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VN reading club - June 2015 (Yume Miru Kusuri)

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So, the May month, managed by my friend kosakifg (  :makina: ) was a huge success, and even if a shity VN won against an extremely good one (lol) it's time to turn the page and open a new one, and this time, prepare your tissues, because i prepared for you, with the cooperation of my 3 friends (Kyrt, nimbus and KosakiFag) as well as a helpful hand from a not-unknown fuwamember, a quite large choice, and this month's theme is.




For this month, i decided to choose a theme that, i'm sure, will be to everyone's likeness, Romance, Love, such beautiful emotions, the pleasure of being with your choosen one, finding true love or, maybe, simply wanting someone to listen to you, i know that, in everyone's heart, there's a place of Love, maybe you want to wander on a gondola in Venice? Or maybe, you dream of a confession at the top of the Tour Eiffel? who knows, it's up to your tastes, we are not here to judge you, quite the contrary, we are here to share the same emotion : Love.


You'll have to choose between 5 VNs handpicked by our devoted VN club council, each of them will, i'm sure, be at your taste, of course as always, you're free to do as you please, of course, if you don't participate, please don't vote, i don't want vote to be rigged.


As for discussion, it'll be organized as always, after the first week, you can start talking about your first impressions of the VN, using spoiler tags as always, and the final discussions will be at the last week of the month, now, i'm going to present you a new thing for the VN month : At the last week, we are going to run a poll for the best route of the VN you choosed, like that, it may be funnier.


And now, let's go for the VN choice month.


     Yume miru kusuri







D.C. ~Da Capo~



Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa Hirogete. If my heart had wings



Symphonic Rain



From now on, you can start reading this VN, and, after one weeks, discussions concerning your first thoughts will start.

AND now... Batteru Sutaretu!!

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I thought is Stein;Gate this month...... look like i guess wrong =9




unexpected got many people choose Symphonic Rain.....

guess this month ...... maybe.......


I totally forget the content of Symphonic Rain. Quite long time my last read it.......


All I still remember is "Everyday rain","Fairy" & "Piano".


 I should read the vn again ........ soon

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For those interested, I'm in the process of writing an analytical article on Yume Miru Kusuri (in a similar fashion to my Narcissu, and Saya no Uta articles). So if that gets voted, then you can look forward to my spoiler filled analysis afterwards.


Progress on the article has been on hold due to the fact that I have two large research papers to write for school. But I should hopefully be able to have the article finished by late June. (However it probably won't get published until a week or two after I finish it, since I have to revise it and coordinate with Zaka). That said, as much as I love Symphonic Rain my vote is on Yume Miru Kusuri.     

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As I expected, yume miru kusuri will win , I am kinda sad because what I chose after long pondering was not chosen but who knows!

Maybe things will change when I wake up, please do change ;-;



That user must have a shitty naming sense.




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