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  1. How about the 18+ Hikari route I saw in one of your comments that you say you might put out? Can't you just release that one if this is dead for now?
  2. anyone here know how to use this? when I tried the MTL and reached 18+ scene it was still in Japanese. Am I using it wrong? I don't know where else to ask. didn't it say it would be in machine translation unless I read it wrong? also everything was in Japanese but I am guessing it suppose to be all Japanese expect for 18+ scenes? I also tried remove the file downloaded from steam that are the same as the version in the 18+ and the replacing the ones that are the same with the files from the 18+ file but visual novel won't work without the original files downloaded from steam.
  3. Is there a expected release date for this A Sky Full of Stars 18+ patch? Is this dropped? i wouldn't really mind just getting Hikari and Saya route for the 18+ scenes.
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