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  1. Welcome! I also joined just a week or two ago
  2. I'm also around N3 level right now. I'm also studying Japanese on the side and doing this to able to improve my translating skills
  3. Great! If I'm available whenever you decide to give it another go, I'd love to help out man
  4. Yes I've had someone contact me already Having some trouble hacking right now but hopefully it gets resolved soon
  5. Okay so this is my first time hacking and it was going okay until I had 2 files left (data2 and data3). I've been letting the program run for almost 4-5 hours yesterday and today as well, but nothing really came out of it. It just got stuck in an endless loop (see picture 2). Am I doing something wrong or should I be more patient? All of the other files barely took 30 minutes. I'm trying to hack Koishiki Manual by the way.
  6. I've thought about it a lot. But I wouldn't know where to find such a person really. I have a good friend who also studies Japanese and I would argue he's better than me at it, but I wouldn't say he's the best of the best of course. I've also thought about starting out with a small project, but I would assume that makes me the project leader and I have 0 experience with that. I don't know what I'd need to do as group leader and do I just need a tech guy and an editor as nandemonai said (for a small project that is)?
  7. Wow the positive comments just keep coming and coming... thanks a lot! This gives me motivation to continue trying. I will expect to take even double the amount of time I thought it would at first.
  8. Really? How did it turn out? For you and the others
  9. I'll send him a message and we'll see how it goes from there
  10. Oh wow thank you for giving me this opportunity! I'd love to give it a try! Should I post on there as well that I'm interested?
  11. Alright! Thanks you very much for the talk and for helping me out. It means a lot I'll definitely stay in touch
  12. Oh cool, maybe I'll also be able to rise up to a decent level one day! Yeah, I don't care about fame. I would just do it for the fun and the learning experience. The only thing that's certain for me is to become a translator or interpreter. Personally, I prefer translating over interpreting. What exactly I'll end up translating, I don't know yet. For now I think this should be a good place to start. Okay, don't look too much at newer and popular novels as they are too risky. Go for older games or less popular ones. Got it. I went ahead and looked around a bit and even offered my
  13. Yes. I have only read about 4 vns in Japanese. I only recently got into it. That's because right now I feel like I'm on a decent enough level to comprehend texts well enough. I've tried in my first and second year but I had to look up words way too frequently...
  14. Thanks for letting me know I went ahead and looked around for some projects. I've already posted on a person's project as well, so hope all goes well!
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