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  1. In terms of pure immersion, I definitely have to say good old fashioned novels. This means a lot coming from a guy who doesn't read much. I consume visual mediums as entertainment more often than books because of faster speeds and lack of brain power usage.
  2. I believe that, as a parent, my first priority would be saving the child that I care about. I'm sure my spouse would want me to do that as well, so at least I know she'd also be satisfied with my decision.
  3. You have interesting taste in waifus. ;)

  4. Happy 4th! The feeling I had during the celebrations was amazing! why thank you lmao
  5. Right now, I'm actively following One Piece and Nisekoi: (2nd season). I recently watched the first episode of Blast of Tempest, but I might drop it if it doesn't catch my interest soon. If that happens, it'll most likely be replaced with the Ah! My Goddess series (which I have no idea in which order to watch).
  6. Are there any plans to add them in the future? :3 Also, another suggestion: Tagging users with the @ symbol.
  7. Thanks for making this. But, does the forum not have inline spoilers?
  8. I used a username generator because of my lack of username creativity. Mo - from my real name Fried - I like fried foods
  9. I live in Texas (AKA Murrica). My city is big and boring, but at least we have good burgers. B)
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! hehe Sorry if my post came out the wrong way. lol But what can I say, Onodera has always brought many people with good better taste together. (Yes, I just went there.) And it's great to know that the love for Monogatari (and Nisekoi) exists even here. I hope to see you around, Forum Faggot. They may never happen, but we can still hope, right?
  11. Hello Fuwanovel community! I recently joined this forum because I've taken an interest in visual novels and would like to be part of a community with which I can discuss and discover even more visual novels. I'm still almost brand new to the medium, but I've already started on a few, namely Katawa Shoujo. About me: I'm just a regular college student majoring in Computer Science. I enjoy watching anime, playing video games, and..... posting on forums. I discovered visual novels one day when I was browsing around the internet (I don't remember what for), and I came across a thread
  12. How can I receive the activation email?

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    2. MoFried


      I've actually already tried making another account and switching this one's email address twice.

      As for Tay, he appears to be offline right now, so I'd have to wait until tomorrow that way.

      Well, thank you anyway. :)

    3. Nayleen


      Activated your account.

    4. MoFried


      Thank you very much! :)

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