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Wordpress, my beloved.



It is not easy to be a blogger, especially not when you start working for multiple blogs at once, try to raise translation company with your best friends and do a lot of management stuff on your own. Thankfully, Zaka is a super helpful person who even shocked me today by throwing a script that was almost ready-to-publish right in my face. I remember that back in the day I loved checking out the fuwanovel VNTS post and it deeply saddened me when it suddenly ended somewhere around the time where Eiyu Senki GOLD released. Funkily enough, Eiyu Senki GOLD was my first project I have ever worked on for JAST and it was to this day one of the funniest and simplest games I played. I should eventually review it, but then.. so far there is not a single of the 6 games I QCed for JAST that I have played privately... maybe I should do Majikoi: Love me Seriously! again with full-voices... I don't really know. I think I missed a lot of entertainment factor that this game loses when you are only playing with the 7+1 voices that JAST could ship it with - bless the Majikoicord overlords.


My shallow impression is that Hata has difficulty with editorial-type long-form writing--keeping a cohesive narrative and choosing the appropriate level of depth while maintaining conciseness. 

And here we have it again, I went on a tangent. This is actually a statement that someone made about me today after reading my musings on the VNTS post. They're totally right, but my brain operates differently. It operates at double the speed and this is not necessarily good.  Well, let's get to the point of this post:

When writing for the VNTS I realized that fuwanovel does not use the Gutenberg-Editor, which I have gotten used to while writing more than 500 articles for VN.Info. This means that I had to look at the questionable deception of a WYSIWYG editor again today. Unfortunately, such an editor definitely lies to you, because when making THICC H2/H3 headings it looks bigger and less orderly than it ultimately looks in the published post. Also I got memed by the fuwa Wordpress backend being setup to follow U.S. timezones so my suspenseful hitting the publishing button with my big left toe did not work... 

REE, Wordpress, my beloved ...



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