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  1. Do you want to have a fight with me on this particular thread? Why is there no angry reaction on this forums? You haven't even finished fate/stay night to have the right to talk about it, let alone have the audacity to diss it, you unknowledgeable ignorant person. Nah just trash routes. Like we have shizuru's route in rewrite, shitchiru's route in grisaia no kajitsu, chris's route in majikoi and kanon just made me lost hope in all humanity especially with that art. Can people even read that?
  2. Yes, I have finished 3 whole visual novels, namely Steins;Gate, Fate/stay night and Katawa Shoujo. Sometimes I even surprise myself
  3. 1-Grisaia no Kajitsu 2-Majikoi 3-Rewrite 4-Kanon 5-Kara no Shoujo 6-OsaDai (my gf is the prez) 7-Fate/hollow atarxia 8-Yandere 9-Euphoria 10-Kamidoria 11-ShiniKiss 12-Swan Song Yup, you guessed it. I never finish what I start and stall it forever and ever
  4. I think I have seen this website before but I don't remember my result back then. This is my result now. Actually I expected much more out of myself but then again I haven't been improving my English at all for almost 2 years now. Not to mention that my vocabulary use has become quite questionable recently. Hopefully all of that can just be solved by reading moar
  5. I never really got into visual novels much. I was really into anime back when I was 15 and I watched some key anime and heard that there were "games" for them. Same happened for danganronpa and school days. School days was such a weird experience that I wanted to search for the game itself (plus youtube-chan said it was animated). So I kept googling it but all that came up was websites having moon runes in them (dunno if School Days was translated back then or if I was bad at searching stuff). Then I searched for English visual novels and boom.... Katawa Shoujo came up. So I played the game an
  6. OK so I will have you know that my poor Mahmood actually enjoyed this dish so much when I presented him with it until it resulted in his death due to a certain fuwanovel member whose name I shall not name for now. And this is why no matter how many people trashtalk this dish or say it's a rip off of some European dish or whatever. I will not care and I will always let salsa devour my pasta over and over again so that I personally can devour the dish after that. This dish is the thing that keeps me moving on, it's my purpose to live and see tomorrow. I deserve the compliment though because I k
  7. Despite the popular notion (at least in the area that I live in), I actually don't fancy fast food that much. I haven't really tried much international food. (ok now I will actually talk about a side topic, the word "food" annoys me since I don't know if it's countable or not and I don't know if it's singular or plural). So most of the food that I can consider favorites of mine is oriental. 1-"Mombar" This is basically the intestines of like cows or buffalos and clean them and then stuff them with rice (and some additions and shit but I really don't know the names of most of them in a
  8. So you are trying to own this catchphrase now? Nice try
  9. @MaggieROBOT X @Amethyst X @PapaRabbi X The hope of a better tomorrow
  10. I'm doing this cos I love you fren




  11. Marry: @Zander, he seems like the kind of guy who I would never get bored of talking to. Fuck: @HMN, I am getting your good ending baby. Kill: @Zakamutt, as a revenge for my poor Mahmood.
  12. I think his concern was not to steal your only catchphrase (which I had no knowledge of it being your catchphrase myself so I would rather that you had something to point out that your only catchphrase in your life is "mate") but rather to rhyme "mate" with "hate". However it was a really bad attempt that made me cringe vigorously. Verdict: 0/8, I am utterly disappointed
  13. Ha ha super funny And you still refuse to answer my challenge. Do you think you can just casually use your fever as an excuse? You will atone for your sins sooner or later and I will make sure that happens, whether you like it or not.
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