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  1. Do you want to have a fight with me on this particular thread? Why is there no angry reaction on this forums? You haven't even finished fate/stay night to have the right to talk about it, let alone have the audacity to diss it, you unknowledgeable ignorant person. Nah just trash routes. Like we have shizuru's route in rewrite, shitchiru's route in grisaia no kajitsu, chris's route in majikoi and kanon just made me lost hope in all humanity especially with that art. Can people even read that?
  2. Yes, I have finished 3 whole visual novels, namely Steins;Gate, Fate/stay night and Katawa Shoujo. Sometimes I even surprise myself
  3. 1-Grisaia no Kajitsu 2-Majikoi 3-Rewrite 4-Kanon 5-Kara no Shoujo 6-OsaDai (my gf is the prez) 7-Fate/hollow atarxia 8-Yandere 9-Euphoria 10-Kamidoria 11-ShiniKiss 12-Swan Song Yup, you guessed it. I never finish what I start and stall it forever and ever
  4. I think I have seen this website before but I don't remember my result back then. This is my result now. Actually I expected much more out of myself but then again I haven't been improving my English at all for almost 2 years now. Not to mention that my vocabulary use has become quite questionable recently. Hopefully all of that can just be solved by reading moar
  5. I never really got into visual novels much. I was really into anime back when I was 15 and I watched some key anime and heard that there were "games" for them. Same happened for danganronpa and school days. School days was such a weird experience that I wanted to search for the game itself (plus youtube-chan said it was animated). So I kept googling it but all that came up was websites having moon runes in them (dunno if School Days was translated back then or if I was bad at searching stuff). Then I searched for English visual novels and boom.... Katawa Shoujo came up. So I played the game and after finishing it, I searched for similar English visual novels and this led me to this website, fuwanovel itself (a friend told me about it). I found Danganronpa and started playing it. Since I started playing visual novels after Katawa Shoujo, characters being voiced was such an amazing finding for me. I really liked the concept of visual novels because I had a really bad imagination (still do!) so voiced characters + seeing the expressions of characters + having some kind of an ost playing in the background + still having the novel atmosphere was really a good combination. I then read Steins;Gate and Fate/stay night and didn't manage to finish one whole visual novel since. So I can't really say that I really got into visual novels. As you can see, what I found to be barriers for me to get into visual novels were several things though (those are subjective to me and probably not a lot of people agree with me on them) : 1-Sexual Content: until F/SN, I didn't really have much sexual content (I used to skip h-scenes in katawa shoujo) in my visual novels but the sexual content in F/SN had to do with the story so it was arguably ok. I still didn't feel a need to go into an h-scene from beginning till end. I used to read books from time to time and sex scenes were just implied and not described form beginning till the end in full detail (and ofc didn't have illustrations for all their stages) so it was really annoying for a bit since they were not enjoyable. Additionally in other visual novels, sexual content felt really unnecessary. I still think of most sexual content in the visual novels to be utterly unnecessary because there are nukige after all. It's like ignoring all hentai and doujins and just overly implementing h-scenes in all anime and manga. 2-Idea of routes: despite me liking the idea of being able to choose a route, the inconsistencies in some routes really aggravated me especially in quality. I was never the kind of guy who you can tell "The story gets better ahead so keep reading". This happened with Shizuru's route in rewrite and mitchiru's route in grisaia no kajitsu and they both made me drop their respective visual novels. 3-RomCom moments being way too long: even in games that were not considered moege, the romcom moments were still way too long (e.g. fate/stay night itself). Trust me, I do love RomCom moments but I don't want to spend over 10-20 hours of my reading experience on it. And obviously it gets even worse in games that seem to be dedicated to RomCom but are still long (in terms of hours) like my gf is the president, princess evangile and almost every common route (especially in key visual novels like kanon and rewrite and it kinda continued in the routes to a huge degree). Such moments eventually feel repititive and boring for me, put me off and I stop reading the visual novel for a while until I ultimately lose all interest in the visual novel. 4-Setting of visual novels and being repetitive: Now this is not a problem for me towards visual novels only but it has really irritated me even in anime and manga. After consuming japanese products as my hobby for about 5 years, I am starting to get bored of the same highschool setting with the same generic characters having the same character traits that were introduced in the 80s and 90s and then they were thought to be amazing to just repeat for almost 3 decades. All encounters start to feel so cliché to the point that it's just a meme when they happen. Lack of seriousness and being almost always unrelatable started to become annoying. I guess you could say that not introducing relatable problems might be good since it's a means of escapism but I'd love to see relatable problems from time to time.
  6. OK so I will have you know that my poor Mahmood actually enjoyed this dish so much when I presented him with it until it resulted in his death due to a certain fuwanovel member whose name I shall not name for now. And this is why no matter how many people trashtalk this dish or say it's a rip off of some European dish or whatever. I will not care and I will always let salsa devour my pasta over and over again so that I personally can devour the dish after that. This dish is the thing that keeps me moving on, it's my purpose to live and see tomorrow. I deserve the compliment though because I know I am really good
  7. Despite the popular notion (at least in the area that I live in), I actually don't fancy fast food that much. I haven't really tried much international food. (ok now I will actually talk about a side topic, the word "food" annoys me since I don't know if it's countable or not and I don't know if it's singular or plural). So most of the food that I can consider favorites of mine is oriental. 1-"Mombar" This is basically the intestines of like cows or buffalos and clean them and then stuff them with rice (and some additions and shit but I really don't know the names of most of them in arabic, let alone English). 2-"Mahshi" It's the same strategy of stuffing something with the same kind of rice. The something now is some vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini (I literally had no idea that it was called like this in English), pepper, cabbage and eggplants. It tastes pretty great but as good as the one only "Mombar". 3-"Mulukhiya" This godly plant can be turned into the best sauce ever that can go with everything. Its smell is so glorious especially when it's cooked and it tastes so perfect. I usually like to use it with fried macaroni. By far it's my most favorite food honestly. 4-Just your normal pasta devoured by salsa (tomato sauce) Nothing really to say here. This is something I eat once or twice a week and it's very easy to make too. Occasionally I would add grinded meat (no idea if there's a better word to call it, I sadly only talk about my food in arabic owo) 5-ANY KIND OF GRILLED MEAT OR CHICKENS OR STEAK Nice try at shitposting, you're good
  8. So you are trying to own this catchphrase now? Nice try
  9. @MaggieROBOT X @Amethyst X @PapaRabbi X The hope of a better tomorrow
  10. Marry: @Zander, he seems like the kind of guy who I would never get bored of talking to. Fuck: @HMN, I am getting your good ending baby. Kill: @Zakamutt, as a revenge for my poor Mahmood.
  11. I think his concern was not to steal your only catchphrase (which I had no knowledge of it being your catchphrase myself so I would rather that you had something to point out that your only catchphrase in your life is "mate") but rather to rhyme "mate" with "hate". However it was a really bad attempt that made me cringe vigorously. Verdict: 0/8, I am utterly disappointed
  12. Ha ha super funny And you still refuse to answer my challenge. Do you think you can just casually use your fever as an excuse? You will atone for your sins sooner or later and I will make sure that happens, whether you like it or not.
  13. I am extremely disappointed at Zaka's cowardice really and I would have loved to humiliate him publicly on uno to the degree that he would be too ashamed to even show his face on the forums. Sadly this doesn't seem to be happening. However I will never forget the sins you have committed, Zaka. And you will pay for them eventually, whether you like it or not. My Mahmood can't rip in his grave without being avenged. And trust me, he will be avenged.
  14. I'd really appreciate it if you didn't try derailing my thread by talking about your own sexuality which I don't think anyone really cares about at this point. So first YOU FUCKING INSULT ME ALL NIGHT THEN YOU FUCKING KILL MY MAHMOOD THEN YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO IGNORE MY CHALLENGE AND LEAVE IT UNANSWERED AND FINALLY YOU FUCKING CALL THIS A SILLY SHITPOST? What a disgrace to humanity you are! In fact, are you even human at this point? You have truly lost the essence of humanity. What a disturbing sight to behold.... I am always here as I can be your hero baby I can kiss away the pain I will stand by you forever You can take my breath away
  15. I have no idea what a sad distressing heart-rending pathetic person you have to be in order to interfere with a personal challenge announced publicly. Get a life. I'd love to see you sing like this after I decimate your fucking ass in uno.
  16. Dear "friend" , you haven't really responded to my challenge and I find this utterly disrespectful. In addition to that, you further insult me by posting that ridiculously rude and disgusting poem, twisting my own words as if to sound witty. Thou art truly a pitiful scum. Would you really appreciate kicking people when they are down? YOU HAVE ALREADY FUCKING KILLED MY MAHMOOD AND INSULTED ME THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE NIGHT AND NOW YOU WON'T EVEN HAVE THE DIGNITY TO RESPOND TO MY CHALLENGE. I guess you have shown us just how much cowardice can influence one's own life to make him use the most underhanded tactics.
  17. You know, I used to think you were a nice guy. Or at least a /funny/ dick. But after seeing your true face this night playing Uno, I can no longer bear your presence upon these forums, nay, the Internet, nay, the world itself. In the voice call you destroyed me utterly, scheming my demise together with your so-called "waifu" @HMN as well as that dastardly brit and the "SECRET" SHITPOSTER YOU LITERALLY INVITED PURELY TO INCREASE YOUR SERVER'S SHITPOSTING POWER. It started out innocent enough when you made a fucking meme because I said "childhood" like "childhoods". I mean fine, it was funny, for the first three fucking seconds. TOO BAD YOU KEPT IT UP ALL NIGHT. But you weren't satisfied with that, were you? You just had to fucking kill my dog too. Okay let's back up here. You know how Zaka writes about his cooking sometimes? https://disearnestlydisearnest.wordpress.com/2016/05/10/cooking-with-zaka-a-super-legit-tomato-sauce-narrative/ I used to think it was funny, too. But what you don't realize is how he uses these concoctions. Well, he gave a batch of that awful salsa to us, and just as fucking expected it was bland as shit. We ended up giving half of it to the family dog, and now you realize his ingenious plan - yeah, he was actually trying to poison poor Mahmood to death. YOU INSULTED ME ALL NIGHT AND KILLED MY DOG. You know what I want now, don't you? It's time for a battle at the crack of dawn, 1v1, random starting order, ACKNOWLEDGE ALL DRAW CARDS, no stacking, Final Destination: Egypt. I'm going to destroy you at uno so hard you won't know what hit you, until you realize that addition by four is triggering your PTSD. Have fun passing your math classes, you god damn conniving wannabe cat. 1v1 me in uno tonight or I will give you a taste of your own FUCKING SALSA AND SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT.
  18. After two whole years (or more), I picked up the game again. Sadly I have lost my japanese account since I never expected I would be addicted to the game again (Emiya and Heracles will be missed, at least I have Heracles on my new account). I returned to the English version and have been playing for over a month now (since middle of christmas event). And yeah after playing many mobile games, this might arguably be the best mobile game. My luck on the gacha hasn't been that kind to me sadly (after so many quartz spent, I only got Liz, d'eon, heracles, frankstein and nursery rhyme. No SSR ). I gave up on the saber wars banner and am now saving quartz for the potential umu bride next month. It's great to see the game is still f2p friendly, event is halfway done and I hit 1 million points today, nearly cleared the shop (silver pieces left), and only used 7 golden apples (plus all the silver and bronze apples I got throughout the event). And it's not time-consuming especially when you get to lvl 100 and only play like 3 40 ap and stop playing for like 10 hours. I am glad that I came back, great game indeed.
  19. Perhaps, I haven't really tried to identify it since I will accept it nonetheless just as how it will always accept me even if I turn out to be the SCUM OF EARTH This is a really important point of info, thanks for stressing about it
  20. Dogs only die when they are killed Salsa doesn't kill Soooooo do the maths
  21. My dear lovely Chewy, I would really appreciate if you didn't condemn yourself in such a way. Self-hatred is a parasite that eats you from the inside out and you are the one who's feeding it. Please don't do that, you are a lovely person with an admireable personality. Anyone would love talking to you. I have known you for a long time and you are the source of anything but suffering or pain. You have been the source of the happiness and joy of numerous people including me. Love yourself and improve yourself. You are one of the greatest people on this forum, no in this world, and you can only go forward. However such negativity would never get you anywhere, only positivity will get you to become the brightest human out there, a human that you can be satisfied with becoming. And I am sure you can do it. I wouldn't post this if I did not have faith in you. Fly. Break your chains and trust me when I tell you this, you are boundless. Nothing can stop you or diminish your spirit, NOTHING. So again I am begging you not to say such horrible and degrading things about the amazing person you are.
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