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  1. dork

    1. Elysion


      still a dork, you misunderstood 9 times! 

      i'll stop counting & bugging you through here from now on but i figured was a good number for obvious reasons. silly dummy

  2. Thank you, I'll try to! No worries, feel free to come hang out anytime~
  3. That's.. probably enough proof, anyway I don't think that matters, I just stream games for others to have better days but it's unrelated. It just happened, I don't really have an explanation for it. It's still surreal to me and doesn't really feel deserved, anyway, thank you for welcoming me! I'm still pretty quiet/mute in general when I do broadcasts, I can be comfortable with interacting but in general it's just scary, people are too unpredictable. domo yorosiku Thank you!! Have a nice day Recommend me all the VNs! I've read a ton though but I'll alw
  4. ..what do you mean my real name?! how scary.. Thank you!
  5. I don't know if this counts as anime, but this is one of my old favorites, if I ever need a pick me up or nostalgia trip. otherwise I'm a pretty big fan of Etsuko Yakushimaru, soft voices are cozy
  6. osu! was a part of my life for 9 years or so. It can be a very comfy game to come back to, I'm glad to see some people here enjoy it. Don't forget to rest your eyes, the strain is very real!
  7. Thank you, I'll cheer you all on from the shadows. I'd hope so, I'm pretty isolated in general but I miss comfy forum talks sometimes.
  8. I'm new here um I probably won't be very talkative however I will be lurking a lot!! I'm really quiet. Games are my lifeline & anime/VNs keep me alive. I hope you understand, thank you for your time. I love Mare from Hoshimemo and cute socks/sweets. That's basically it! Have a nice day~
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