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  1. Welcome and good luck with your project, I can't wait to see it!
  2. Chaos;Child is great for mystery!! Mc is not very strong but as a muder mystery it was so good.
  3. Just finished Gris and I recommend it to everyone!! It's short, relaxing and most importantly aesthetically pleasing! as someone who is a noob at platform games, except a few parts even I played it easily.
  4. Honestly, I hate it so much when the romance interest/partner in the route suddenly start to treat mc bad and it turns out they were deceiving them for their plan. They didn't tell mc about the plan because they thought mc couldn't keep a secret *rolling eyes* What's worse is, my favorites tend to turn out like this and it makes me instantly dislike them
  5. I love sciadv opening songs a lot especially steins;gate!! i'd choose chaos;child's visuals though, it makes me feel so emotional
  6. Ruvik


    Yes, we might be confusing it because of Hinata's assertiveness. And I've never noticed that but it actually makes sense. Danganronpa 2 Spoilers!!
  7. Ruvik


    Ahh, it's been a while since I've read dangan ronpa 1 but I'm going to say Hinata. While I think they are both very smart, Hinata's usually more suspicious about everyone and unlike Naegi he's not too optimistic. Naegi's too soft nature feels unrealistic and make him seem easy to deceive in my opinion.
  8. Heyy! You can call me Ruvik or Ru, I love vns a little too much lol. She/her pronouns. I especially love Dangan Ronpa, Zero Escape and Ace Attorney series! It's not that I care much about gameplay though. I could try any vn if I find the story interesting. I also love Otomes a lot. (Btw I'm super into mbti too if you want to type characters I'm all about it heheh) I hope to get along with everyone, nice to meet you all!!
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