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  1. Hi, I'm Luttii, music composer~ Here's a few of my past works All of my works is on the same Youtube channel if you want to listen more to less amb/VN style track I make (Rock/Metal/Electro stuff)
  2. Success announced a remaster for the two games, coming to Switch and Steam in 2023, as well as a Chinese and English localisation.
  3. I'm allowing myself to double post to say I finished the game. And it was so good and cute ! Again, thank you Tooko for all the hard work. The translation was nicely done and a lot of effort was put into it (translating all the texts in the CGs must have been hell) So again thank you and congratulation for this release! Now I just have to wait for Aokana Extra 2 EN to have played all released sprite (and associated) games
  4. Been playing for a while and still have yet to finish a single route, but I wanted to thank Tooko for the hard work that went into it. Thus far it's a very enjoyable read, so GG and thank you!
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