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  1. Glad that was helpful! By the way, we've asked the translator originally translated approximately 3 routes of Kamigami (here: https://sweetremiks-blog.tumblr.com/kamiaso), and they gave us permission. We can use their translation for a fan translation patch if you want, as long as we properly credit them!
  2. I would love to tell you more but unfortunately, I'm not the hacker so I don't quite understand what he did, I only tell you what he told me several months ago. Here is NSA's ghidra tool: https://github.com/NationalSecurityAgency/ghidra The dat files are here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/452432163514875904/667652962327199745/Kamigami_no_asobi_PSP_dat.zip By the way I came across these tools for another game but it does use nispack, the font is also fixed width: https://gbatemp.net/threads/psp-la-pucelle-ragnarok-translation.320662/ Maybe you can try these tools and see if it works?
  3. Our hacker looked at the game's script, they're in .dat files and you can use this tool to extract the script file (,NISPACK): https://github.com/tonypolik/nispack But the scripts are encrypted, and our hacker needed to use PPPSSPP debugger to be able to decrypt the texts, as far as I know, they're encrypted with MIPS and he had to use PPSSPP's debugger and NSA's ghidra to decrypt the texts. Texts after decrypted: But the real problem is the font. It doesn't support variable width, it's a fixed width font, so you need to convert all the latin character to their full-width counterparts for the game to display them correctly. But still, it will be displayed l i k e t h i s i n t h e g a m e. Unless someone's going to rewrite the font for it to support variable width or half-width, I don't think it's possible to translate this game.
  4. Yes, they're available publicly! Feel free to send us an application (we accept all proofreaders); as for translator, you might need to translate a small paragraph, this is to avoid people wanted to fill the sheet with machine translation.
  5. Up coming patches from Translation Groups within the community: - Hakuoki SSL: 98% translated. You can read the text translation & know more about the team here: https://hakuogakuen.tumblr.com/ - Amnesia Later x Crowd: 78% translated Here are some screenshots of the Hakuoki SSL patch:
  6. Otogelib is an otome game translations text library for all. Visit: https://otogelib.tumblr.com/ This project is made possible by [DC] @viethoagame.com (Hacking and Programming.) How it works:- It's a library of Japanese otome games texts in google sheet format, for you and/or your group to easily edit and translate.- All projects currently don't have any project leader. You can form a team to take the project or just contribute by translating things here and there as a hobby.Sample of a google spreadsheet: LinkWhat makes it special:- All game texts from this library provided in google sheets format, so you can translate on the go with your mobile device. You can also view who are translating what in real-time, no longer to assign a script/scene to somebody, or translating things while afraid there are people working on it already.- You can save revisions and revert changes someone made if it's harmful.- There is a name table that syncs across all sheets, you only need to translate names of the characters once, and it will automatically sync across the whole file. You can:- Translate various Japanese otome games from the fully extracted game scripts provided in Google sheets format. Translate anywhere, anytime with a mobile device.- Freely post your part of the translations onto your blogs/websites.- Step up to take the project leader position for these projects. If you ever completed a project (either by yourself or by a group of people that you lead), you can request me to make a fan translation patch.Join the community and get edit access to the google spreadsheets:Apply as a translator: GoogleFromApply as a proofreader: GoogleFormDiscord: https://discord.gg/GtGK9ZGAvailable google spreadsheets: STILL UPDATING, if you want any games to have spreadsheets (idea factory/otomate games only), you can request it And be sure to participate when the sheet you requested become available.1. Norn9 Last Era2. Amnesia Later x Crowd (78% translated) 3. Reine des fleurs 4. Variable Barricade 5. Nil Admirari no Tenbin + FD 6. Hakuoki SSL (98% Translated) 7. Black Wolves Saga (50% translated) 8. Clock Zero (12% translated) 8. Binary Star 9. KLAP! Kind love and Punish 10. Amnesia World 11. Hana Oboro
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