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  1. Hey everyone o/ Once again it's time for another quick update on the current state of our project. As you can see, Chinatsu's route is now fully translated and Red has started working on Nanako's scripts. TLC is consistent as always and editing progress is starting to speed up as well. Read this post on our website: http://raburabu.net/progress-update-2017-06-15/
  2. Hey again o/ I know I just published an update post yesterday, but today (2017-05-27) is a special occasion I would like to tell you about. Exactly 9 months ago we started this project and so far it's been an amazing experience. As some might know, this is the first fan translation I'm working on and during this time I've not only learned a lot about the vn community and industry but I've also met a lot of great people with serious passion for the genre. We've certainly had our highs and lows during the last 9 months, but looking at the numbers I'd say we've covered about one third of our total way to the final product. That being said I would like to thank you for your kind support and feedback up until now and I hope you're looking forward to this game as much as I do. -Atom Read this post on our website: http://raburabu.net/9-months-of-lover-able/
  3. Hey everyone! We’ve been a bit quiet for the last couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean progress has slowed down. Translation and TLC are progressing faster than they ever and it seems our editors have finally decided to do their job as well 😉 Three quarters of Chinatsu's route are translated, which pushes the total TL progress to 70% \o/ Read this post on our website: http://raburabu.net/progress-update-2017-05-26/
  4. Good to hear you're excited for the release
  5. Hey everyone o/ It's time for another update on our translation progress. First of all, we fixed the few missing lines which were causing "99%" bars in the last update. Chinatsu's route is at 35% translation now. Speaking of which, please welcome @SoldierBlue9 to the team! \o/ He will be responsible for TLC on Chinatsu's route. - Atom Read this post on our website: http://raburabu.net/progress-update-2017-05-09/
  6. That's the plan Nice avatar btw ^^
  7. Hey everyone out there! The last couple of weeks have been an exciting time for our team and now we're finally able to announce what we've been working on recently From today on, our group will operate under a new name: Rabu Rabu Translations Roughly translating to 'lovey dovey', we think it both reflects moege as our genre of choice and acts as a nod to our first project 'Lover Able'. Along with the new name, we have reworked our entire web presence. Our new website http://raburabu.net/ features more information on our group and active projects as well as downloads and a brand new live progress chart! A proper logo and some other ideas I don't want to reveal yet are in the works, we'll keep you posted on those. - Atom While we're at it, here are the current numbers: Read this post on our website: http://raburabu.net/website-announcement/
  8. @Kazami Yuiji Thanks a lot for the encouragement, that really means a lot to us To your question: Yes, our TLC ke-ke, who is currently working on Tsugumi's route. - Atom
  9. Hey there, 2 things: 1. The feedback links here still point to fuwanovel.org 2. The reason I'm actually here for: I created this choice diagram for Da Capo II back when I first joined the forum. I'm also currently working on one for the first Da Capo game. Unfortunately, the creator of both Da Capo walkthroughs, Ryoji, hasn't been online since August 2016 and therefore can't add it to the existing walkthrough page. I think it would be helpful to have something like this if you are going for 100% completion. So if you think this is worth adding, please feel free to do so -Atom
  10. Hey, everyone! It's been about a month since you last heard from us and we've made quite some progress since then. Satsuki's route is now fully translated and TLC is faster than ever. With that TL and TLC have reached their 20k and 10k lines milestone respectively! \o/ The next route to be translated is Nanako's, the longest one in terms of line count. We are also looking forward to another exciting announcement, but I can't tell you about that yet - Atom
  11. @littleshogun Thanks for the reminder, here is the update image:
  12. Hey everyone, here are today's numbers Tsugumi TLC has made good progress and Satsuki is somewhere in the fourth of seven story scripts. We have also started another QC run on the prologue and early common route chapters to implement the new style rules. 78 mail contents have been translated and edited, but I have yet to finish about half of the image editing work. I think that's about it - Atom
  13. @littleshogun @Limerence_ thanks
  14. @Fred the Barber Oh, thank's for pointing that out. I recently rewrote our compiler and apparently I forgot to include the "auto-remove redundant puctuation" option ^^
  15. @Erogamer thank you for bringing up this point. We've had a long debate about this exact issue, so please let me present our reasoning to you: As you can see, the 「」 characters are twice as wide as others. This causes an ugly indentation issue we were trying to avoid. It would be technically possible to indent every other line by two spaces, but that would mean we lost 2 characters per line Another option would be to use regular "double quotes": But in the end we decided to remove them entirely like this: Thoughts are still clearly identifiable as they don't have a "speaker name" in the smaller box above: During translation we noticed that we were constantly running into space issues because the english text tends to be much longer than the original one Therefore, saving up to 8 characters per "page" is a huge deal. Of course there are other workarounds such as reducing the font size for long lines or splitting a single line over multiple "pages", but we found those to be quite disrupting when reading and would prefer to use them as sparingly as possible. I hope this compromise will be acceptable for everyone, please let us know otherwise. - Atom