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  1. Heroines that call you Papa

    Or maybe anything that takes on a DDLG/fatherly protect vibe in general. I don't mean that the MC is the heroine's biological or adoptive father, but I wouldn't be opposed to that either. Perhaps some big brother vibes are similar and I'd appreciate whatever suggestions to think about. Examples of what I mean and the only two times someone calls MC Papa that I know of: Grisaia's Makina Da Capo's Sakura Thank you
  2. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    One of my fav VNs, I'll curious who you'll pick first and who you'll like the most. For me, Hachi's route was the first pick, no brainer; I love AI/Servant heroines. All my compatriots that played the game went Hibiki first. Makes sense; she's the most strongly advertised in the common route.
  3. What Anime are you watching now?

    I almost never watch anime, but recently loved Goblin Slayer (Priestess <3) and now somehow got sucked into Nakaimo. I feel like a trash weeb for enjoying it so much, but I was definitely in the mood for "jealous imoutos".
  4. Insecure heroine

    Face > Pillow Even if they did communicate ugliness via face, they would probably still have anime-perfect skin and bodies. I would hope it wouldn't take a God-like intervention for an ugly person to be loved. That said, I've love to see it. It's really amusing to see a cast respond to an unusual choice by the protag (if he chooses a loli, or those scenes in Grisaia) I'd love to choose the ugly heroine with the good personality and see it reflected in dialogue in the rest of the game. Probably not going to happen. We have other types of pity-choices already, and there's no reason to make anyone in an anime/vn world anything less than beautiful (unless it's representing otaku-type people/the reader, apparently.)
  5. Insecure heroine

    If only they were actually ugly. That would be super interesting.
  6. VNs with good fan-hype content?

    My inner hipster tries to rebel and avoid things that are really popular. But I've learned my lesson...they're almost always overly popular for a reason. Now I just want to get carried away in the hype.
  7. Not sure what to call this (memes?). I love when a work has a large following of quality fan created content that really gives you some aftercare after finishing the game. My prime example is stuff like this video for DDLC: It increases my enjoyment of that game because this exists, and I can always go back and listen to it to feel some of those feels I felt the first time I played the game, again. Another example would be Undertale; not a VN, but a game with tons and tons of awesome fan created content that helps you get some closure after playing it and you can use to just celebrate the existence of the game in general. I'm sure plenty of anime have lots of content like this since they're seen and enjoyed by more people than VNs in general. Are there any VNs that come to mind that have the right kind of popularity to inspire people to create lots of enjoyable content? I'm currently reading through the Fate series and I have a feeling that's gonna be one, but of course I don't dare google it ahead of time for real of spoilers. Thank you ~
  8. 4th Wall Breaking VNs?

    I enjoyed the heck out of Eiyuu Senki, one of my fav "VNs" ever right now, with its 75+ girl happy harem. Little Witch Romanesque and Evenicle were also pretty great to me. I shan't be turned off from a VN because of game elements, no sir.
  9. 4th Wall Breaking VNs?

    You're right and I was thinking that this entire time. The fact that 4th wall breaking occurs IS a spoiler, probably almost always, in the games where it plays a large part. But since I'm asking for games with 4th wall breaking, it's impossible for me to avoid that being spoiled in this case. So please feel free to just list game names without giving further information. At least I won't know when or how the 4th wall breaking will occur.
  10. 4th Wall Breaking VNs?

    It didn't occur to me that the 4th wall breaking might be extremely minor. Good that you clarified! I guess I'm looking for something a little larger scale than giving game playing instructions.
  11. 4th Wall Breaking VNs?

    Could you help me out by listing any fourth wall breaking vns? To avoid spoilers, there's no need to say any details beyond the name of the VN. Although, if you said "This game is good and worth it" or "The 4th wall breaking stuff is enjoyable but the rest of the game is meh" those kinds of vague non-spoilery comments are welcomed and help the selection process. It would also be helpful if you would mention if the game you're listing is untranslated into English. I'll start us off with the 4th wall breaking games that come to mind: DDLC, Ever17
  12. Visual Novels with a harem ending

    Hm, I never thought of the cats in nekopara as "underaged". Maybe I just thought of them as short because they're cat people. I suppose Chocola (and maybe Vanilla) are childlike, and the rest are teenagery. I definitely get the Wife + Daughter vibe from the game, though, and it's such a cozy, wonderful thing.
  13. Visual Novels with a harem ending

    Eiyuu Senki gives you a happy 75+ girl harem. It's more than half a strat rpg though.
  14. Where can I watch updates for your progress for Eiyuu Gold?
  15. Craving a good tsundere

    Aiess from Majikoi A2 is legendary. It's perfectly ok to skip the entire 75 hour series and go straight to her route.