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  1. Sisterly Bliss ~Don't Let Mom Find Out~

    As always thank you 4 your'e hard work
  2. Regarding Horror Visual Novels

    Hm indeed they have very good ones
  3. What are you playing?

    Well i didin't need a new pc because it is a beast
  4. Visual Novel Recommendations

    Thank You Very Much. I will give them a go
  5. Hello we are creating monster girls games

    I will chek it out le8er Thanks for the info.
  6. Core i5, Core i7

    Im not having any issues coz my pc is in the very hig end category. This is my PC Processor core i9-7940XE Ram 32GB GPU GTX 1080TI 11GB OS WIN 10
  7. Visual Novel Recommendations

    Thank You Very Much for the tips
  8. Visual Novel Recommendations

    Thank You Very much i didin't even read this one
  9. Visual Novel Recommendations

    Im looking for VN's like this https://vndb.org/v515 whit the same art and story line. Whit english translation. Thank You Very Much
  10. cant get baku ane 2 VN to work

    I assume you tried runinng whit Japanase local as administrator. If not try it. I will also look into it