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  1. Now that you mention it.....
  2. Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well. Anyway, do you guys date all the heroine or just one? Because, you know, I remember that guilty feeling in p4 val day
  3. F yeah, barely made it to 1,5 mil with the last daily quest
  4. You spoil the biggest thing! What have you done?! *insert what has been seen cannot be un-seen meme here
  5. And don't you dare spoil that here, Jun
  6. Is it fixed on 4-4? Or delay again?
  7. Just finished the 1 mil honnouji point, and I don't think I can make it to 1,5 with the remaining days.
  8. If it's about Gorgon, valmore is the right man
  9. Any suggestion what event's CE should I pick with my main party? saber alter. artoria lancer, king hassan, gorgon, and lancelot On the side note, now I'm back into this hellish Camelot
  10. Anyone here rolling for that cool ojisan? Already tried 10 roll once, but...meh
  11. Rolling MHXA/Arto Lancer : So : > > No MHXA tho
  12. Epic of Remnant, aka fgo 1,5 Is gorgon that good in battle? Never bring her from friend's list before
  13. Mordred roll : Will try again on lancer alter later, hoping to get her or mhxa
  14. ^ if that's true, then it's the same in extella "What's with this self sacrifice NP?!"
  15. You want jeanne, jade? But from what I read on fgo forum, jeanne < merlin, if you have him, of course. And here I am still waiting for mordred/arto lancer