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  1. Should I read School Days?

    There's only one good person and that's why she stars in the sequel!
  2. Should I read School Days?

    I love the game and i'll be happy to follow your playthrough results. I'll follow this thread in case you post them here. If you get stuck or don't understand the atrocious navigation format feel free to ask me for advice.
  3. Should I read School Days?

    I bet you wanted the bad stuff this whole time... Post how your first playthrough goes!
  4. Should I read School Days?

    You can't avoid or get around the bad stuff. The regular romance content isn't even good or interesting. It's a game designed around cheating, rape, suicide, pushing sad pregnant girls in front of trains, etc. If that doesn't appeal to you, I suggest you go play something else!
  5. Should I read School Days?

    1. Should I play School Days or Shiny Days first? --They're separate timelines/alternate scenarios with many of the same characters. You could definitely play shiny days first if you really wanted (Cause you really just want the lolis/moms). But you'd enjoy it a lot more having played School Days first, probably. I would suggest playing School Days first. 2. Is there any NTR/Protag getting cheated on? If there is, in how many routes does this happen? --The game has many endings, but the routes are very interchangeable/reused. It's quite a complicated flowchart. The odds of you running into NTR are extremely high - if not because they make a large percentage of the routes, than definitely because the way the game is structured, you will run into those scenes over and over near the beginning/middle-ish of many, perhaps most of your playthroughs. --It's technically NTR because a love interest is having consensual sex with/raped by another male character. But in every situation it's when the MC doesn't want/care about that heroine, so it might not fit your definition of "being cheated on". 3. I know there is a part where Taisuke ends up raping Kotonoha. Is them actually having sex shown? Is this something that happens in bad ends only? --There are multiple scenes of Sawanaga Taisuke raping Kotonoha in multiple situations. It's brutal and explicitly shown. Even hurts MY feelings a little. 4. I tend to avoid H-scenes that include a guy other than the MC. Does Taisuke (or any other guy that isn't the protag) end up having sex (or implied) with any other heroines? I also remember seeing a scene where Kotonoha and Taisuke are having sex and Makoto and some other girl are watching. In how many routes does this happen? --Like I said in answer #2, while it only may make up a small percentage of total routes, the way the game is designed you may run into this scenario very often. And again, yes, it's explicitly shown in several scenes with several heroines, and implicitly implied many other times. 5. Overall, did you enjoy School Days? In your opinion, should I read this VN? --I enjoyed the hell out of it. You shouldn't read it, it's terrible. A hellishly buggy game of hateable characters with atrociously tedious branch navigation. --I still enjoyed the hell out of it because there isn't a VN with this kind of gritty teenage drama horror. It's hella unique. Murder, jealousy, pregnancy, lust, poor, poor decisions. A lot of it I found gruesomely realistic. It's a case study for why teenagers should be chaperoned at all times. It's the cheating simulator and it's a special hell.
  6. Not every man on the planet watches porn. But yes I'd say it's cheating, in a way. But it wouldn't be an issue if it's something you're open about and everybody's consenting. It's when you do something behind someone's back that you create bad feelings.
  7. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    The protagonist is very much like Kashou from Nekopara, except a bit more innocent/emotionally stunted. In fact, Maitetsu feels a lot like Nekopara all around. Aesthetically beautiful, porn focused, very cheap feels, overly emotional, but fantastic sex scenes. But all around I'd say it's a straight upgrade on Nekopara in every possible way, except perhaps that Nekopara has its own unique charm. Cat girls versus lolis, basically. minor spoiler about the grand route:
  8. You're draining away energy that should be going towards the wife. It's cheating on her, one way or the other. Then again, if relationships could feasibly last more than a couple years in real life, than it wouldn't be the case that this sort of thing always happens. So whatever. Regardless, you shouldn't be hiding anything from your partner, ever. That's like the biggest no-no. You will be much, much happier once you've come clean with absolutely everything in your life to your partner. You know you want to, that's why you made this thread. Just confess it all and get it off your mind. You'll become closer because of it. If you don't, and you get caught and appear to be hiding something, you'll instead become much more distant unless you happen to get quite lucky and it leads to forgiveness and mutual understanding even under those circumstances.
  9. Maitetsu - any after content?

    You've solved the mystery for me, thank you. So they were new characters indeed but made only for the iphone app. From other people's comments, it sounds like there may very well be extra content now or in the future, but it's definitely not available/translated as of this moment. Ah well. I can't say Maitetsu wasn't complete enough as is. For a visually appealing porny moege with loli characters, surely Maitetsu is king. It's still gonna take me a month to fap my way through the 90 or so 15 minute long h-scenes. So much work to do, so little time.
  10. VN with a cheating route.

    I second School Days. I vote against Yandere. That game was so bad that it actually made me like Yanderes less.
  11. I swore I saw some alternate train lolis in images from japanese cellphone apps. But I cannot see any aftercontent or fandiscs anywhere.
  12. Those are old guy heads! I was SURE it was eggs coming out of her or something.