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  1. According to my preferences the Grisaia series is absolutely the best, it ticks most boxes that I look for in a story. -not a wimpy mc -it has a story (divided in smaller pieces) that actually pieces together in the end -most characters (if not all) are likeable in their own way -it just made me crave more after finishing the first novel Not super specific I know.. but something along the lines would be great. I will list the ones I have already read and really like for comparison, please just mentioned translated ones, I tried the translation software but it ju
  2. Just finished comyu and I really liked the presence of a very strong heroine as a love interest (Kagome). I'm hoping someone can suggest me some visual novels that include a heroine who can take care of herself (she is very OP for those who haven't read it yet) The protagonist is also not the regular wimp but not OP, same kind of setting would be a bonus. Last thing would be it has to be translated. I hope I'm not being too specific but if you know of something similar, I would appreciate it
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