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  1. So if anyone wants a ton of the Sakura games (might be all of them actually), HuniePop and HunieCam Studio for 10$ then you might want to go to Humble Bundle. https://www.humblebundle.com/hunie-sakura-bundle
  2. Still a bit of a closet weeb so fairly casual:
  3. You can always take a look at this thread: Or if you just want to play on your phone/tablet but will stay on your home wifi network (such as laying in a more comfortable spot) this thread of mine may help as well:
  4. That is actually a good point. Didn't read that it was gonna be made by 5pb. Should be rather good then I hope.
  5. So I was browsing YouTube and happened to stumble onto a guy who fed a recurring neural network (LSTM type) some cute VN girl noises. The girl in question is Hinata from Pure Pure. Needless to say the results are interesting... It's rather interesting to see just what a machine picks up from that, and damn creepy. The amount of iteration on the left signifies how often the network has gone over the 10 minute sample data and is also a good measure of how much it has learned. Also bonus points if you turn on CC and watch a machine try to understand what another machine is trying to say.
  6. Volume six of No Game No Life was indeed amazing, absolutely love that entire series but that certainly was a new height. Currently reading volume 7 as I left off at 6 like a year ago. As for the others: Overlord v1 - 10, amazing, have v1 and 2 in hardcover, rest e-book for now. Spice and Wolf v1 - 2, have ordered physical copies of all of these, just too good. Log Horizon v1 - 7, also really good but not very different from the anime, still worth a read though. Altina the Sword Princess v1 - 4, I love the art and the story is decent as well. Mahouka v1 - 8, tbh I got a bit bored of it after reading eight volumes straight, might get back to it, might not. Re;Zero v1 - 2, will continue this after I catch up on all the rest. Serious question to anyone who has read Sword Art Online, is it worth the read if you've seen the anime? And yes, I quite liked it.
  7. Have you also tried a complete reinstall? If you send some screenshots we may be able to help. Also be sure to look at this thread on installing it.
  8. Cash-grab or not, if it has Rem in it it'll work. The Light Novel is quite good and so was the anime so even if it's a cash-grab it should still have an interesting story. I just hope they don't go the nukige route and focus on sex, sex, sex and sex. I prefer to build a relationship before plugging her up multiple times. Should be interesting either way.
  9. Am I the only one who liked every character except from Mana? Maybe I'm just a casual git but it was a rather enjoyable VN for me. They all had at least some interesting characteristic about them and while the problems didn't always make sense, and I got frustrated by some of the choices the heroines and other characters made, it was still quite .. interesting. It has been like two years since I've read it so my opinion may not be very up-to-date but it was still a memorable experience and certainly a VN I might revisit sometime. Fuck the fandisk to hell though, what a load of f-ing crap. The only thing enjoyable was the extra story, all of the after bits of the main heroines ruined it, and I'm still trying to forget that. Touka was best girl by the way, just so you know.
  10. It's probably a very simple fix, if you know where to find it. But it's also something that should work out of the box... Wish I could help but hey, it's not a huge issue. Best to not waste too much time over it.
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