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  1. Umm can you go by that again. I'm wanting to translate, "なぜか?!すぃ~と・ほ~む" by Tryset. It seems the only xp3 file in here is data.xp3. I can get inside the data.xp3 via Garbro using "no encryption". Upon entering the data.xp3 files we have what appears to be directory folders. bgimage bgm fgimage image others rule scenario sound system startup.tjs By the way you can view .ks files in garbro (depending on the version of the kirikiri engine). i clicked on s001.ks in Garbro and a new window to the right of the directory window of GarBro
  2. I'm trying to view .ks files in notepad++ with the selected setting encoding>character sets>shift-jis and I'm still getting jibberish. This is an old game. Oyakosaimin by Poison. I used Kikiriki to extract the files but I'm wondering if the decryption is not working because i don't have the correct versiosn of python installed. I have Python 3.9 installed. So why am I having trouble with notepad++? Atom doesn't work either.
  3. I've noticed a shift over the past 2 years, since COVID happened. Lately there has been a lack of variety for very high end titles that have come out in the eroge industry. Mostly what I see is DMM.com type stuff, where there may be high end art, but the scenarios are very short. Or I'm seeing indie style games. There has also been a surge of what looks like cellphone types. But I haven't seen a wave of high quality games come out as of late. I've seen romance stuff come out with 1 or 2 H scenes total. Almost as if they are set up with the intention for an all ages version or to be easily mark
  4. If notepad++ isn't the right tool to edit scripts what tool should I use then? Are you implying I need Unity? Also I'm not sure what you mean by minus to encrypt and plus to decrypt. Is that some option to get around encryption in garbro? Also the game is in the database for extraction but I don't see any merge options for creating image archives or creating script file for .med extension.
  5. Well I see AE VN Tools doesn't work. I have windows 10 64 bit. I downloaded latest build on the website which was 32bit win version from 2017. Tried opening a data.ypf archive and it said it failed because it was being used by another program. I have no clue what other program is using it because it's not woking. The game in question is [Tougenkyo] Haramase Taiken Gakushuu ~Shizen no Naka de Seikyouiku!?~. Japanese name is [桃源郷] 孕ませ体験学習 ~自然の中で性キョーイク!?~. This game came out in 2017 I believe or earlier. Why does nothing work for me? I have tried tools provided to me on this site to attempt to ex
  6. Okay so an update. I was able to some what get notepad++ working to correctly show japanese for the script files that came from the md_scr.med file. NOw that I have gone and translated a short route and edited some pictures I am using exmed and merge_mpark2.exe to try to remerge the extracted script files back into an archive file called md_scr.med. But I don't know how. the exmed.exe file works fine by draging and droping the archive to extract things. But I have no clue how to recompile. Help! here is the original script file by Fudegaki soft. Somebody give a wack at it and create a p
  7. Anyone know how to use the merge_mpark2.exe or merge_puregoddess.exe that comes with exmed? I don't know how to re-archive the data I extracted and there are no instructions anywhere. i'm supposed to remerge files into an archive file called md_scr.med but when I drag the files on the exe I only get two empty folders. A "used" folder an a "merged" folder. A little help would be nice.
  8. Okay So I found a real awesome site that has a bunch if script unpacker and repackers. http://asmodean.reverse.net/pages/exmed.html and https://proger.me/vn/old/#arctool are great sites. Looks like we finally get some decent tools for .MSD extraction and md_scr.med archive files. Inside are multiple scenario files and they are different types. Upon extracting the main MSD archive file Each scenario is listed as a S001.MED, S002.MED, etc. You can not extract further. Extracting from an md_scr.me d archive will produce scripts with no extension, just a file name. An example would be 00
  9. I got a new windows 10 laptop where can I find ITHVNR 64bit for windows 10? I can only find an old 32 bit version floating around.
  10. I can't get the 18+ version from Fakku anymore. It's been taken down. HOw do I buy the game now?
  11. That's because BMP doesn't have proper transparency. It uses a solid color background which is encoded to act like a green screen. You'd have to do some photoshop magic to get the any images to act like a transparent.
  12. I don't think so not as well. GarBro has a built in pack tool but it depends which game and engine you are using. You can extract and recompile with with .xp3 files easily as long as you find the right encryption. There are certain files types that GarBro doesn't have a recompiler/packer. That's .med, .msd and .msg. .gyu files. Also extraction doesn't work for .gyu files. For pictures in .gyu files you need to use the convert multimedia tool but you can't extract scenarios either. It frustrates me to no end that there is is no recompiler for these file types. There needs to be a GarBro updat
  13. Well I give up. Guess I can't recompile the scenario files for saiminjutsu4. No proper recompile/archive creator out there.
  14. Ohh .gyu I think I remember now those are from imouto paradise 2. Garbro extracts perfectly fine. Interesting enough if you pull a .gyu file into Photoshop it can read it. Just save but it can't recompile jpg or bmp back to gyu properly. If you want to save picture as a jpg you have to pull a .gyu file directly to Photoshop and save it to jpeg png or whatever format you want. What I want is someone to tell me how to recompile .med scenario files.
  15. Don't know if anybody find anything for a complier/repacker for .med files that works without python? I've tried Garbro without setting the archive type. While it creates a file, the game won't load due to some error. I don't think garbro can compile the archive properly. Anybody have any solutions for repacking .med files? I tried asmosus's tool but it doesn't work. Also asmosus's tool when extracting corrupts the files. By the way I edited the md_scr.med file of Saiminjutsu 4 but I can't find any tool to properly recompile the damn thing. I guess there are only tools for the CG's but I wan
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