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  1. Yandere

    I like the obsessive, loyal, jealous part of a yandere and don't really need the murdery bit. I've found enjoyment in related things such as loyal warrior woman type heroines (Meiya from MLA, Ramius from Evenicle) and jealousy or at least reactions among other heroines once you're on a specific heroines route (Grisaia and its KKK scenes, brocon imoutos by the hundreds). Perhaps if you're not into the murdery bits of yandere we're looking for the same thing and could swap notes. School Days has jealousy, but it's more the soul crushing realistic kind than the cute ego-boosting kind.
  2. What are you drinking?

    My beer is free, so I have little choice. That said I find after drinking one thing over and over I get used to it. I used to like corona. Now corona doesn't taste as good, but coors light tastes fine since I've drank it every day for months.
  3. What are you drinking?

    It can't be a coincidence that i post for the first time in forever then my thread gets a hit. Musta seen my comment and followed my profile. You sound so sophisticated that you're making my coors light taste worse. Well, it tastes like water, anyway.
  4. DDLC Spoilers ^. I came to the tread looking for a troll who would suggest DDLC as a good read for someone trying to get over depression. Was disappointed.
  5. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Religion, politics, lolis. When will people learn that these topics are unproductive to debate? I was interested in the original topic but frustrated to see it derail.
  6. Yandere

    ...Why is noone mentioning School Days? Isn't that the usual automatic suggestion, the poster child of English-translated Yandere? The gore is minimal, as well. Perhaps it's because not everyone likes that game. I personally love it, despite being frustrated at the design. I spent a while in a Yandere phase. The only good Yanderes game I found and managed to actually personally play were in School Days and Cross Channel, neither of which have extremely explicit gore. School Days is easier to get into and the Yandere(s) are main characters; Cross Channel might have the most awesome and wonderful Yandere but she only plays a relatively small part of a game that's focused on much different things. Don't play the game literally titled "Yandere". It is the worst VN I have ever made the mistake to play; It's so bad it'll make you like Yanderes less.
  7. VNs with other couples?

    It's probably not very common as you say, but I definitely enjoy when I can tie in something from a VN to a real life experience. I feel like it helps me enjoy both the VN and the real life memories more when I can tie them together like that.
  8. VNs with other couples?

    We've got plenty of games where MC is a romance singularity. I'd love for more realistic scenarios like that you mentioned above to exist. Fail to date someone due to reasons, then watch them hook up seemingly without complication with a friend? That's real life for you. Obviously it wouldn't be for everyone, but variety would be nice. So far the most weirdly realistic VN for me relationship-wise was School Days (even if obviously there's still plenty of unrealistic parts).
  9. I Need Visual Novels To Read

    I should have given the full Muv Luv disclaimer/explanation. When you download Muv Luv, you get a game with two games inside it. Muy Luv Extra and Muv Luv Unlimited. They're both 7/10's you have to play through to get to the 10/10 that is Muv Luv Alternative (which is the sequel, a separate game). They may not seem like it at first but you HAVE to play Extra and Unlimited because they set up Muv Luv Alternative. You only have to play 2 routes in Extra and 1 route in Unlimited and can safely ignore the rest (side routes). You may start off thinking "I'll just play the whole game why not" but after you play 2 or 3 routes you'll start to see why they're kinda repetitive and maybe not worth your time. The routes you have to play at a minimum: Extra: Sumika, Meiya Unlimited: Meiya Alternative: There are no routes, just enjoy Also, some of the after content of MLA is phenomenal. Specifically "The Day After" series...potentially better than the actual game itself.
  10. VNs with other couples?

    Wow great answers, thanks guys. All the VNs i somehow manages not to play yet I see. Well, let's fix that. If I can ever stop playing the newly improved Cultist Simulator.
  11. I Need Visual Novels To Read

    Muv Luv Alternate is a long and amazing sci fi VN that focuses on dystopian alien war horror instead of dating/hentai. You have to go through the mediocre prequel Muv Luv Extra first, though, which does have mediocre h scenes (just hold left control). Of the 40 or so VNs I've read MLA is probably still my #1. The music is just too good. If you like Steins Gate give it a try, there's a similar sci fi thriller appeal, only more mechas and war instead of time travel.
  12. VNs with other couples?

    Just curious, not really looking for a recommendation, but it didn't feel right to post an outright question like this in the normal VN discussion forum. Are there any VNs with preestablished couples, or couples that don't involve the MC and form over the course of the game? All that comes to mind for preestablished couples is Saya No Uta (not really a dating sim though) and for establishing over the course of the game is School Days (this game breaks convention in tons of ways already).
  13. Should I read School Days?

    There's only one good person and that's why she stars in the sequel!