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  1. Pick My Next VN

    I'm trying to knock out this list, although I'm also going on plenty of tangents. Do you think The House In Fate Morgana shoulda been on it and is one of the best all around must plays?
  2. Is shiny days worth playing if I enjoyed school days? I thought school days was raw and gritty and awesome with realistic skanky and obsessive characters. However, the navigation was hella tedius. Flowchart or not, it was incredibly difficult to do everything because of that retarded green/red bar system. Is shiny days any easier to navigate?
  3. Robo Waifus?

    Aw shoot I'm not sure how to tell. Regardless, I'm not going to replay the game again ever probably because I did actually enjoy and finish it already. I may always be a little scarred, however, at just how cringey the MC was during the hentai scenes with the more dominant heroines. But I will also always be a little happier because of how flippin' cute it was to walk around with a proud twin on each hand to that bouncy awesome soundtrack.
  4. Pick My Next VN

    So, I kinda noped out of Kanon, Da Capo 1, and Kana little sister because they just felt so old and slow. It's hard for me to get into them after playing something as gloriously beautiful as the Grisaia series or as intensely engaging as Little Busters and MLA. Guilt at not giving them a chance may eventually make me finish them, but after some people commented that "nah, they're really just that old so don't worry about it", I feel better about leaving them stalled and moving on to newer things. I did at least start up Ever17 and SteinsGate to see what they were like but then I got pretty worried at how old they looked. They seem to be one of the favoritist of everyone, though. Are they, unlike those previous others, the kind that simply always worth it to push through despite the original turn-off at the aged appearance? I don't want to be a graphics snob or something; I mostly just want to spend my time effectively.
  5. Pick My Next VN

    Thanks for spending the extra effort and looking at my list. Yeah stalled means I more or less gave up on it. I had just played Hoshimemo and was wow'd. Going from that to Da Capo 2 made me feel kinda let down - they're so comparable as far as scope and setting, and Hoshimemo is just flatly superior in every way. I think that's why I got bored of Da Capo 2; it just made me want to replay Hoshimemo. I'm gonna power through it and finish it though because it's really not a bad game and I do really enjoy at least one part of every route, I just needed a break. Every other stalled game I'm making no guarantees I'll ever finish it. I'm kinda hoping Da Capo 3 will grab me more, but I definitely should throw a different kind of VN in the mix first so I don't get bored again for the same reason. Maybe there's actually a single good soundtrack in Da Capo 3 so I might actually be able to cry like I'm supposed to.
  6. Pick My Next VN

    Tease me more. I've got some hella conflicted feelings thanks to Nekopara. The relationship between master and cat girl is the most perfect relationship possible, and I kinda hate myself for feeling that way.
  7. Robo Waifus?

    "The funniest VN I've ever read" eh. Funnier than CLANNAD? That's incredibly tempting. I played If My Heart Had Wings. I was equally impressed and horrified. Some of the translation was soooo baadddd and the dialogue during some of the sex scenes was sooo badddd, but...it was a beautiful and inspiring plot with enjoyable characters and a couple amazing sound tracks. Wheelchair girl route and twin route alone make that game hella worth it. Loved it, loved it!
  8. Pick My Next VN

    I'm not giving any criteria (But feel free to look at the VNs I've played via the VNDB link to the left). I just happened to have already downloaded these bad boys and I intend on playing them all eventually. I just want a little push of randomness to help me pick the next one! Feel free to make a comment about why I should or should not pick a specific one or play them in a specific order - or don't. Doesn't matter.
  9. Robo Waifus?

    I feel like I just got super philosophical for what was essentially an advertisement for a cat girl maid cafe. I gotta say I'm a sucker for super happy endings. Nekopara must be a "Moege", right? My first experience in the genre. There was one almost dramatic scene and that was it. That and lots of far better than average sex scenes. It was nice to see anatomy drawn in a way I enjoyed after cringing at Da Capo 2's bizarre bodies. I suppose I have no complaints because I had no expectations. It was like skipping straight to the reward part of a nukige. It wasn't deep, but it was kinda refreshing in a similar way that the end of MLA was.
  10. Robo Waifus?

    Holy cow. Nekopara is Horrifying. I feel like if I play enough of this series I will cease to view women as anything other than children, playthings, cute dolls to be dressed up and smile for me, worship me, and never have any needs or desires that conflict with my own, and always remain inferior to me intellectually, needing my fatherly control and guidance. They only exist to fill the role I bought them for, whether it be free labor, fun, or as a lover. There's a lot of cultures in the world that see women in exactly this way, aren't there? The final blow is when they dressed up in pastel-goth. Unf. Goodbye, reality. (For real though this is awesome)
  11. Robo Waifus?

    Got Nekopara 1. 30 minutes in. Holy crap this is precious <3. Demihumans are the best. Also whoa at the slave race boner. Also also I don't see how human society could continue to function. What need would you have of normal human relationships when you could have these catgirls. This world fascinates me.
  12. Da Capo Play Order?

    I actually got bored of Da Capo 2 after doing about 5/7th of it. The whole time I was playing it I kept thinking about how much better Hoshimemo was. I think there were happy moments that made me smile in every route, but... The grand overall story was lacking, I never cried, and worst of all the music was highly disappointing. I just finished Hoshimemo which feels like a game with almost the exact same scope so it's worth comparing; Hoshimemo had a more mysterious backstory that you couldn't as easily guess and had to piece together yourself, and there were a couple sound tracks that were absolute tear jerkers and goosebump inducing. Da Capo 2 just didn't have those things. Not to mention plot navigation in Da Capo quickly became painfully tedius. Part of the problem, perhaps, was that the only character I really loved was robot girl.
  13. Robo Waifus?

    Thank you for another useful list! I only just now realized that people have been posting "character pages". This explains my confusion from earlier in not seeing something saying there's an english translation below the description.
  14. Clingy/Jealous heroines

    I was skipping Da Capo and going straight to Da Capo 2 because it seemed kinda old and slow. If I wanted to see the maximum Nemu jealousy, is it contained to one or two routes? Or is it evenly spread among the other heroine's routes? If it's mostly in one route, I'd go play it just for that.
  15. Clingy/Jealous heroines

    Thank you OP. This is my guilty pleasure as well and now you've saved me the same of having to make a post about it.