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  1. This is only natural. Just don't think about it too much. I struggle with it myself sometimes, but I don't let that discourage me.
  2. Your English seems bad. Why would you want to translate anything? (I assume you're asking for help with script extraction, and that you want to translate into English.)
  3. Sand's not the only one who picked up Senmomo. I know two other groups who also went for Senmomo. But whatever. If you all feel like working on the same VN, who am I to tell any of you to stop. I still think it's redundant, but it's your own time and energy at stake. You can ask Porygon to help you out with the engine side of things. He helped all BGI-related projects with the tech.
  4. There's already a fanTL of this VN in the works:
  5. It's cursed because it's hard to work with. I'd just avoid any VN in that engine. Better aim for some Kirikiri VN or something.
  6. That engine is cursed. Pick up some other project.
  7. I see. Yeah, if it's a Korean TL, then that makes sense. Anyway, for Siglus, I think some fanTL groups worked with it before, so you may want to contact those.
  8. The projects look nice Good luck with them!
  9. Hello and welcome What's your project, by the way?
  10. Holy shit, this is hilarious Can't believe they did this to KKK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  11. You're shitting me? Someone attempted to MTL KKK?! ROFLMAO No idea how JP to Vietnamese MTL quality is, but I seriously doubt any MTL of KKK would make sense, LOL! XD
  12. I mean, if DeepL is "fine", then I don't see a problem with that logic I am not talking about your comment in specific. Lots of people think DeepL is good or fine. So in general, I think there's a market for edited DeepL translations. We didn't yet see it happen, but I'd be surprised if some company doesn't notice this trend and gets on the bandwagon of localizing stuff that way. RIP this fandom and industry.
  13. LOL, all those silly localization companies They should all just buy a subscription to DeepL and hire someone to edit that translation. Much cheaper and easier to make profit DeepL >>> any human translator ever
  14. Sigh... the fanTL scene has truly become the cesspool of MTLers. Shame.
  15. 1) I have no hard feelings about this either way, as long as it's consistent throughout the translation of the work. So if the TLer decided to keep honorifics, they better stay there till the end. 2) Same opinion as with the honorifics. No hard feelings either way, as long as it's consistent and matches the tone of the character who's speaking it. 3) Depends on context. In some works, you can get creative about this. I guess "tsundere" would be fine to keep, but where does one draw the line? At "mayadere"? "Coodere"? Luckily, I don't think I've seen these rarer ones appear in dialogu
  16. Actually, we did improve some things with our release short after release. I didn't post about it here earlier, but here's the link to the short announcement we made back then. Anyway, we're aware of the official localization of HarmonEy. But we're also aware it was done by the same company that localized Tenkiame, and that one didn't turn out so well. And judging from what I saw from HarmonEy's release so far, it's just as bad. Also, I looked at the tech, and they didn't fare much better. They couldn't even change the font. Overall, it's a pretty meh localization. Hachimitsu Soft deserve
  17. You really know your way around with those tools! I'm impressed!
  18. From what I recall, yes, the game's script files are encrypted. Every VN in that engine has its own encryption or something.
  19. Glad you were able to solve the problem! I was about to suggest redownloading the demo from a different link, given how the demo works for me, but you already tried it yourself. Anyway, what do you think about the engine? Is it complicated to hack like I heard, or...?
  20. Hmmm... that's weird. I only have the full games, and they work just fine. Gonna try the demos now. Could be that their demo versions are borked.
  21. PurpleSoft engine, pretty please? You can even grab a demo of some of their titles, like Reallive or Seishun Fragile. Here's an incomplete list of titles using their engine. I did find some Chinese-developed tools that should supposedly work with their engine, but it only covers some older titles (that already got localized).
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