passively watch or come to enjoy TV series. But I do indeed have one that I will watch and have liked for many years, Law and Order SVU. Though I pretty much only watch it when I go to my parents house to visit.
  3. I’m bringing this thread back from the dead Here’s my MFC page. Haven’t been able to display my figures yet since I moved into my new home, and don’t even have enough room for all of them anyway. I’ve been hoarding.. I mean collecting... since 2015. Anyone else who still frequents the forums collect figures?
  4. Just recent finished watching Cross Game and it was probably one of the best sports anime I’ve seen. Its about baseball, which is a sport I was never interested in and knew nothing about. And while I’m not some baseball fanatic now, I definitely have more appreciation for the sport. The games are interesting, and keep you on the edge rather than being predictable. I dislike when you expect that they’ll win every match. It’s not trapped inside some bubble, there’s a lot of real world stuff that happens (I know, very descriptive but no spoilers) which you find out early on and then as the story progresses. It’s not just about the struggle to become a better athlete but also growing as a person. I gave it a 7/10. Now I’m watching Last Exile for a change of pace. I enjoy the characters, their diversity in personalities and the fleshed our realistic traits they’ve given to some of the characters (much more so for the female lead than the male lead). The setting isn’t really explained well so far, ie you know about all the various factions that exist but nothing about the world itself. The animation is not great it’s from the earlier days of CG so it hasn’t aged well visually. Yeah, mostly in it for the characters
  5. Welcome to Fuwanovel! Sometimes keeping it short and sweet is just fine
  6. Hello and welcome to Fuwanovel! Im sure you’ve seen some of it but if you do some digging on old threads you can definitely get some perspective on how the VN community has grown over time and the kinds of challenges we face today compared to years past. Definitely an interesting look at our chunk of the larger community. Otherwise, what has been your favorite read so far?
  7. Maybe not immediately but if you are interested sometime down the line I have been considering reviving one of my old projects. It’s called Holy Breaker, it was a Comiket release VN, and it’s only about 10 hours long. One of the writers worked on some Key VNs, wrote one of the routes for Little Busters I believe. I would be willing to organize the group, ie handle recruiting other members, create a website, provide updates to the community as that is something I have done before. And when the time comes I can do some editing work as well. I may be able to find the text files somewhere, I think I had them already extracted. I would have to find someone to create a patch though and that might be difficult because of the engine the game runs on but we would have plenty of time to worry about re-insertion later
  8. Demon’s Souls looks really good, with it being such an old title there was a lot of room to work with. I look forward to playing it. Glad I didn’t see Bloodborne tbh I don’t think it should be a top priority for remaster right now
  9. Just a few more hours, from the rumors it really does seem like we’re going to get Demon’s Souls~
  10. I was interested in seeing who had an interest in cooking. Cheese and whiskey you mean as a pairing I’ve always preferred whiskey but not once in my life have I eaten cheese along with it. Makes sense though if you think of wine and cheese pairings
  11. First and foremost welcome to Fuwanovel, we’re glad to have you. All of us go through phases when it comes to VNs, I had no idea how to even locate them when I first started as there was not a lot of official projects going on back then. Discovering Fuwanovel was my breakthrough as we hosted torrents back then and the rest is history. Fan translating is definitely not as common as it once was due to the huge bloom in official projects over the last few years but it does still happen. If you are interested in being involved in a project we’re definitely a good place to start. What kind of titles are you interested in working on? And then what kind of time do you have to devote to translating? It’s best not to overwhelm yourself because as a translator people rely on you, not a lot else can be done in terms of editing or proofreading without first having translations it just goes without saying. These projects sometimes go on for years so you can just work at a pace that’s comfortable for you. I was once involved in organizing teams and did some editing work so I would consider joining in on a fun laidback project. Might be able to revive the old website I had... That is if I can get back into it
  12. Would you be interested in posting a more fleshed out opinion piece of the VN? You could include several aspects like the art, quality of the story/writing, flow from beginning middle to end or maybe your spoiler free opinion of the ending. Something that would fit your schedule, doesn’t have to be very long, and would only be for fun. I’m just trying to cultivate and encourage content creation a little at a time
  13. I think we should foster new users, but eventually they have to become independent members. Thus I think diversity is important, and being around people you disagree with is crucial for growth and learning. I don’t think we should always avoid people we disagree with, otherwise what would we talk about? As long as we can handle people disagreeing with us like adults and try to understand their position rather than attacking and trolling them. I think avoiding people you disagree with is just an easy out. I do understand that people enjoy having a close circle of likeminded individuals but we have always had private chats and forums existing concurrently, remember IRC channels? Even disagreement at an administrative level can be beneficial if handled responsibly. With disagreement comes compromise.
  14. Heh I’ve been on my mobile this whole time. Thank you for telling me
  15. I was actually thinking we could partner with one of the companies doing official translations. Don’t we have members of the forums that have relationships with MangaGamer or JAST? We could even be “sold” to one of these companies and let them manage our main site as long as the forum is able to main semi-autonomy Or similar to @Zalorwe could try to get rights to a title and get funded via Patreon or something, but I do think the barrier to this would be extremely high. It would be impossible to compete with other companies this late in the game. Having to source talent, manage payroll, find a VN with enough clout that isn’t already licensed out, would be an awful lot. Honestly nothing would be considered a sell out move though because the trajectory we are on is one that ends with fuwanovel not existing anymore anyway
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