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  1. My Complicated Feelings Towards VNs

    Amen! Poor translation quality has also been my pet peeve for VNs next to eroge censorship. Learning Japanese to circumvent this has been one of my primary goals.
  2. My Complicated Feelings Towards VNs

    I'm in a state right now where my feelings towards VNs in-general have become complicated. Originally, I thought I didn't care for the medium, as I'm more of an active gamer and a manga reader than a VN enthusiast. However, very recently, I've realized that this wasn't the case. Turns out that I did enjoyed VNs in the past. Back in 2016, I've read Grisaia no Kajitsu (my first ever VN), and I was blown away by the presentation and the characters. I would become invested in Grisaia for hours, trying to finish each girl's routes. So then, if I did enjoyed reading VNs so much, then why did I say I don't care for VNs at all? Well, the answer lies with Steam. Yes, that! Since I was new to the medium, I was not entirely aware about their censorship policies regarding eroge content. The reviews I've read about Grisaia on Steam sent me early red flags about it, how many people were disappointed about the fact that all the H-scenes were cut for the Steam release and how the VN was re-written to accommodate for this. Since I was put off from this myself, I've made the most logical decision to get around this: install Imouto Works' 18+ patch. Back then, I did not even consider it a form a piracy, so I've continued to read the uncut VN on Steam with the patch for several months. That is until October 2016, when news about Dovac's drama over the patch became widespread in the VN community. Sekai Project cracked down on the patch hard, labeling it a form of piracy. And in doing so, they've updated Grisaia on Steam to no longer be compatable with the patch installed, meaning I have lost all of my progress in the VN. I was rightfully pissed off about it, and since I'm too poor to afford getting Grisaia off Denpasoft, I was left with a hollow, empty feeling of not being able to finish the VN. To this day, only four out of the five girl's routes have been completed, with Sachi's route left unfinished. I wish Grisaia was just a one-off occurrence when it came to Steam censorship. It wasn't. After that, I've tried out If My Heart Had Wings, and learned first hand how butchered the Steam version of the VN is. Numerous translation issues, cut H content, as well as the total restructuring of the VN itself to remove any reference to sexuality. Moenovel's logic behind it to pander to "12-year old girls" was absurd, and bordering on 4Kids levels of censorship to boot. Reading IMHHW on Steam felt like an insult, so I dropped it as soon as I could. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was Chrono Clock. Some localization issues aside (DD's dialogue especially), I was actually enjoying this VN for its quirky but heartwarming premise. That is until I got a rude awakening when I finished one of the girl's routes. I've heard that the after stories for each route, which contained the H-scenes, have been cut from the Steam version entirely. And since the after stories are the conclusions to each route, that meant that a third of the VN was cut to meet Steam guidelines. It felt like I was reading an incomplete VN, and this did not sit well for me. The fact that the VN was licensed by Sekai Project didn't help matters either, and only further supplemented just how shitty they are. By that point, when I tried to read Steins;Gate shortly afterwards, I didn't have the drive to even continue it, and dropped it despite hearing great things about it. I just stopped caring for VNs altogether. Since then, I've went back to just playing games and reading manga. Steam's censorship really ruined my experience with VNs, and too this day, I still have lingering feelings about not being able to finish Grisaia, IMHHW, and Chrono Clock. The fact that I still cared a very tiny bit about it brings hope that I may still be able to enjoy VNs in the future. However, from this point on, I'm not trusting VNs on Steam period. The next time I read a VN, it'll either be from Mangagamer, JAST, etc., or be the original Japanese version, since I'll be studying Japanese very soon.
  3. My Discord is Down

    Didn't work. For now, I'll stick with the web version until the issue with my desktop version hopefully fixes itself.
  4. My Discord is Down

    A display issue. I'm only seeing a black screen.
  5. Imouto Works' 18+ patch for Grisaia was taken down by Sekai Project two years ago. It's no longer being distributed due to being illegal, and even if you somehow manage to get the patch, SP updated Grisaia to no longer be compatible with it, rendering the patch useless.
  6. My Discord is Down

    This is a notification to all members of Fuwa who are affiliated with The Procrastinators Discord group. I'm experiencing a problem with my Discord right now so I'm unable to log on. I don't know what's going on with my Discord, but I tried reinstalling it hoping to fix the issue, and it didn't work. Let me know if you're also experiencing this problem, and if so, give me some solutions if possible. ~EastCoastDrifter
  7. Need help with Fureraba 18+ patch installation.

    Alright, I've copied the files successfully. Now I just need to read through the VN to confirm the h-content has been restored. Thanks.
  8. Ok, so I've downloaded the patch files for Fureraba on Steam from Nekonyan, and unfortunately, I have to install them manually. Does anyone know which directory to put the patch files in? I would like some help please, so I don't mess up and render the VN unplayable as a result.
  9. What makes the perfect waifu?

    I guess in a way, waifus are like imaginary friends you would dream up as a kid. The only differences being that waifus/husbandos are more of a teen and adult fantasy, and that they're already pre-existing characters rather than figments of the imagination (unless you draw original characters that is). Believe it or not, I actually don't have a waifu. I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse.
  10. John Bain AKA Total Biscuit has passed.

    It's sad to see one of the gaming community's biggest reviewers go. Even though I didn't know him, I was aware that he had a very big presence online, so may his soul rest in peace.
  11. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Playing Tokyo Xanada eX+ on the PS4. It's a surprisingly good action RPG with 3D platformer elements.
  12. Ah yes, the "VNs are not games" argument. You'll only find those around VN community pages, but go beyond that to other game communities, and you'll find a much worse environment than even that. In many Team Fortress 2 communities, I find a lot of users who are strongly anti-anime, and will go to great lengths to harass anime fans with outright slander in order to discourage them from ever watching anime or reading manga, LNs, and VNs ever again. It's a very toxic environment. I've also seen a couple of anime-related game pages come under attack by these same users. I remember when the Rosenkreuzstilette game was finally released in English on Steam a year ago, and it received massive backlash for simply being a Mega Man clone with moe anime girls. The backlash was incredibly stupid to the point that it ended up just falling flat on its face.
  13. I'm not surprised. I've been with the Steam community for a long time, and most users there are really against anything anime-related, and that includes VNs.
  14. Mangagamer to bring their visual novels to GOG

    Well good on them. If they want to get away from Steam's draconian rules, then I have no complaints. Just as long gog itself is reasonable with VNs.
  15. Sigh... The more I read news about this, the more I feel the entire western world is coming together to take a stand against anime for some reason. And given how hypocritical some western publishers and developers can be (sexual nudity in certain western-made games are ok, but anime-based games from Japan are not), I can't even tell where they draw the line anymore.