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  1. And when we are talking about Marie, when she was brought by Reinhard to gladsheim after she got destroyed then he gave her back, what did he exactly do to her so she can have those new multiple feelings? And why Reinhard's craving is to destroy all when in his human life he accepted his fate and stopped searching for emotions? Did mercurius meeting awoke his apoptosis power or something? When someone take the throne their craving becomes the rule of the world and they themselves become the world, so mercurius saw Marie through a shade of his true self (the one on throne) to travel through the world and watch it or something cause he was bored, and when he met Marie he decided to orchestrate an opera(I still don't know if all the routes are like one universe from a lot of multiverses of merc's world) with a goal of him reaching an end where he dies in Marie's embrace and this opera of his is like a fiction inside fiction (sorry if you find this overanalyzing but I really like this meta stuff going on) and he chose a protagonist and it was lotus and a cast of characters that will oppose him (tell me if what I said is true please). So I wonder if him giving part of himself to ren is him wanting to have a romantic life with Marie something like if he can't do it his substitute will? One last thing and sorry for the many questions I really wanna understand this all the way, I saw a lot of posts where people saying that dies irae is self aware and it embraces its own cliché and all but i didn't really get it and thanks for answering
  2. Let me get one thing straight mercurius been on the throne the longest but how does his craving works like I know it is eternal recurrence and it's the cause of foreknowledge and the cause of why he wants to die and all (really cool that dies irae started because a godlike figure was feeling suicial) and we know that in his reign of throne it's basically a multiverse with all the choices creating a universe if I'm right, I didn't get this right at the end he stated that after his battle with Reinhard and near his destruction he always go back (to being born as an outsider of the world of the previous hadou god as a bug) so it means there were multiple fights with Reinhard and mercurius ? Or multiple operas
  3. You may be right about me trying to overanalyze it when its not intended too from the beginning but I just can't help notice how mercurius starts the game with his monologue and the constant 4th wall breaking of ren stating he is the protagonist and how mercurius talk about the opera I just wanted to piece it you know How's Marie being born outside of mercurius law possible? The battle of three colours is the fight between ren/Reinhard/mercurius
  4. Thanks first for answering with this impressive comment. So we now have Reinhard as mercurius's "desire to die" is Marie also similar to him? Was she born just for him to fall in love for her and wanting destruction from her? And why do they look alike so much (Marie/Reinhard) Also there's something quiet interesting too in ren/machina so basically they have some of mercurius's soul like (wanting to die, all of it to end) and for ren cherishing the ephemeral so did mercurius pick them just because they were soldiers and they were interesting because they reminded him of certain part of himself or any other reason So maybe in the end Masada wanted to show us that only the cast of a work gets praised for being the cast and the author is always getting left in the dark as a shade of himself even though all of this came from him. One last question does mercurius also planned the battle of three colours? And what was the significance of the ball scene with the rea ending 1?
  5. So I want a better understanding of mercurius characters so if anyone can explain what his role and what he does and how he does it please do share it with me and we can discuss about it.
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