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  1. I appreciate that after all these years Bats' crusade against Little Busters is still strong. Some things never change.
  2. Was a fun project to work on again. Please make sure to check it out! This also serves as the official notice that the Fan-TL Patch has been taken down as a result of this release.
  3. Dual Phase is always my favorite to recommend to people with... *ahem*... "eclectic" tastes.
  4. My first VN was Yume Miru Kusuri. I found a Peach Princess copy in a thrift store, and the guy selling it was like "Hey man that has sex in it I hope you're okay with that." I thought nothing of it. I installed it on my computer, and I was hooked about thirty minutes in. That was back in 2009. For anybody curious, my second VN was Dual Phase. I, uh... no comment. But I do really like nukige now.
  5. The link above is the best route to approach the SonoHana games. While there are not a ton of things you REALLY have to know (because "Maidens of Michael" does a good job reintroducing the couples—enough to help you understand why they are where they are), I would definitely recommend playing all of the games in the order mentioned in that link. "Maidens of Michael", chronologically speaking, does come before "Remembering How We Met" (which is actually a sequel to the as-of-yet untranslated 15th game "Snow White's Knight", which you'll notice a previous Best Couple is missing (Rena/Runa c
  6. https://twitter.com/JRyechuR/status/931710867665817600 - I enjoyed working on both titles @Nier, just a general note that it's infinitely easier to work on games that are developed by companies a publisher already has connections with than to try to work with a new company. I didn't look too hard, but it doesn't look like ANY of the companies you mentioned have any sort of relationship with any English-language companies, subsidiaries and all. Again, didn't look too hard though. Marigold has been around forever, Bishop/AiCherry have been around literally forever. So has Anim. I have
  7. Sometimes the writers of the game never see the CG until after they've wrote the game, and this can lead to inconsistencies when translated directly (and, since I don't want to start that argument, just know that if people want a literal translation, they will get it, even if it doesn't match what's going on). This happens a number of times in Shadows of Pygmalion, especially when it came to describing (spoiler) These sorts of inconsistencies do occur when the writers and artists aren't working together, and since creative rewrites are often looked down upon, they just remain the
  8. We tossed this idea around for a while, but the problem is that the content and format of these user-submitted reviews was so inconsistent that editing them to at least match the straightforward format we use would have been a nightmare that I would never wish upon anybody. When I asked for reviews/reviewers a couple years ago, I got a bunch of 1-2 sentence "reviews." There were one or two reviews at most that nearly met our requirements, but we ended up scrapping those as well because they still required more information to fulfill our requirements and Tay and I agreed that trying to get thos
  9. I don't run FuwaReviews anymore (That's Palas), but as somebody who used to run it, I can at least shed a little light on what's going on, and explain why I stopped doing reviews in the first place: So, for those who aren't aware, I work for quite a few different companies in the localization industry in various different roles. I won't provide that list here because you can find most/all of them by looking around. Some of these companies I started working for in the past couple years. Before that, I had a ton of connections with a lot of different devs, and I was able to get us signed up f
  10. See if this link helps (it seems a little spoiler-heavy though, heads up): http://chem-is-amani.blogspot.com/2014/11/24-ji-kimi-no-heart-wa-nusumareru-walkthrough.html
  11. If this is with the DLSite version, the patch is presently not compatible. If this is with the disc that you definitely purchased from Japan, be sure to install the game, and do not move the save folder location. If you have reinstalled, you'll need to delete the associated registry entries as well. DirectDraw probably means you need to update your DirectX. Ask Google. And if all else fails, PM me...
  12. It's done! One project down! Hope ya'll enjoy it!
  13. Freakin' Boomer, man. Just ups and disappears on us. I see how it is :P. Welcome back, boo.
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