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  1. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Sorry gents, but due to some IRL complications, I have to leave this project. Don't worry though, I'll be leaving it in the hands of a good friend of mine.
  2. Same, really. Moege and charage are less about the plot and more about the relationship between characters, so removing honorifics usually takes from the experience. But in the end, it's their project; if they want to do it that way, they should be able to.
  3. Gore Screaming Show tools (gss-dev.rar)

    HAH, I figured that out too! I just finished making a rough documentation too, even: https://mega.nz/#!tRYzBK7a!XNCDE6qjn9xODqpXtqWvkXsqcIRGJ4NygSOM7zy1SfM https://pastebin.com/zqmggkyy https://files.catbox.moe/ev48m8.jpg
  4. Gore Screaming Show tools (gss-dev.rar)

    You just found a freaking GOLD MINE. In particular, this repo here contains support tools for SystemNNN, which can reverse engine, repack and pack most the stuff the engine uses. There's a problem though: The guy didn't include a manual nor a list of the required dependencies to build these. Again, I'm not a programmer, but I still tried to compile the image packer. I gave up after trying for god knows how many hours and downloading a thousand files, but apparently it uses zlib, libpng and a few other obscure libraries of Visual Studio. Also you need to change the path of some files (D:\abc to C:\xyz) for it to work. Wew.
  5. Gore Screaming Show tools (gss-dev.rar)

    Disregard that, I'm dumb and didn't realize there were other stuff to do before inserting. Tested with another game (Dasaku) and they worked. Anyway, after fiddling with the tools and other engine files, I found you can make them work for pretty much any Cyc-soft game. You can make the engine do a ton of stuff too, I'm surprised. Here are my findings: https://pastebin.com/vM4SjTJN https://pastebin.com/UDVzKHnm Tools: https://mega.nz/#!AV5nWQCZ!aVLYk3TkxKxqYz1TNesZs8xoeXedrPyNEhf9W8x4MGY Dasaku specific files (Only for Nuiawase version): https://mega.nz/#!QF4hVYwC!mBAOWhHoLXM5V94YmvxiBL7UPYkQgx1u7m0ery-cXc8 To do: https://pastebin.com/mkh2QfC3 I'll format this better later, as I'm busy ATM.
  6. Gore Screaming Show tools (gss-dev.rar)

    Welp, now I have another problem: The tools don't work. I am trying to make them work on https://vndb.org/v12677. I can extract the script just fine, but when I insert it and try to run the game, it crashes. Tried the workaround shown here but still nothing:
  7. Gore Screaming Show tools (gss-dev.rar)

    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. EXCELLENT WORK! Words can't describe how grateful I am. Thanks to all who tried to help too!
  8. Gore Screaming Show tools (gss-dev.rar)

    Yep, I contacted her and she said the same thing that was on her blog; that the person with the tools is MIA. Tried it before. Doesn't work.
  9. Does anyone here got a copy of the Gore Screaming Show tools (gss-dev.rar) that were hosted on TLwiki? I can't find them anywhere.
  10. Data extraction thread

    Hello, does anyone here have the System-NNN/Gore Screaming Show tools? They were hosted on TLwiki, and can't find them anywhere else.
  11. Script Extraction Thread

    The link for System-NNN tools is down, can anyone please re-upload them?