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  1. Cross-posting this from Lemma Soft. I have a premise for my VN, as well as four endings planned. The problem is that I am unsure on how to flesh out the premise to have a proper plot the player can follow, other than a vague notion of what the plot is going to cover. In other words, I am unsure of how to construct scenes and events stringing together the plot. The VN has everything else, such as characters with backstories and even a planned points system for the choices. For context, the main plot is about two women in a small town who end up in a secret and troubled romantic relationship. The subplot that carries the structure of the story is that a family who runs a church is looking to expand their social reach at any costs necessary. The antagonist wants to achieve this by having the love interest to marry the son of any of the town’s economic head figures for bigger social reach. Meanwhile, the love interest wants to keep her role in her the church, instead being forced to quit her job and become a housewife. For the main plot, both the protagonist and the love interest want to have a relationship that works out, but they have some unresolved issues with key figures in their separate pasts that keep this from happening in a healthy manner. I know the general structure of plots, such as the Hero's Journey or the classic Three-Act Structure, but I am very unsure on how to create an actual plot. How would I go about forming key scenes that form this storyline?
  2. Writers, how can I avoid being a sponge? I've noticed that my writing style is highly influenced by whatever work I most recently read. This is true, for example, in my most recent novel, which has a lot of slapstick comedy even though I hate novels or animes that uses this element. The VN I've read before writing this work was SMEE's Fureraba - a moe, kusoge, with the same kind of comedy I used in my work. I would definitely like to avoid having my writing style being affected this way, but to have a solid writing, or to be adaptable. Am I the only who suffers from this? Is there anything I can do to avoid this? (Note: I've read 60 light novel volumes and 6 regular novels in my life. Maybe my problem is having read few books?)
  3. hi folks, i'm in an early stage of development, i'm working on a dating sim game with some details of life simulation and humorous adventure ... the simple plot is of a teenager in the last year of high school who moves to a small town and live adventures there, work, fall in love, moments +18 haha, among other things ... I would like to know your opinions about what things you like about these games, ideas, recommendations, etc ... I await your answers ...
  4. I would love to know what you think about a question I have I am working on a project that mixes funny things, humor, high school, many crazy and funny people and stories with black humor like south park... I would like to know what kind of dating level would you like to have? something light with simple references or something more explicit? I wait your opinions
  5. I want to write fanfic, since I have idea for one. I'm not good to write in English and I could write in my language so are Norwegian but then I need to translate it in English and I don't know how to do that. So it's it possible to have someone look through my fanfic and fix my grammar or do I need do it one my own?
  6. Hi guys! I'm Kyoki Chiho, an erotic VN writer that has some NSFW scenes to share! In order to improve my writing style, I've been practicing quite a lot lately, and since it'd be a waste to let all these scenes go unnoticed, I've decided to post them here! I posted them on Twitter too (hence the names). Anyway, have fun! Blindfold sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WZRpPkEvDw11DrYfsc2XVa0GSJok3KPm/view?usp=sharing Public sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LvKpqIRex2-hEkchC83HOfoXqPAZTyJK/view?usp=sharing Yuri sex scene with reverse pet play: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nJLir0y5c6PuswTRBXBHMkxBYIPEE5zT/view?usp=sharing Tentacle sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ejG2bUIG8Wt3DZyuhtwrtUSajBWRSDt-/view?usp=sharing Oh, by the way... If you want a customized erotic scene, feel free to contact me, either here or on Twitter!
  7. RUN, KITTY! --------------- Genre: visual novel, furry, muscle, bara, gay Rating: all ages (demo), 18+ (full version) Developer: Strong & Furry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/strongandfurry Itch.io - https://strongandfurry.itch.io/kitty VK - https://vk.com/strongandfurry Twitter - https://twitter.com/strongandfurry Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/strongandfurry Discord - https://discord.com/invite/MYrFD2X ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DOWNLOAD DEMO VERSION (Russian and English languages) =========== Android demo version - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.strongandfurry.kitty.trial PC demo version - https://strongandfurry.itch.io/kitty ============ Once upon a cat named Simon, who decided to skip classes at the university, alone with nature - in other words, take a walk through the forest. Knowing this forest like the back of his hand, he never expected that he would be able to get lost there... Yes, and even find himself pursued by an unknown predator, in the forest, where they have never lived... Can he get out of the forest on his own?.. Notice: it's a demo version of game. Full version of game with 18+ scenes will be available on itch.io and Patreon (and also on Steam) after collecting funds for development. Thank you so much! -------------- You can also support us on Patreon to see the full version faster! And you also will get some nice bonuses like concept art, development blogs, characters talks etc. Enjoy big strong furries, if you like them! I would be happy to hear your opinions about plot and art also.
  8. Hello everyone, I've spent a fair amount of time trying to come up with a good story idea for a visual novel and was wondering if I could get some opinions on a pretty high-level description of my idea. This story would be a sci-fi/mystery visual novel that in its beginning stages, would follow five short character stories, which would be used as a means of introducing each of these individual characters. in these stories, each character is in their senior year and are trying to decide on a college to go to. basically, after their introduction, this university, which I have yet to come up with a name for, would use varying methods to try and influence these 5 students to attend the university. Be it through scholarships, a good athletic program, or a good program for their major, all five of these students are convinced to attend this university. mind you, the person who they are corresponding with is willing to give/say anything in order to convince these five characters to attend. I would release these 5 stories in a sort of episodic format as I completed them. As for the UI, It would have huge significance to the story. basically, the UI would have a sort of futuristic but slightly buggy/distorted look to it. On the bottom of the screen would be five generic silhouettes that would represent each of the five characters. Periodically, I would change the text on the screen to things like "Searching for candidate," etc. Upon completion of one of these stories, I would change the status to "Candidate located" and at that point, the generic silhouette would be replaced by the actual character's silhouette, and the story would become playable. upon completing the character's story, their silhouette would be replaced with their actual character sprite, and the status would change to "Candidate acquired" for a short time before returning to "Searching for candidate." Along with this, files on this futuristic desktop would be unlocked, and become viewable. These files would contain various different images, documents, and sound files, that would both be a means of world-building, and would also give away some juicy details of the overarching story. Once all five of these stories are completed, I would set to work on writing the final, long story. In which, all five characters, along with one new, very significant character, of which you play from the perspective of, would meet at this University. This final story would be pretty relaxed, until the characters start noticing odd things about the university, and slowly builds up until they try to get to the bottom of whats going on. Essentially, for the mystery aspect, what I have at this point is that the MC of the final game was the son of an esteemed inventor. this inventor's life goal was to create the first truly sentient artificial intelligence capable of feeling emotion and thinking for itself. He passed away before he was ever able to completely achieve his goal. However, he did manage to create the most advanced AI to date. before his death, he told this AI to do whatever was necessary, short of letting anyone come to harm, to create the first truly sentient AI. this gave the inventor a little bit of comfort prior to his passing, as he thought if this AI he created could do it, in a small way, he would have achieved his goal. Upon the inventors passing, the AI began formulating a plan to achieve its inventor's goal. the AI's plan was to attempt to get five people together in the correct environment, where they would have adequate funding and resources to create this first sentient AI. (you see where I'm going with this ). The AI essentially builds a university around itself via the use of robotic, humanoid puppets to found the university, and do all the things it could not, being stuck in place and all. money was no object as the inventor was very successful in many other endeavors and left it all to the AI. the AI then began searching for the best candidates. A few random ideas as well I thought I'd mention: I have an idea for the climax of this final story in which the characters finally find the truth, and find the AI. upon entering the inventor's workshop and finding the AI, the player would immediately notice that on the central screen would be an exact replica of the UI of the game. thus telling them that the answer was in front of their face the whole time. I've also considered a plot thread in which the humanoid puppets that the AI controls sort of have a will of their own, and desire to be truly sentient. Upon completing the game one final set of files would become unlocked. showing the POV of one of the humanoid puppet AI's being created. their body would be in disrepair of course as they would still be in the process of being built. many other projects of the inventors would be visible. the AI would look around before finally focusing on another, humanoid AI, this one in far worse shape. The player would recognize it as the character that led all five of the other characters to the university. however, this AI is not being controlled by the inventor's AI and is acting of its own volition. I've thought about using them as a villain for a future game. Thank you for reading my story idea. any feedback or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello, We are a small Indie Game studio and developing a Visual Novel Game. Our team consist of programmer, designer, character artist/animator and music composer. We are looking for a Writer. This is a revenue share project. More details and progress of the work will be shared with interested candidates. Kindly share your portfolio and work samples while applying. You can PM or contact through social media. Thanks https://www.freakoutgames.com/ https://twitter.com/freakoutgames https://www.instagram.com/freakout_games/ https://www.facebook.com/freakoutgames/
  10. We are currently developing an action shooter called "N'SANE SHOOTING", an action shooter with one of the game modes called "On the Rails: Dating Simulator With a GUN" a parody of dating simulators in general with a rail shooter thrown in the middle. The game stars Kyle Ryder, a 22 year old college drop-out who is trying to seduce 1 of his bosses to get a promotion. While the free version of this game will not have a branching story line, the full game mode will. I hope you enjoy the gameplay video and offer some criticism. Please no comments with "it sucks because it sucks" I will not tolerate those comments. That said, ENJOY!!!
  11. We are recruiting people into our game making team, we are making a game that will be released on steam later on, the game will be a visual novel, the kind of choose your own adventure game, a bit dark and romance too, we already got the first 2 characters, we got 2 character creators,2 story makers and 1 programer. Things we search for: -between 1 and 3 Artist for backgrounds -1 Story maker to help the other ones The game will be released on steam after we finish it, we are going to add all the names of the people that help in the credits and if we are allowed to we will also add one of theyr social media in the right of the name too, like twitter,youtube or anything like that. If your interested i have only 2 ways of beying contacted. -Discord Natsuki#0795 -Skype: wolf75844 Please contact me on discord tough since im not using skype very often and i made the game making group in the discord.
  12. Spring break is over for me, so I can finally calm down with my posting, and bury myself in lines code. I have only six weeks of school left! Yay! Then, I can read.... actually I don't know what to read after Kara no Shoujo. Maybe Subahibi..... *shrugs shoulders* So in the meantime, i figured I would lend you guys a brief scene of mine. Is the scene related to the VN I am working on? Somewhat. It's a scene of a prequel to the VN I am working on. Where is the link to that scene? right here. Scene Title: Hold my hand Genre: Romantic Drama Word Count: 1647 Words Feedback: Anything. How is that VN anyway? Will it be vaporware? My biggest fear is development hell. No seriously, I hate having to work on perpetual projects because I am too familiar with burnout. It won't be vaporware in fact. I am going to set release date soon and I need some friends to hold me accountable. I will post the status of the VN in a blog here and have weekly updates on it.
  13. Hello, I'm Mo! I thought this forum might be the best place to post one of these... (If not say so please ) Long story short I'm a writer and wanted to get some experience working with a team on a project. As for me personally, I've worked on countless personal works spanning years but would like to work with a team for a change. If I where to put my finger on why I like writing it would be just the power to move people with words alone and making characters that my readers truly love. At this moment I would like to focus on improving my craft and would rather not be paid for any work I do with you until I've put at least a couple titles under my belt. I prefer to work with the Ren'py system but can probably learn another launcher if necessary. I have been told That I have trust issues but have also been told that I'm a good listener with a well kept temper If your interested in working together Please email [email protected] or just reply here I look forward to working with you!
  14. Well. As someone who had dabble here and there with fanfic writing, I'd like to try my hand at writing fanfic for some VNs. But as it stands, the English speaking fandom for VNs is mostly nonexistence on fanfic boards like ff.net or Ao3, outside of a few popular series (and mostly, those are popular because of their anime adaption more than the original VNs). So... May as well try it here. Wouldn't hurt, would it? I can't say that I'm a good writer, nor I have any intention of seriously taking up writing. But I do hope my stuffs don't come off as too crappy. So here we go?
  15. Hey what is up guys! My name is Stone and i am a visual novel creator. Currently i am looking for a character design artist for our upcoming visual novel. We do Pay you per character design. If you are intrested please reply to this post or email me at [email protected] THANKS FOR READING!
  16. Information about the book: Kitsune and me is a yuri light novel like story I have been working on since December of 2015. It started as a silly and goofy idea that was supposed to last for 30-40 pages. But, after completely falling in love with the characters and their universe, I ended up continuing the story, and here we are, 46k words and 140 pages later. The story offer elements of romance (yuri), fantasy, action and comedy. The core story is about the human girl, Sakura, and her guardian fox spirit, Kitsune, and their life together. Kitsune and me Vol.2 is going to be the second and last book in the series, and will offer another 12 chapters, as well as an epilogue. The story will follow after the events of the first one. For those who have not yet read the first book, you can find it here: Free PDF download! The thread: Vol .2 Summary: "It has been seven months since the portals connecting the kitsune and human worlds were broken. Kitsune and Sakura have started a new, peaceful life together, leaving their past troubles behind. But something is coming … How long will their days of peace last? An old, broken promise comes back to haunt Kitsune. An old and long forgotten curse once again reawakens... Hatred, anger, revenge…Light and darkness. A shadow envelops Sakura and Kitsune’s life, and nothing will ever be the same again... .... Just like the first volume, the chapters will be released as I finish them. Below is a list of the chapters, and info on when their status. (The chapters will be released in a PDF format, similar to the first book.) Also, as it did cause some confusion in the first book, I will be writing Kitsune's name and the name of the kitsune species as a whole slightly differently, so it is easier to tell them apart. Kitsune's name will obviously always be capitilized, but it will never be in italics. The kitsune people will never be capitilized unless it's the first word in a sentence, and it will always be in italics. In addition, Japanese words that gets a translation in the translation document will be marked with a * in the book. Chapters: Prologue (Released!) Chapter 1: A New Contract?! (Released!) Chapter 2: Escaping The Dream (Released!) Chapter 3: Creating The Dream (Finished, unedited) Chapter 4: In The Beginning (Being Written!) Chapter 5: The Hunt Begins (TBA) Chapter 6: 闇 (Yami / Darkness) (TBA) Chapter 7: 光 (Hikari / Light) (TBA) Chapter 8: ハナ (Hana) (TBA) Chapter 9: Beginning Of The End (TBA) Chapter 10: The Curse Of The Queen (TBA) Chapter 11: All That We Lost (TBA) Chapter 12: All That We Gained (TBA) Epilogue: (TBA) .... Kitsune and me vol.2 Link to the currently released chapters! Introduction to the characters:
  17. Wow, it certainly has been a long time since I've been here. You guys have come a long way, and for that, I can finally say I've finished the first real working version of my old visual novel engine that I once did an interview on fuwanovel (https://fuwanovel.net/2013/10/interview-qbertys-om3ga-engine-transcending-platforms/) about. I'm proud to say that it's finally what I wanted it to become. A non-nonsense simple multi-platform visual novel creation and testing tool. It supports running your visual novels on Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux with only needing to write your story once for all platforms. I'm also testing cloud saving/loading as well. All testers are welcome to http://vnengine.com to check it out. You can try it out for yourself at: http://vnengine.com
  18. Hello ladies and gentlemen of fuwa! Today I will be sharing with you a little writing project I've been working on. Thanks so much to Forgetful Frank for agreeing to edit the book for me! When I started I was editing it myself, which is slow work and I often miss mistakes in my own writing, and so this way it should be a lot better for everyone involved Also, a big thanks to Melowbee for making the illustration for Kitsune! It's a wonderful confidence boost to actually have someone make drawings for my story! On to the book: キツネと私 - Kitsune and me Summary: After spending half a day locked in her clubroom at school, Sakura heads home in the middle of the night, in pouring rain. Taking refuge from the terrible conditions, she stumbles into and old and mysterious shrine. Here she discovers a strange little artifact that she thinks may have been stolen from a museum. Wanting to get it checked out the next day, she brings the artifact home. But as the artifact ends up coming to life in the form of the ditsy, energic and completely stunning Kitsune, Sakura's life will never be the same again... Information on the book: Kitsune and me is primarily a comedy, focusing on the relationship between the main character Sakura, and her new guardian ... fox-girl, Kitsune Mimiko. When writing it I focus primarily on having fun and silly interactions between the two, and purposely try to use clichés from common visual novel, anime, manga and light novel works. It's a fun little project I recently decided to start working on, and it's not meant to be taken too seriously. The story offers elements of comedy, romance (yuri), fantasy and action. The structure is fairly similar to most VNs, in that it starts of fluffy and is riddled with mainly humor, and then it gets more dramatic towards the end. Also, note that this is written in English, though I use certain words and phrases from Japanese. Again, this isn't meant to be taken too seriously. Words such as bentou will be in the book to keep the essence of the "Japanese setting" and words such as "ne" will be left in Kitsune's sentences, as they are a part of her speech pattern and that doesn't translate as well into English in my opinion. I also keep Japanese titles when I see fit, like using Kitsune's name. For these parts, translations are on the side of the Japanese symbols. DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD FOR THE BOOK! A sketch of Kitsune made by Melowbee! Art made by Melowbee, thank you x100!! Editing is done by Forgetful Frank, thanks so much for that! Special thanks to Nosebleed for helping me with Kitsune's name!
  19. Well, hello there minna, i am...oh please, everyone know about me, the shity tsundere who always brags about his favourite show and has a big urobuchi fetish. Well, what do you have to expect from this shitty fanfiction? Cringy english, poorly done fights, non-existant drama, shitty romance and a ton of stupid memes, i don't even know why am i doing this, but guess i have to do it. And, of course, please correct me if my english is terrible (it is, there's no if) (Really, feel free to give me any criticism, i need that in order to improve my english) Prologue : the epitome of the genesis. Typical japanese street, Akihabara, 26 Mars 2017 The sun was bright, too bright for my NEET eyes, the air is cold, too cold for my NEET skin and the streets are crowded, too crowded for my NEET mind...And here i am, in Akiba, the anime mecca, the holy land of the perverts, the sacred ground of the eroge and... ??? :Oi oi, gaijin-san, why the fuck are you standing like this? is that a gaijin tradition or what? I got suddenly interrupted by mister Takao. I know it sounds weird, but he's actually my japanese pen pal, i just recently got to meet him, and since i discovered he was also an otaku, it was even easier for me to talk to him, i mean, it's been only 3 days since i got my vacations for Japan, and i'm already hanging out with a bunch of japanese dudes. Gaijin-san : You can speak with yourself Mister Takao, it was just thinking about...stuff, stranger stuff as you may think, you know, i'm not really a NEET, i do have a job and all, but i prefer to drow myself into otaku stuff and all. Japanese dude A : Hahaha Takao-kun, your gaijin-san friend is kinda right, i never expected to meet a gaijin so open about otakuness. Japanese dude B : haven't you heard about the new big eroge? with lot of bishoujo and cute traps? Takao : you may be the only one here into cute traps, i mean, what are you, gay? Gaijin-san : nah, i don't think traps are gay, since they are girly and all. And we continued, laughing and talking about stupid shit and anime...everywhere on screens, you could see the new Berserk anime made by Ufotable, new ads for some weird eroge as well as ads for creepy maid café...on the streets, you could see some Jietai patrols, equiped with modern, but they completely feel normal, compared to the HUGE amount of cosplayers roaming the streets, cosplay of every thing, from lusty maids to some crazy characters. In short, Akiba was a heaven for me...if only, it didn't happen, my biggest fear... Takao : Eh, why did the sky suddenly turn dark? Gaijin-san : what do you...what... In one instant, the whole scenery changed, the peaceful akiba turned into hell, as the sky darkened, multiple....things fell to the ground, struck to towers, buildings or even the streets, the debris fell over us, and...nearly killed us. Gaijin-san : guys! we must get the fuck out of here, run to the metro station! Now! But as i was yelling, one of the things well on our position, crushing the ribs of one of Takao's friend...it took us a whole minute to awake again...unfortunately, one of us didn't make it. Takao: Kuso kuso kuso! what do we do now?! what the hell is happening here! We didn't even have the time to think of something, a ship approached us...no doubt was possible. Gaijin-san : Aliens...FOLLOW ME! WE must get the fuck out of here! ..... Meanwhile. TV Journalist : as we speak now, the same scenes repeating everywhere, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and many, many other big towns were assaulted in the same way, what was first mistaken as an meteor shower was, in fact, and trust me, this is not a joke, an Alien invasion, one of our journalist caugh the picture of one of these...things...before he got killed and.. the TV got interrupted and, a blurred face appeared...the counsilman, why am i not surprised. Counsilman : Hello comma...eh wait, you're not the Commander...thanks to you i look like a stupid guy, get me your commander, now. ???: We still have no information regarding the commander, sir, it's his holiday and. Counsilman : Wait, didn't he tell you? he's in Japan and...oh...ok, i'll tell them. Change of plan mysterious soldier, the UN has activated the FuwaCOM cell, unfortunately, your commander is missing. As the Counsilman continue to speak, another guy entered the room, it was C.O Bradley, he's in charge of the logistic and supplying the field units with intel and orders, his nickname was Texas Dice, a rather weird nickname in my opinion. Bradley : Oh sorry lieutenant Tsundere, didn't knew you were with the super secret counsil everyone on the base knows his existence. Counsilman : Mh...seriously, why such people are our only chance?...speak, mister Bradley, why are you even here. Bradley : We got a transmission from the commander...he's being under assault by the aliens, he's in Japan, i tried to pinpoint his position, he's near the Akihabara trainstation...why the fuck is he so fond of trains?..oh, and he asked Tsundere to lead the recovery team, so...good luck Lieutenant. Tsundere : You know, i have a name, my name is Christina, not Tsundere!...Oh sorry Counsilman, but we have to recover our commander, i think it's the right course of action, you agree? Counsilman : You could go fuck yourself, i don't care anymore...just go recover the Commander, i'll talk with him about the future operations, Dismiss! We had no time to lose, i ran as fast as i could to the armory, the mission was vital, if we dont recover our rightful leader, we'll lose the war...it's your fault, stupid otaku! As i arrived to the armory, only 3 soldiers were here: The first of them, a tall slavic guy, with long white hairs, a big scar on his left cheek, and an adidas-inspired strips on his armor, a sniper rifle -the PGM Hecate II, with the inscriptions "Vodka for life", his name : Corporal Vlad "Voko" Brejnev, a fine soldier from the czech army, even if he's...rather lunatic, and mostly speak with dank memes. The second soldier, a bit shorter, with a brown skin, black hairs and a juvenile, beardless face, his name : Ahmed "HuMaN" Iskander, a Palestinian soldier under the Jordanese army...with an israeli flag...yeh, the flag was my idea, i wanted to mess up with him, if you've seen his face, magad it was funny. It's a tradition to do a bit of tease with new soldiers, and he wasn't the exception to the rule. He was our demolition experts, always carrying a standard FuwaCOM assault rifle and X-04 explosives. And Finally, the last of them, a rather generic size(But a very big..."size" i can tell you), with anime-esque blue hairs, a rather generic brown skin, he is...oh, right, i remember now, Lance-Corporal Noel "Big Gun" Ferrara, a proud portuguese special forces member, bearing a big ass minigun ...i'll have to deal with that grotesque team. Oh, who am i? Lieutenant Christina "Tsundere" LaRoche, even if i'm not a tsundere. I used to work for GIGN, and got promoted to this...ultra secret anti-alien project, FuwaCOM, our objective is to assure planetary defence, we're the first...and the last line of survival, if we do not save our leader, the world is doomed, with that in mind, i had only one order to give them. -soldiers! we are humanity's last hope...let's save our Commander! And this is the story of how humanity's trash dealt with the biggest threat even faced by earth since Donald Trump's Election. END ....I'm sorry, sorry!
  20. LemmaSoft link. Hello, everyone! My name is Lumia Chai, and I would like to open my writing, editing, researching and proofreading services to anybody in need of assets. To be able to fund for a project that I want to start and finish (to get other assets, like art), I am only doing paid service and talent trading for now. I hope to be able to work with you soon! GENERAL GUIDES > Both free and paid project, whether it is short term (for a jam) or long term, are fine with me, as long as it is within my “interest range”. > Payment is made by PayPal.me in the USD currency (I will share my link with you privately). > I am fine working under a deadline as long as they are reasonable. If they are not, a tight-deadline fee will be charged (please see below). > I am able to work the most on weekends, Saturday and Sunday, and possibly holidays if I am not out of town. > Depending on how long I am free, I can write from anywhere ranging from 100-2,000 words in a day. > Two small samples, one that is dialogue-heavy and the other narrative-heavy, can be seen here. Any request for specific samples may be made; each sample I provide will be about 120-150 words (which is the length of the two samples in the link). After the third sample request, I will charge $1 for every sample after the third. I WILL DO... > Any genre: romance, fantasy, otome/shoujo and supernatural are my most strongest and preferred genres (although I am also an avid fan of dark stories as well), though gore, horror, slice of life, and angst are also fine. > PG rating through 16+ rating (mild violence and profanity). > Girl x Boy (which is preferable for me), Boy x Girl, and mild Yuri/Yaoi (BL). > R18 - if it's opposite sex and characters are over the age of 18. I WILL NOT DO... > R18 between same genders and characters are under the age of 18 RATES [ free project / paid project ] * These following prices are based on a “per word” basis and in USD unless stated otherwise. A tight-deadline fee of $5 will be added to your total order if your deadline, if applicable, is tight. > Writing- $0.02 / $0.03 > Editing- $0.02 / $0.03 > Proofreading- $0.01 / $0.02 > Research- $5 per hour / $7 per hour > Idea bouncing- $1 per hour / $1 per hour If you are launching a Kickstarter, I can also accept payment (which can be negotiated), provided that funding is a success. If not, I can also accept revenue sharing payment. PACKAGES / DEALS > If you have me do writing and editing for you, you may have 50% off of your original order. > Special holiday packages will also be offered when it is approaching, provided I am in town. This also means special holiday freebies as well. TALENT TRADES * My primary reason for offering a paid service is to commission different people to complete assets that I am unable to recruit for free (future). But, I am willing to do talent trade as well. > Sprite artwork and character design > CG artwork > Background artwork > Graphical artwork (screening, logo, profiles) > Musical composition > Writing/editing (this expertise is a bit uncertain; send me an email/private message if you are interested in doing a talent trade for this) CONTACT ME * Please include information about the game or a link to a work-in-progress thread that explains the game as if I were an audience. For trading, please specify what you are going to offer, and we can negotiate on what I give in return. > Email me at [email protected] (fastest reply comes by email) > Private message me here > Reply to this thread If I haven’t replied to you within three days, please resend your email or private message. If you have replied to the thread, copy and paste your message into an email to me.
  21. Hi, I'm Miya! I'm the leader of Truth Unveiled Visual Novel. We need artists, programmers, and more writers for this project. We already have two. Here is everything you need to know and every bit of info we have so far: http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/15762-truth-unveiled-gxbsupernaturalromancepsychological/#comment-428907 Contact me here, via email, [email protected] or Skype: Miyu "Aoba cake" I look forward to hearing from you. ❤
  22. So to start off, I'm McMuffin, I'm an aspiring writer that desperately needs someone to tell him how much he sucks. So to make it simple I have a question, would you (the reader) like to read and then critic my work? It doensn't matter if you hate it or love it, both negative and positive feedback would be much appreciated. To start off I'll leave you with something I wrote a very long time ago I call it Ashes Until ashes we meet again. It was late autumn, the sky had never looked darker. Black smoke filled the air choking any nearby life. A small girl, with all of her might, kicked down her front door escaping with her life. Two years later The small girl left the school and made her way down 1st street towards her house. The sky was darkening and the air was crisp and cool. Turning down the alley way she grabbed a large red canister and fixed the nozzle. She arrived at the black charred gate that led to the back yard of her house which she had lived in two years before, the house was now a pile of ashes. The girl made her way into the living area, she could remember the house so well. She withdrew a picture, her mom, dad, and little brothers smiling faces shined deeply into her soul. She laid the picture at her feet, her tears stained the picture. She grabbed the red canister, pouring a large around herself. She let out a wail and her tears fell faster. She lit a match and stared at it a while, “I’ll be just like my family,” She whispered between sobs, “Ashes.” Now first I apologize for the darkness of the story, it was a depressing time for me. Anyway that's just a small sample of the things I've written (not all are as dark I assure you) So to finish off, I'll just say thanks to anyone who does decide to help me. Anyway again thanks I appreciate any and all criticism.
  23. Hello everyone, I want to make a visual novel with branching stories and a lot of choices with many endings. But Art style hinder me. What kind of art style most people like? Is it Japan anime style or Western style? Which one do you like from the picture under this text? And which kind of story people will like the most? Does Romance visual novel is too mainstream? I have plan for 1. Fantasy Romance, 2. Crime/Supernatural/Romance, 3.Horror/Thriller/Romance, 4.Romance/Drama and 5.Romance/Comedy. Please help me guys~ Thank you so much!
  24. This is my most recent work. It's incomplete and very rough, but I'd like to know what everyone thinks of it, as I strive to be a novelist. http://puu.sh/pXsLb/4ce89dc557.docx The title has been undecided and I'm not too good at titling, so I put a general name for it.
  25. So, because I'm a massive weeb, I've made some poems about VNs as the months went by. Some were made with a special purpose in mind, some were just seedlings of my warped brain. Anyways, here are some I made. "Engines of Today" From Ourai no Gahkthun "Promise" from Hoshizora no Memoria "City of Distortions" from Sekien no Inganock "Broken Pieces" from Grisaia no Kajitsu & Meikyuu "Friendship" from Majikoi Short poem collection I'll add more poems, when I get some more done
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