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  1. Depends on the name. I'll simplify long ones and remove stuff like underscores as well, but using the people above as an example, I'd just call zander and littleshogun by their usernames.
  2. This is an alt I fully know of and allow, by the way. He asked me about doing it. Not ban evading or anything. For one night the forums had no supervision for around 2-3 hours, in which east spammed "www" threads constantly. I deleted around 20~30 of them, but there were even more. He's currently on the "flagged as a spammer" list until I find a time I can remove him from that to deal with the remaining spam, which is why all of his posts disappeared. Of course, we did talk about it. Everyone has really bad days sometimes and real life can affect your decisions somewhat heavily. It's ok man.
  3. Because Unicorn is overrated anyway. I very much can't decide, so I'd appreciate some good forum wisdom on what's cuter 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8-
  4. Indeed. From my time lurking around I can more or less give you a stamp of good taste. Yay.
  5. Thanks everyone. I haven't been around very often lately, but having support from the community always makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I'll be back as soon as I can.
  6. Vajra huh. Good taste. Been meaning to spark her too.
  7. Can't see main site at all, but I can bring some neat forum stats! We've been really about the exact same for the past year and a half. After we killed torrents there was a big decline, then a soft one until mid 2016 where we reached what we have right now, where it has been more or less stuck since forever. We get about as many new users as we lose old ones, and so the balance remains stable (note that we're approaching what has historically been out lowest period of activity in the year, as you can see by all the declines around this time.) We can still consistently reach over 150 topics almost every month, which is already more than when I joined the forums. The community right now is pretty stable, though we can't really match up to our relevance in the old days. But that's torrents for you.
  8. I'm not the one in charge of that, so you'll have to talk to Decay, haha. But we haven't had reviews in a while, so maybe.
  9. @Decay is your man and the person who controls the fuwareviews team (if I'm not mistaken.) When you're part of the team you get to login somewhere else in a nice interface that lets you write your review (and that I always fuck up the html of.) It's its own thing with its own formating and rules outside of the forums, though. Guest reviews are also a thing, so don't need to necessarily be part of it I think. EDIT: There's no harm in posting this type of doubt on the forums, but for anyone else with "where the hell do I learn things?!?!" questions, I should be able to answer just about any of them through a pm.
  10. It's pretty scary so I wouldn't blame anyone for being worried about it. Still, it's a disease that's been around for 4 years, less than 2000 people have ever been infected with it and only about 1000 died. At the risk of sounding condescending, China is a huge place. There's over 1 billion people in it. It's unfortunate that in the last outbreak almost 700 people had to deal with this disease, and even moreso that a large portion of them lost their lives, but this huge, incredibly densely populated place with poor hygienic conditions and a lot of birds being killed on the open is the perfect place for a disease like this to thrive. That so few people have been contaminated by it still with every single thing going in favor of the virus should show it's no big concern for most of china, much less to the rest of the world. Still scary though. Always is. But hey, nice that you brought it up anyway. Probably something people should know about.
  11. Hey, I read about that before. The world health organization has a page on it. According to that, it's pretty hard for the virus to pass from person to person, and we can't get it from eating chicken or eggs either, thankfully. It's an unfortunate fact that news reporters usually want their articles to be seen, and end up exaggerating their stories pretty often to cause fear or rage or any number of emotions that makes ideas stick in people's minds and makes them want to share them. There's a lot of fearmongering and very little truth to be found in a lot of articles because of that. It also often ends up helping radicalize people into extremist ideologies, which is always pretty rough. It's still important to know about and really shitty since it does cause hundreds of chinese people to get sick once every year. Then again, people who do get sick seem to be those that have a lot of contact with birds in marketplaces with poor hygiene conditions and lots of live birds. I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you're in a position like that.
  12. We do have admin control panel access, so it should be possible, but I have no idea how to do it and might break the forums as a result. Could maybe look into it.
  13. This is kind of an interesting one for me (and don't be afraid to start an argument if there's something that seriously bothers you. I can't promise changes will be made, but it's definitely worthwhile to listen to the community.) Hiding posts in particular is something we never gave warnings for, not that it usually happens on blogs in the first place. If someone makes a thread, should it be the duty of the mod team to message whoever made the thread that posts in it were hidden? I'd lean towards no, but a blog might be different because it feels like a much more personal thing. We do, after all, have self-moderation toggled on for blogs, but no one can delete or edit comments in a thread just because they made it. I dunno. Maybe it's worth thinking about.
  14. Just talk shit about every single mod and all of their insane awful decisions here tbh. This site is dead and everything is a garbage fire. Bring Aaeru and lolis back.
  15. I see it in tld VN chats all the time. "I read flowers, I read kindred spirits on the roof and I read half of katahane and dropped it. What gay girls can I read next?" Why, I have just the answer for you. Spend 4 hours reading yuukuri panic escalation then despair at the lack of yuri once more. Also, finish Katahane! Yuukuri panic escalation tells the story of Rie-chan - a shy, reserved and easily flustered girl with a traumatic(?) past who moves to a christian boarding school, can play the piano and ultimately finds gay love. This might seem similar to flowers to you, but it's not. That would be an insult to this masterpiece. You might think I'm overselling this, but does Flowers have a spiked dildo they call the lance of longinus? I thought not. Rie-chan is a good girl who liked her sensei, but was too scared to fuck him. Then sensei fucked her mom instead and now she's in an all-girls school to get away from this two-sided betrayal. Rie doesn't really know what sex is or how you do it, which is pretty funny given how she's in heat all the time. Random oji-san from mind control harem fantasy game move away, this is probably the horniest protagonist out of any eroge I've read, despite her not knowing what masturbation is. Literally immediately orgasms from seeing two girls go at it for a second, despite not understanding why people do lewd things. It's quite funny seeing her wanting to masturbate but not knowing how to. Poor girl. They use drugs on her at a point, but it makes her reactions no different from normal H scenes, probably because she's a bunny in heat all the time. There are two routes in this game. You can choose to have Rie-chan be dominated by the cool, elegant onee-sama or by the girl the onee-sama normally dominates. The latter is unexpectedly hotter. Sex scenes are all SM, but really mild SM. Still good, though. Protagonist's VA is also great for some reason. Game actually has a lot of plot twists, despite being so short. Finishing every ending should take about an hour and a half. "But Kaguya, what's up with that 80's arcade gameplay you talked about earlier?" Well, as you've probably figured out, it's where the rest of your 2 and a half hours will be sunk if you so choose to go that way. See, this game's story doesn't have enough space for all the sex scenes they wanted to put in, so instead they made a whole different side game that has its own story (that is mainly an excuse to put a bunch of random sex scenes together.) Characters are all the same, but to reach the sex scenes you must play qix over CGs that lose their clothes as you progress while the girls talk about how good your gameplay is (of course in a very sexual way.) This is a surprisingly good yuri porn game no one ever talks about (probably because everyone who read it read it 10 years ago. I know I had forgotten all about it until I saw it in my old notebook recently.) Please try it out.
  16. Kaguya

    Gacha hell

    How to put it. I am very very sorry. I happened to be playing granblue fantasy for 2 months straight with absolutely no time to login. Teehee? ごめんなさい I'm back now, hopefully with a real blog post for my 2.69% female readership soon. Meanwhile:
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