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  1. Mashiro Iro Symphony laggy

    I recommend getting a better computer with more advanced GPU. If your current computer has aged poorly or has signs of wear-and-tear, your components will be affected, which in turn affects the overall performance of the VN.
  2. Partnership, anyone?

    Are there any links to your project? It's important to let your viewers know what exactly you're creating if you hope to make a partnership.
  3. VN Geography Map Revamped

    I'm transferring the project back to my main account. Got it!
  4. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    Is there actual evidence for this? If there is, please link the source. Otherwise, it's just a baseless accusation. But yeah, Sony is definitely going too far with this. It is just borderline absurd, and it makes even their primary competitor Nintendo seem tame by comparison.