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  1. Everything made by Key has had an incredible soundtrack, and I think they are some of the best in the medium. I'm also a huge fan of the Euphoria soundtrack, and another one of my favorites is the IMHHW soundtrack. I'd say my all time favorite is Clannad though. I associate so many emotional moments with those tracks, and it's one of my favorite soundtracks ever across any medium. It's not Hans Zimmer, but it's still fantastic.
  2. I personally don't like having voices when reading VNs, however in Utawarerumono, there is not a slider to turn up or down the volume of the voices. Does anyone know the name of the file where the voices are stored so I can delete it?
  3. Ok.... utawarerumono looks epic. I shall definitely be giving that a shot.
  4. Yeah I’ve been meaning to get around to that one, seems like a better time than ever
  5. Yeah I’ve been enjoying it so far; eve: burst error looks really good to me actually
  6. I haven’t read a visual novel in about 6 months, and that’s mainly because recently, I’ve found them to feel quite sameish and boring. I believe I’ve been reading too many visual novels about Japanese high school. So, if you would be so kind, could you please recommend some really good visual novels that aren’t based around the character going to high school, and have have an English patch/release? Thanks.
  7. Read Clannad for the 3rd time this year. It's not perfect, but it's still my absolute favorite visual novel and story pretty much ever.
  8. Jesus, only 35% of Rewrite done? They've had that for ages.
  9. I use to only buy "real games", but then I discovered VNs 3 years ago and haven't bought a "real" game since.
  10. Cheers for this mate, wish I could help, I would if I could.
  11. I think that this release is a disaster, however I am willing to wait it out. As many people have stated, we paid for an 18+ version. The missing voiced lines thing is also a major issue. It certainly does not affect me, as I tend to turn voices off, but it still shows a lack of quality control.
  12. I am fucking pissed. I payed for the fully uncensored game. Fuck SP.
  13. True yeah might just get it today while its down to 16 dollars
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