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  1. Good luck to you! This vn has been on my wishlist for awhile, looking forward to updates and finally the release.
  2. Not difficult at all,each choice is obvious.also it has an icon for what girl it goes.
  3. I recommend Missing stars,it's about mental disorders so it's similiar to Katawa shoujo in that sense. Missing stars still in development,but you can play the first chapter for free,it's pretty long chapter and really worth it in my opinion.
  4. agreed,this vn looks interesting and i would love to read it in english.maybe one day...
  5. You don't need a walktrough for this game,just give points to and choose the girl you like for her route.
  6. I hate both her voice and personality.also i'm glad too that she doesn't have a route.otherwise i would probably just skip it.
  7. I'm near the end of common route (i think) so dar it's pretty good,most of jokes are funny,i chuckle while reading.As of main girls they looks interesting,but is it just me,or each girl is way too similiar to each other,like Ayaka and Yoshino gets emberassed to sexual jokes or Yoshino,Shiori and even Yui when they get violent or snaps at other characters.That's just my first impressions,maybe we will see different sides of heroines in their routes (i hope so).So far i don't have a favorite heroine (which is pretty unusual for me in vns) so i'm just going to play routes by order in game.Also so
  8. I can't wait to read this.The art is beutiful,heroines looks intreresting.we'll see about the plot.I've been waiting to read this vn since Nekonyan announced they're working on the translation.
  9. i personally just not a fan of her personality,also Shizune's good ending is kinda disapointing,but her bad ending is pretty emotional.
  10. I love Katawa shoujo,it's one of the first vn i ever read and after all these years it's my favourite visual novel.my favorite character is Lilly,i love the way she looks( first time we met her in game,i was thinking how beutiful she looks) and her personality:she's caring and friendly person.2nd favorite is Emi,i love how determinated she is,even accident couldn't stop her keep running. I also like Misha,i wish she was romancable(maybe switch places with Shizune-she my least favorite person in vn). Katawa shoujo is very important visual novel to me,it's teaches very inmortant lessons like,nev
  11. i'm looking forward for the release.also good luck with the rest of the project!
  12. Haven't red a lot,but it's entertaining so far,it has great and funny jokes. and characters are interesting and unique,also cute.i'm pretty excited to keep reading it.
  13. i'm also been following this project for awhile,but it's the first time i commented here,anyway,in my opinion one heroine route per patch would work fine.
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