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  1. I really appreciate your suggestions.SPYAIR is almost my request,but over songs are good too,but i liked suggestions that have made their way into my songlist.Thanks you all!
  2. Hello there,and here is my request: Please advise me positive jrock compositions (rock or soundtrack from vn, maybe it will be the opening theme for some anime or individual songs). The main thing is the positive mood and energy boost , one that helps you move forward.I prefer clear high man vocal,but not against female vocals,its just not touching me.Also beatrate is high too,starting from 120 bpm. I found myself easily motivated by this type of songs.J-pop although is too naive,gaudily optimistic and not so moving to me. Imma listening good music Examples of that i mean: NICO Touches the W
  3. Omg,higanbana's sprite is like this?My eyes will pop out trying to read this seriously.Dont have any objections of it though,just my opinion-art is important in VN's. Also voted for Ever17,cuz havent read it yet,and it avaliable on android(thats hella important for me).Well,chaos;head avaliable too if i recall correctly.
  4. try to find where they hide the cookies!Or alcohol.Thats some tough question to me. Ohh,and you can try to smoke!but nah,its disgusting. Well,you can try to cook something!Ohh,it the same as previous. Oooor,at least you can sing to full voice.No,seriuosly.I found out that can sing not so bad then my family got on a trip.
  5. To that post wanna add my own offer.The group of friends is scientific research group,who was sent to examinate foreign object,what has fallen with the asteroid on the Earth's surface.This object is some sort of alien harddisk,meant to replicate overall planet state from some period of time.He's meant for preserving entire planet info in a single moment to use it in future researches.As our scientist activate it,they got sucked into "replication of planet world".Also,to animate world preserved in this object world the time flow is perpendicular to our own,so that no effects of its usage will r
  6. syyyymphooooonic raaaaaiiiiiin!Well,i have finished G-senjou a day ago.
  7. storyteller,this concept are good,but if remember correctly psychically unstable people never got a job of teacher in mental institution,or someone else who need to contact with people alot.Maybe I am wrong.
  8. Allright,time for some trump card!If anyone got bothered by the true end-check this https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/3ee3zn/swan_song_a_true_fake_ending/? For my opinion its convenient assumption,so read it please) Sorry if anyone already knows this,but then i found dat link i felt strong urge to share it with you all.
  9. Kuwagata is definetely the most interesting character for me.For everyone who got sympathised with him at beginning-LOL,hes turned on the dark side.And made it in believable way-and thats disturbing.Also,if you explore the war literature,you will find one similarity between poor and weak characters-The more insignificant was a man in everyday life, the more he became a tyrant, having received authority.Good example would be "ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT" by Erich Maria Remarque.
  10. Hah,Favorite chars-Meiya from Muv luv and Kazuki Kazami from Grisaia no Kajitsu.Yup. Favorite routes-Amane route of Grisaia(but not because of Kazuki),Lilly route from Katawa Shoujo and Kotomi route from Clannad. *Man,thats a lot of sweetness in this*
  11. fallout 3 and fallout new vegas.In preparation for 4th part. Also a lot of people dont know about amazing game called "this war of mine"-its a simulator of surviving as civilian IN MODERN WAR conflict.Highly appreciated by me cuz of war actions at my country.Very versatile,hardcore to the nuts and strategically oriented.Just try it!(it avaliable on mobile phones)
  12. Yeah,shaking in the beginning was like"F@%k up your eyesight,ur balls gonna pop out" XD Well,i know 2 people who started reading Swan song and dropped because of demolishing effect on your mood.If you are not almostly senseless,then at least something will catch you.
  13. dont know where especially(if i recall corretly it was on this forum),but ive seen that autor and writer of mla story said that he was very inspired bu this novel.Crabs here-mechanical and can create themself from scrap,and young guys(almost teenagers) are opposing them.this happens to be one of the most inspiring tune for it-childrens what are forced to battle with overwhelming non-human opponent.
  14. I agreed with Scorp,but you know-book that was a predecessor to some piece of media very often gives only overall idea and behavior of characters.As example take shingeki no kyojin that was inspired by muv-luv series,that was inspired by evangelion(i can prove that) and "Crabs On The Island" written novel by Anatoly Dneprov,while evangelion was based on Mazinger Z and Macross,that based on...You understood that i wanna say. Basically,every story was told anywhere,all we are experiencing is its new interpretation,what can be made with such a good quality to leave its mark in history.
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