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  1. Ok i tried again and dont worked :/.i tried everything and nothing.Geez.i guess i will not gonna play this VN.
  2. i am trying to install the Visual Novel called Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou but when i click in setup just dont open the setup laucher.My Machine is in Japanese system location and tried to change the compatibility mode and nothing.i guess the exe is in 32 bits and my machine is 64 bits but i dont know 100% if is this the problem.Unfortunately i dont know how i can resolve this problem.Can someone help me?
  3. Oh Yes a love Meiya She is amazing S2.Oh ok i will ask later thanks o/
  4. Finaly finished Digital Seclusion.It was a very good Visual Novel i liked.i got the bad end.Is there other endings or routes? I'm in doubt about it.
  5. rax


    Welcome to Fuwanovel o/
  6. i only finished 7/50 of this list.This will be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG journey Man...
  7. Yeah its a interesting and unique Visual Novel,Thanks for the words and of the game o/ I am discovering very Visual Novels because of this game.Oh i understand.i guess i will use more here sometimes
  8. Oh Thanks o/.The funny thing is i only discovered Digital Seclusion because of a random twitter user if I don't think I would never find the game i guess haha XD
  9. Hello Everyone,you can call me rax. I'm new here and i really likes Visual Novel.I found this forum because of the user called Zalor playing his novel called Digital Seclusion and ended up making me want to create an account on this forum. i am playing Visual Novels since 2017 and these days i can say that i really like Visual Novels a lot. i hope i can enjoy in this forum because i am very reserved and not very talkative. My Favorite Visual Novels are Muv Luv Alternative (i read all trilogy and some spin-offs but i prefer Muv Luv Alternative),Fate/Stay Night,Clannad,Stein
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