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  1. So this was a while ago and I can only remember the second chapter or whatever. There is this beast and he just never leaves the house and he has a maid that helps him do things around. Sometimes a traveler would come by and I think he tries to act more like human. While writing this I think I just remembered the first part. A rich guy likes a maid in the house I think she has Ashen hair but he doesn't know her story I think she leaves in the end of that first chapter I don't really know how those two are in the same VN but I never finished it and I really want to
  2. Yeah I kinda tried it myself 3D Paint, food stuff...
  3. Thank you, I will definitely check this out.
  4. Thanks, I will look into Bad End. I never read a "So bad it's good" VN but I watched a lot of movies like that and I love it so I will definitely look into it, Ty.
  5. Ye, Higurashi can get a little boring at times but overall I liked it very much. As for Umineko, I really REALLY liked the anime, but everybody says that VN is 500 times better so I am going for it after I read Lynne and Soundless that Plk_lesiak has recommended.
  6. Ty for replying. It is not that I hate gore, obviously you can put some gore in horror and it will be fine, I just don't like (and this has happened on other forums) when I ask for a horror game and everybody just shoots up the goriest game they can find, and at the start they are enjoyable but after some time it just gets boring. I have already played Corpse party, but have you maybe tried Umineko no naku koro ni ?
  7. Thank you for recommending. I haven't read Lynne and Soundless from all these VN's you recommended so I will move on to them right away Ty. I have read a lot from H.P. Lovecraft and I loved it, but ty anyway for recommending that
  8. No matter if it is short or long/ Sad or Happy at the end/ Male or female Protagonist... I just want it to be really scary. ( Yeah the only thing I do not count as scary is Gore, to me Gore is not scary it is just human parts everywhere.) When I say scary I mean the story to be Dark and atmosphere should make you feel like somebody is watching and things like that.
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