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  1. Nalaris Night Of Clashing Souls, the title of the monster girl visual novel our team (unnamed for the moment) is currently developing (early in development) TITLE SCREEN (WIP) This monster girl visual novel shares the tales of two monsters: WARNING, THERE'S SOME SPOILERS AHEAD! -ALYSS THE CENTAUR KNIGHT- (Character images taken from the overall outlook provided by the artist, character models could be modified slightly) Alyss is a knight who retired after the past war that took place on Nalaris. On a fateful night, Alyss encounters her best friend and previous war companion "Dastian" the triclops in a very delicate state and provides help. During her retirement, Alyss spent her days peacefully at home working as a tailor/dressmaker, and before the war started, her parents were against her desire to become a soldier, explaing the reason being that they were worried about her life/safety (her parents were also against her becoming a tailor/dressmaker) The inspiration/desire to become a soldier was born because of someone who she had a deep bond with during her childhood. Since she became a knight and after the war, Alyss relationship with her family became ill/nonexistant and never recovered from that point onwards, because as long as the path she chose in life opposed what her family wanted her to become, she was never going to be loved and or accepted. However, she wasn't alone after the war, Alyss usually spent a very important portion of her life with her best friend "Dastian" Many events unfold after she meets up with Dastian and finds up what happened to him. Alyss then finds herself out of retirement and on a quest to investigate a portal whose wherabouts are unknown. This portal was opened on an mysterious world called "Earth" She is 210 years old (Aproximately 21 years old in human years), and a vegetarian. This centaur is an extremely fast fighter who's phenomenal at dodging/parrying and chaining attacks in quick succession but she has slightly a below average endurance and strength, a fast all rounder as a knight. Her magical element is "Thunder". Thunder is very strong against water magic, wind magic, airborne creatures, dark creatures but, it's weak to earth magic (Alyss is decent with magic) The weapon she uses is a custom made shielded/spiked staff (The symbol on the shield represents centaurian knights as a whole) -DASTIAN THE TRICLOPS WARRIOR- Dastian, a very serious but passionate triclops warrior with a burning heart. Retired from being a soldier years ago and often visited/was visited by Alyss time after the war had concluded. He continued being a blacksmith after the war. (Dastian learned blacksmithing during the war and that became one of the many things he became passionate about). However, his life and mental state deteriorated as time passed. Time flew by and Dastian visited his centaur friend less and less, sometimes even rejecting visits from Alyss herself, the situation came to a point where both friends lost contact with each other for years. One day a catastrophic event happens and Dastian ends in an extremely bad state (Both mentally and physically), he's then found by Alyss shortly after said event takes place. With a very complicated family, past, present and a very uncertain future, Dastian has to face the strongest enemy he's fought against so far once again..."himself". Can Alyss friendship open up a new path for him walk? (Less info is shared about Dastian in comparison to Alyss because being too specific about his past/present could raise inmense spoilers) He's 5000 years old (Aproximately 25 years old in human years. Triclops, ciclops and ogre/beast variants age at an extremely slow rate, some age so slowly that they may look as if they're inmortal, also, triclops develop an adult appearance at a very early age, they are also extremely resistant/almost inmune to sickness/ilness/weakening magic) As a warrior, Dastian endurance is second to none, and he's supremely strong, so strong that he's feared by many, and those who fear Dastian don't even dare to engage him in battle due to his known physical prowess. Dastian however, has below average speed, he's a slow but incredibly strong/resistant warrior. His magical element is Earth (Though Dastian is more versed at hand to hand combat and isn't very experienced when it comes to casting spells or using any kind of magical powers). Earth is strong against thunder and poison but weak against ice, fire, water and wind (four of the most important elemental magical powers) The weapon he uses are the fighter's gauntlet's (His armor is an original model he crafted that mainly provides high endurance to magic, Dastian doesn't like wearing helmets) SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/NalarisNOCS/ Devianart: https://www.deviantart.com/nalarisnocs Yotube (for music): https://www.youtube.com/@NalarisNightOfClashingSouls Patreon (For some extra content, early access to content, uncensored content, etc) : https://www.patreon.com/NalarisNightOfClashingSouls THAT WOULD BE ALL FOR NOW! THANK YOU FOR READING! WE WILL KEEP THIS UPDATED!
  2. Check out our socials for more content Steam: Soon! Patreon | Boosty | Subscribestar | Itch | Discord | YouTube | X (Twitter) | Instagram | VK | Telegram Greetings! And welcome to our Fluffy Fuwanovel! We’re Fluffy Tail Studio, an indie game developers team that LOVES Furries, Visual Novels, and RPGs. We’re currently working on our newest FREE game - Project Genome. Have a look! Project Genome is a non-linear Adult Furry Visual Novel with an Open-world Map, Turn-based Combat, and Roguelite mode. Help the main character May Rotokowski write the greatest article about her discoveries on an ancient island full of furry creatures and sci-fi human-created machines. The plot unveils the story of a journalist May Rotokowski, a girl who‘s dreaming about writing the best article. As a determined person herself, she decides to take matters into her own hands and purposely searches through her colleagues PC and finds an opportunity of her life - a secret ship with a mysterious place as its destination. She decides to take the chance, sail on the ship, find out where it’s going, and tell the world about that in her next article. May begins her journey, while keeping the journalists’ credo in mind - «The more info I dig up, the better». The ship arrives at an island where she meets its keeper who forcefully enters her body and demands to find all the shards of the island's heart crystal and in return promises to make one of May’s wishes come true. She’s also lucky to find a cute little robot, created by humans, that will be of help, as it takes May for its Mistress. During her adventure she’ll have to experience futuristic and ancient «worlds» as both human and furry, interact with friendly and hostile island inhabitants, team up with them to go through fights, mysteries, quests, and even comic events, as well as do some naughty and perverted things for the sake of her dream. Will the heroine be able to discover the truth about the island and write the greatest article of all time? We invite you all to our ever-changing world of Project Genome to find out! Features of Project Genome: Story World full of futuristic and ancient stuff Different Furry characters to have love with Animated Interactive H-scenes with various Fetishes Animated Interactions between characters in dialogues Lots of Costumes and Accessories for every character Turning the Main Heroine from Human into different Furries Interactive H-Scenes: Interact with characters and make choices to see how the scene evolves. Think wisely what to answer to proceed further. Watch several poses and fetishes inside one scene. Replay to see new endings, interactions, and animations. Look through all the animations after completing it. Gameplay Turn-based Combat and Roguelite mode Forming a team of newly met characters and caught monsters Items that completely Mutate characters’ fighting capabilities Upgrading characters, Crafting, and Buying items in shops Open World Map with Quests and Mini Games Combat and Roguelite: Walk around the map to complete quests, meet new characters, fight enemies, and catch monsters. Choose characters from the ones you’ve met or caught to assemble a team. Battle using 3 unique skills of 4 characters in the team. Get new gear to strengthen your characters and to change their abilities. Choose permanent bonus effects via altars. Achieve higher scores by using strategies and combining right characters together. ——RUS—— Подпишитесь на наши соцсети, чтобы узнать больше: Steam: Скоро! Patreon | Boosty | Subscribestar | Itch | Discord | YouTube | X (Twitter) | Instagram | VK | Telegram Приветствуем и Добро пожаловать на наш Пушистый Fuwanovel! Мы - Fluffy Tail Studio, команда разработчиков инди-игр, просто обожаем Фурри и Визуальные Новеллы. В настоящее время мы работаем над нашей новейшей БЕСПЛАТНОЙ игрой - Project Genome. Взгляните! Project Genome - это нелинейная Фурри Визуальная Новелла для Взрослых с Открытым Миром, Пошаговой Боевой Системой и Режимом Roguelite. Помогите главной героине Мей Ротоковски написать величайшую статью о ее открытиях на древнем острове, полном фурри существ и научно-фантастических машин, созданных человеком. Сюжет раскрывает историю журналистки Мей Ротоковски, девушки, мечтающей написать лучшую статью. Будучи целеустремленным человеком, она решает взять дело в свои руки и намеренно просматривает компьютер своего коллеги и находит возможность всей своей жизни - секретный корабль с таинственным местом назначения. Она решает рискнуть, сесть на корабль и узнать, куда он направляется, чтобы рассказать миру об этом в своей следующей статье. Мей начинает свое путешествие, помня о кредо журналистов - «Чем больше информации я накопаю, тем лучше». Корабль прибывает на остров, где она встречает его хранителя, который насильно проникает в ее тело и требует найти все осколки кристалла сердца острова, а взамен обещает исполнить одно из желаний Мей. Ей также повезло найти милого маленького робота, созданного людьми, который будет полезен, поскольку он принимает Мей за свою Госпожу. Во время своего приключения ей придется познать футуристический и древний «миры» как в человеческом, так и в фурри обличье, взаимодействовать с дружественными и враждебными обитателями острова, объединяться с ними, чтобы пройти через бои, тайны, квесты и даже забавные события, а также делать грязные и извращенные вещи ради своей мечты. Сможет ли героиня узнать правду об острове и написать величайшую статью всех времен? Мы приглашаем всех вас в наш постоянно меняющийся мир Project Genome узнать это! Особенности Project Genome: Сюжет Мир, полный футуристических и древних вещей Разные фурри персонажи, с которыми можно завести отношения Анимированные Интерактивные H-сцены с различными Фетишами Анимированные Взаимодействия между персонажами в диалогах Множество костюмов и аксессуаров для каждого персонажа Превращение главной героин из Человека в разных Фурри Интерактивные H-сцены: Взаимодействуйте с персонажами и делайте выборы, чтобы увидеть, как развивается сцена. Подумайте, что ответить, чтобы двигаться дальше. Посмотрите несколько поз и фетишей в одной сцене. Переиграйте, чтобы увидеть новые концовки, взаимодействия и анимации. Просмотрите все анимации после завершения сцены. Геймплей Пошаговая Боевая Система и режим Roguelite Создание команды из новых персонажей и пойманных монстров Предметы, которые полностью Изменяют боевые возможности персонажей Улучшение персонажей, Крафтинг и Покупка предметов в магазинах Открытая Карта Мира с Квестами и Мини-играми Сражения и Roguelite: Гуляйте по карте, выполняйте задания, знакомьтесь с новыми персонажами, сражайтесь с врагами и ловите монстров. Выбирайте персонажей из тех, кого вы встретили или поймали, чтобы собрать команду. Сражайтесь, используя 3 уникальных навыка у 4 персонажей в команде. Приобретайте новое снаряжение, чтобы усилить своих персонажей и изменить их способности. Выбирайте постоянные бонусные эффекты с помощью алтарей. Добивайтесь более высоких результатов, используя стратегию и комбинируя правильных персонажей.
  3. Check out the demo here! Check out the Kickstarter pre-launch page! Ikimashou! - Let's go on an adventure! is a visual novel set in the wonderful land of Canada! Set off on the ultimate journey across the North, and make lots of friends along the way! It'll be a blast! The story takes place in 3 different cities across Canada: Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Each has its own unique setting and personality, with lots of places to explore, people to meet, and things to do! You were born and raised in a small town in Northern Ontario, until one day your family decided to move to Montreal, Quebec. You've been living in the city ever since, but you're starting to feel like something/someplace is missing from your life... maybe it's time to try something new? Longing for a happy and independent life, you head out to explore the rest of Canada and what it has to offer. Will you meet someone special on vacation? Or maybe you'll just have a fun trip across The North? Either way, who knows where your journey will take you! Combining Japanese visual novel features such as voice acting, a cute anime art style alongside beautiful backgrounds, with a familiar Canadian setting. Recommended for people unfamiliar with the visual novel medium, or those who want a lighter, feel-good story. Zinnia Jackson ジニア・ジャクソン | Protagonist | CV: 夢前 黎 Height: 160 cm Birthday: ??? Animal Type: Arctic Fox Hometown: Anywhere! "Dreams of travelling across Canada. Brimming with enormous amounts of ambition, self-esteem and confidence, she'll do everything in her power to make her dream a reality. Very opportunistic and won't hesitate to jump on the bandwagon." Claire Hashimoto 橋本 クレール | Main Character | CV: 砂糖 しお (Satou Shio) Height: 168 cm Birthday: 7/1 Animal Type: Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada "Easygoing, considerate, and eager-to-please, she puts her friends above all other things. Wants to become a singer, but for now she's stuck with a boring office job." Chiyomi Nishimura 西村 千代美 | Main Character | CV: 眠音 りま(Nemurine Rima) Height: 164 cm Birthday: 2/23 Animal Type: Cat Breed: Mixed Hometown: Kariya, Aichi, Japan "A very amiable & caring person, she's very devoted to her friends in Canada and family back in Japan. Immigrated to Canada along with her brother in search of better opportunities in life. Unfortunately, her brother seems to have gone missing on the way here..." Features Explore the cities of Montréal, Toronto, & Vancouver! Full 1920x1080 HD resolution! Mainly kinetic novel, with minor branches at times. Beautiful backgrounds made from actual, real-life photographs! Maybe you'd even be able to tell where it is? A sugar-sweet story about the power of friendship! Super-duper adorable kemomimi characters! (Currently in a draft state, I will post examples later!) Partial Japanese voice acting! Screenshots & Backgrounds Credits Writing - umineko-chan Programming - umineko-chan GUI - umineko-chan, with additional elements by OKUMONO BGM Production - solfa/luminouscore & BGM DOVA-SYNDROME SE Production - 効果音ラボ (Sound Effect Lab) & BGM DOVA-SYNDROME Movie Production: umineko-chan & OKUMONO + V Backgrounds - umineko-chan & various photographers, a full list can be found in the downloaded game's credits. Sprite & CG - 53C Please visit us at the links below! https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=64007 https://umineko-chan.itch.io/lets-go
  4. In a different world over a lifetime ago, some young and geeky friends made a rough VN about mermaids and magic. The pandemic kicked up my love of storytelling again, and since I was already doing it for fun, I figured I would see if this particular flavor of story was still appealing to folks round here~ Welcome to the proper thread for Aquae ~Crystal Clear Waters~ a fantasy/adventure visual novel. Completely free to play as was the original though now with a much more vivid and expanded world to explore. Still mostly kinetic though now with the ability to change certain course of events through the player's actions and choices. While romance isn't a main focus, it is now an option. The original story was broken up into three separate arcs. Presently, Arc 1 is approximately 18.5k words and average 1.5-2hrs read time. Download for Windows, Linux and Android here! Presently, Arc 2 is just starting! The entire script itself is clocking in at 56,761 words and counting. The winds of fate rush in with the summer breeze. Travelers the land over come to take part in the annual festival and celebrate the lasting time of peace after previous years of war and strife. As paper lanterns begin decorating the coastlines above, there surges a troubling shift of tides through the underwater haven of the nerida below. Join Kaizarel - the wayward prince of the isles - as he embarks on an exciting night at the summer festival. Where he meets friends both new and old, including a mysterious stranger with rare purple eyes just like his own. In his attempts to discover the connection he and this strange visitor have in common, Kaizarel instead finds himself embroiled in both the politics of land and sea, as well as unearthing family secrets long buried beneath the sands. Will history be re-written, as waves upon the sand? Or will bloodshed remain? Early Character Concepts Questions for Lurkers: 1) The original story was released in arcs. After the release of ARC I, would you rather have the story continue to be released in chapters or would you rather wait for a complete game? 2) Does interactivity affect your level of enjoyment/engagement in the story? Does romance? UPDATE 7/3/22 - ARC 1 RELEASED!
  5. Hey! This is CapnPosey of Aquasoft Games, the head programmer, writer, artist, designer...basically a one-man team. Just showing off my latest project, Dreamsect // Rebel Saga // Episode 1: Days of Innocence, which you can check out on itch.io here! I've also got a vndb page that somebody else made (and that I should probably update), as well as a neocities page. Dreamsect is about, as taken from the itch.io page: Good morning! I can see it in your eyes that you are eagerly awaiting to begin this game. But before we begin, are you familiar with how this game will proceed? If not, allow me to enlighten you: this is a kinetic visual novel, and contains no traditional gameplay. These characters are bound by their own actions and circumstances, and as such, all you can do is simply watch as their story unfolds. I do not recommend on lamenting over their decisions, but please, feel free to have sympathy for these peculiar thespians. This is a world inhabited those called "Paranormals" and "Casuals," who have endured a millennia-long hostility. After the Vampire Kingdom of Oltvenia - an ally to the Holy Casual Empire - is invaded, the threat of war hangs heavy in the air, and the future of the world falls to the hands of those who seek the "truth" and "justice." Dreamsect follows two stories: one side being about Quartera Delux, a history major from the Holy Casual Empire who is determined to find the truth behind the invasion, and the other being Alexandrina Vasil, heiress to the Oltvenian throne who is unaware of the chaos that's bound to befall her and her kingdom. Currently only the demo is out, which includes chapters 1-4 and their respective retrospectives, that follow Quartera's side of the story. The full game will have chapters 5-8 and their respective retrospectives, which follow Alexandrina's story. I'm aiming on getting the full game out by the end of the year. Also, if using auto-forward, the demo is around 9 hours, so uh, sit back and have fun! Also, I should mention that there are scenes depicting heavy violence, strong language, and mature themes. I personally don't think it's enough to call it +18, but it is definitely for the mature crowd. Anyway, I think that's it! Thanks for reading, thanks for checking it out, and I hope you enjoy! here's some screenshots + a dumbass meme of my bastards.
  6. Welcome! I'm Lynn, and I'm developing Empyreal Dawn. It's a visual novel/role-playing game set in the gothic fantasy world of Edyssa. If you love anime visuals and medieval adventures, you've come to the right place. We have magisterial kingdoms, insidious plots, fabled dragons, and more! 日本語の案内をご希望の方はこちら:blissfulberyl.com/introductionjp Synopsis In the war-torn land of Edyssa, two opposing kingdoms—Bastion and Crescent—devastate the continent with their conflict. With the kingdoms' armies diverted toward the war, a new class of heroes, Adventurers, arise to protect the populace from monsters and crime. You are Albert Cross, Bladeseer of the neutral party Caeruleum. Accompanying you is Alice Starwell, a prodigious Swordsmaiden. As Caeruleum's leader, raise your party to dizzying heights and etch your name into the annals of Edyssian history! Features a grand adventure where you take a fledgling party to soaring heights beautiful, hand-drawn character sprites and event illustrations professional Japanese voice acting classic, turn-based combat focusing on unique encounters multiple routes, each featuring unique heroines, antagonists, and endings original soundtrack by Japanese composer ruha localization in English and Japanese Visit empyrealdawn.com for more information, including character bios! Release Information Empyreal Dawn will be releasing on Steam with an estimated date of 2024. Staff Please click on the "Staff" tab here: blissfulberyl.com/empyrealdawn Links Official site: blissfulberyl.com Patreon: patreon.com/blissfulberyl Twitter: twitter.com/blissfulberyl If you like our project, please consider supporting us on Patreon! It would help us immensely during development. You'll receive a discounted price along with limited edition goodies! Recruitment We are looking for: Programmer (JavaScript preferred) UI Designer Social Media Manager Background Artist Monster Sprite/General Purpose Artist Final Words Thank you very much for reading this far! If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. I'll put my best toward making Empyreal Dawn the best it can be! Sincerely yours, Lynn
  7. WISHLIST + DEMO ON STEAM Detective Butler and the King of Hearts is a linear murder mystery visual novel, with emphasis on a fast-paced, character-driven narrative. The story is divided into 15+ chapters, each with its own mystery, while at the same time asking you to piece together a deeper mystery spanning across all chapters. No prior knowledge of the Detective Butler storyline is required to play. Key Features Estimated 20-30 hours of content across 15+ chapters A unique hand-drawn art-style with animated sprites and backgrounds Fully voiced dialogue and narration (both optional, English language only) One big murder mystery, plus at least one small mystery per chapter Case Notes and Lecture Notes to help solve each mystery A large cast of characters with secrets to uncover Thought-provoking themes on truth, happiness, life, and death Original soundtrack A Story of Mystery, Romance, and Adventure Three years after the events of Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder, Gilligan Golder is now CEO of his late father's life insurance company, where Butler also now works as a fraud investigator. At the same time, Gilligan has been attending classes at the prestigious Diamond University. The company's investors have great expectations for Gilligan upon his graduation. One day, Gilligan and Butler learn about a Detection Club at the university. At the same time, a serial killer has been targeting the female students, each victim's heart ripped out from a gaping wound. As none of the hearts have been found -- apparently stolen -- the killer has been nicknamed "The King of Hearts." Tensions have grown on campus as the female students fear becoming the next victim, and the male students fear being falsely accused as the killer. In the midst of all this, Gilligan falls in love with one of the girls, but lacks the confidence to pursue her. Eventually, a new victim is discovered: one of the members of the Detection Club. And the prime suspect? Detective Butler. Gilligan refuses to believe it. With Butler as the brains and Gilligan doing the legwork, they work together to pursue the truth and catch the true killer. The other members of the Detection Club all have secrets they want to remain hidden. Will Gilligan come to regret the truth he ends up discovering? What are the consequences of telling comforting lies over the harsh truth? And what are the consequences of believing them? Think Like A Detective The primary gameplay is within your own mind as you try and solve the mysteries yourself. The game will provide you with Case Notes and Lecture Notes to help you keep track of the characters, clues, and other important information. You will encounter choices to personalize your experience and test your skills of deduction, but they won't influence the outcome of the story. Instead, you'll be taken on an emotional rollercoaster, with many exciting twists and turns as the mysteries slowly unravel themselves. In addition to the overarching mystery of the King of Hearts Serial Murders, each chapter has at least one dedicated mystery for you to solve. Please enjoy solving all of them! More details can be found below: WISHLIST + DEMO ON STEAM JOIN THE NEWSLETTER FOR EXCLUSIVE UPDATES
  8. I decided to remake a scene in my hololive fangame Remnancy, so after some grammar fixes and removing placeholder dialogues, here's the final result. https://youtu.be/4MVuOR8UNIM
  9. Play the game on steam In this aimless darkness of space, this world that we’ve been placed on continues to turn. This world was fated to end since its inception. And on it, we mortals wait for its inevitable end. To travel through time, one must be willing to leave everything behind and be self-centered enough to change one's own fate. And changing one's fate means going against the very same God who placed us here. Genre: Time Travel, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Mystery Retrocausality is a kinetic visual novel where you encounter paradoxes, causal loops and inversions as you strive to make your dream come true. Set in Akihabara between the years 2000-2069, the story follows a group of college students who survive an anomaly only to find themselves in the midst of a temporal war. Game Info: Hello guys! I'm Thanatos and this is going to be my debut visual novel! This is a short game that was inspired by Steins;Gate. The game is now up on steam with Neoclassic Games publishing it. Here's the VNDB link and also my twitter. Let me know what you think about it! Features: Kinetic Visual Novel - In this predetermined world that we live in, there is no free will. We don't afford such a luxury. Cyberpunk setting - Dive into a futuristic cyberpunk dystopian world where everyone resides inside a structure ruled by a strict regime. Temporal War - Fights take place in ways you have never seen before, with characters inverting, completing paradoxes, and sometimes even causing causal loops. "The grandfather paradox is impossible. In fact, all paradoxes are impossible. The Everett-Wheeler-Graham or multiple world theory is correct. All possible quantum states, events, possibilities and outcomes are real, eventual and occurring." - John Titor Now if the grandfather paradox isn't a thing, does that mean that we can we kick grandpa down the stairs? Timeline: circa 2000 - Root timeline is newly constructed with the appearance of its creator circa 2020 - Time travel is proved to be possible circa 2039 - Temporal wars conclude circa 2064 - Temporal wars begin circa 2069 - The world's first time machine is built Did reading that hurt your one-dimensional time brain? In that case, try thinking backwards instead.
  10. hi folks, i'm in an early stage of development, i'm working on a dating sim game with some details of life simulation and humorous adventure ... the simple plot is of a teenager in the last year of high school who moves to a small town and live adventures there, work, fall in love, moments +18 haha, among other things ... I would like to know your opinions about what things you like about these games, ideas, recommendations, etc ... I await your answers ...
  11. Hey everyone! This is my most recent game, My Mad Scientist Roommate Turned Me Into Her Personal Robotic Battle Maiden?!? https://store.steampowered.com/app/2121260/My_Mad_Scientist_Roommate_Turned_Me_Into_Her_Personal_Robotic_Battle_Maiden/ This is another RPG/VN hybrid similar to my previous game Alluna and Brie, but it is much more polished and plays WAY better. It's currently in Early Access and the first two chapters are released, and I am aiming to release chapter 3 later this month. If you've played the games let me know what you think! Cheers : ) Lach
  12. Hey everyone! This is the second game I released on Steam under Lached Up Games, called Alluna and Brie! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1003020/Alluna_and_Brie/ It's an RPG mixed with VN elements, similar to the Persona franchise. I was mostly happy with how this game wound up, but I had some development issues and it wasn't as polished as I would like. I've since released a more polished RPG, and I plan to release a free definitive edition update to this game at a later date to fix some of the issues. Cheers Lach
  13. Greetings from Novel Tea Games! We've been working hard on our Visual Novel and we're very close to finishing our demo. I assure you that you won't be disappointed! While we wish to be as transparent as possible and share as much as we can, we also believe in saving some of the content for a surprise when the demo launches so please forgive me if at any point I seem a little vague about certain story details. View our trailer! Now on Steam Greenlight! What's it about!? Runeous is a Fantasy Adventure with 'Steampunk' elements. The story follows a small group of heroes in a world ravished by the wars of its past. Runestones possessing magical qualities are what fuel the industry, their secrets long ago lost. Humans research them to unlock their hidden potential. Overpopulation in cities built for far fewer inhabitants. Homes built atop homes with giant walkways connecting the various levels together. While there is a whole ton of lore that's been written up for the world, we're waiting until the Demo before releasing it as we wish to make it as presentable as possible for you! (I may be willing to give a sneak peek to individuals who can offer genuine feedback and suggestions) What do we have thus far? Well, we're almost done with the demo! There are just a few elements left to add. - In the interests of transparency, we have had a lot of trouble with music. This is an issue that has been addressed with the addition of a new team member! - 90% of artwork is done and that includes the majority of the 'main' assets. All we have left to do is a few more CGs, NPCs and promotional art! As for the writing we're miles ahead! From lore and main plot points to full episodes written! Meet our team! While I would absolutely love to wait until our staff 'Chibi' images are ready, unfortunately we've just not had enough spare time to get them done with the development going on, therefore I'm just going to have to throw some unattractive links at you! Earl Grey - That's me! I'm the project manager, Community manager and Marketing. I wrote the initial story line and lore, however our writer has taken over writing the Episodes! Chamomile - She's our Lead Character Artist! She also works a lot on promotional items and tidbits! Chai - She's our Lead Background Artist. She also collaborates with Chamo on CGs! Jasneymon - Or 'Jas' for short. She's our 'Support' Artist. Working on things like Objects, items or Chibis for the website. Vanilla - She's our Web Designer! You probably can't tell right now, but a lot of work is going on behind the scenes which will improve the site a bunch Kagoshima - He's another amazing artist, however he's working on something 'Top Secret' right now so unfortunately we can't show you any of his content right now Peppermint - Our latest addition. Peppermint is working on Music! Unfortunately I don't have a link to share with you at the moment. So there we have it. That's our small, yet amazingly wonderful team! ^^ If you would like to find out more about our project, please check out our Website You can now also support us on Patreon! We post monthly Blogs! Thanks for reading! Please do let me know what your thoughts are on our projects! Also please consider taking part in our community forum where you can talk, interact and ask questions with the rest of our team! Mail us any time: [email protected] 02 Sept 2015 NPC Update No character is too small or insignificant to us, especially the small insignificant ones We've finished all but one of the 'NPCs' so everyone who speaks within the demo has a face! We've also made some progress on music. While we're not ready to share it with the public just yet, we do have a small 'sample' of the music quality you might expect: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bylf1W-RKQ-mZmxGcDRMUUp4TW8/view 05 Sept 2015 Update: Narrator Portraits Since even the NPCs are featured in our VN, it's only fair that our wonderful Narrators be see too. Today we introduce our Narrator Portraits! 18 October 2015 Update: Free Game! We have decided to release Runeous as a Free Game! Check out out blog to learn more and how you can help to support us!
  14. Hi, I am writing on behalf of my team at Star Maiden Games. Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons is an urban fantasy romance novel focused on the journey of twenty-year-old Tsubasa Fujimoto from human to legendary sorceress. It's first route scheduled for release in Q1 2016. We have been greenlit on Steam and will also be releasing on mobile devices. Download demo here Story
  15. https://chemsem.itch.io/huehuecoyotl-can-we-see-each-other-again-after-i-die hello everyone. I’m currently developing an oelvn (also as a light novel on tapas) and I would like to ask the community for their input. I’m thick skinned and need honest feedback. Game is free. I hope you can take a look. Thanks -Chemsem
  16. Story Toshio Nagao is an average, 26 year-old man—but he's stuck in a rut. Working as a part-time convenience store clerk is easy and provides good money, but the routines are becoming predictable. The days are getting longer, and nothing ever seems to change. The fact that Tokyo always seems to be moving only highlights that, making it worse… One night, on a whim, Toshio goes drinking with a friend. When he returns home, a girl in a high school uniform is lingering in the street—so he offers her a place to stay and passes out. The next morning, the girl introduces herself as Miyoko. She explains that she traveled from Okinawa to Tokyo, hoping to escape an abusive family situation. Ultimately, Toshio decides to let her stay, despite the potential ramifications for both of them, in exchange for housekeeping. They might just be exactly what the other needs to make changes in their lives—but only time, their interactions with others, and your choices will tell if those changes are positive… Ultimately, the game will focus on more than just these two! Tokyo is a big place, with a diverse array of people in unique (sometimes positive, sometimes negative) situations! Our goals: more then 100 erotics scenes and 20 interactive sexual scene more then 20 side characters, plus individual stories for each (incl. erotic scenes and different endings). Extension of interactions with Miyoko more then 60 locations RPG system - apartment customization, needs system, shops, quests and more... Mini-games Main quest multiple paths Animated NSFW scenes If you like our idea, please support us! We currently have two working prototypes and we are currently developing a third -> the last one, then we start working on production version => every month new character, quests, nsfw scenes If you like our idea / our vision, please support us on our Patreon. Purchasing a tier ($5,$10,$15,$25) will help us with development. As a reward you will get the latest prototype B (includes e.g. blowjob scene, 2 jobs system, shopping, cooking etc..) If you are interested in our project and want to support us (also read post about our vision / what are we doing) here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/development-5-73609747 Thanks!!! Shifi
  17. Roadwarden is an interactive fiction in which you explore and change a hostile, grim realm. Everyone knows to stay away from the wilderness. Most people would never risk a lonely journey. Roadwardens not only accept this struggle, they embrace it. They deliver messages, assist merchants, burn human corpses and, if possible, get rid of beasts and highwaymen. They live on the road, die young or retire early. It’s a dangerous job, but a respectable one. And it pays well. Main Features: Explore and change the world. Travel through a detailed fantasy setting filled with secrets, challenges and uniquely harsh lore. Have immersive conversations. To gain support of dozens of NPCs, you need to earn their trust during complex dialogues and sidequests. Create your own character through role-playing and decisions. Shape your background, abilities, beliefs and personality. Unveil the local mysteries. Investigate, use your wit and make connections to understand the true nature of this realm. Overcome your weaknesses. The wilderness is full of dangers and you can trust nobody. Find your path to success against all odds. You can find more information as well as the free demo on the game's website! So, what do you think? Have you got any idea how can we call this game's genre? : P
  18. Greetings, Fuwanovel! Welcome to The Tales of Bayun thread! Summary It's a visual novel / narrative adventure game with RPG elements set in a grim fantasy world based on eastern european and slavic myths and legends. Still in development by me and Flyin Dogs indie team, aiming for the release till the end of 2022 for Windows and MacOS. Gameplay The core gameplay is like the most of VNs: choosing different actions and dialogue options. But we also have stats and inventory management, world exploration through Point and Click elements, additional features like bestiary. World All the action takes place in the original fantasy world called The Side. Even though we drew inspiration from different folklore pieces, The Side has it's own rules and stories, there is place for all kind of things: love and hatred, joy and sadness, poverty and wealth, life and... death. It is the place where you will meet many different characters, including some supernatural creatures and our beloved Bayun the Cat. None of them are good or evil, they simply have their own feelings, ideas, fears and ways of living. Happiness of one character can easily become a death sentence for another. Choose wisely, but don't forget that the main character has his own goals! Visuals Characters, backgrounds and all other items have been created from the scratch. The main idea was to create authentic and dark art that will catch the spirit of the original fairytales and legends. Sound There will be more than 20 ambient tracks created specially for The Tales of Bayun, sound effects for different actions (like footsteps, bells ringing, birds singing and etc.). We also plan to record the voice acting for the characters, but still have some doubts about this. Trailer: Gameplay: Some screenshots and arts: Hope, you got interested in The Tales of Bayun! As it is stated in the title of the thread, we have released a demo version on Steam a couple of days ago. Anyone can take a look and form their own opinion. Keep in mind that the work is still going, demo may have some bugs and lack some features (e.g. voice acting). But we will very grateful for any kind of feedback: bug reports, suggestions, ideas and all the thoughts you wish to share. You can share them via our small Google Forms survey, Discord or here in comments. Look forward to hearing from you and don't forget to Wishlist us if you like the game! P.S. If anything is wrong with the post, don't hesitate to tell me - I will do my best to fix it.
  19. The Nameless Braves is a kinetic-style Visual Novel. A linear story that will be updated in "Episodes" and "Books". An "Episode" is a release, essentially. Episode 1 is approximately a 3-5 hour read depending on your speed. A "Book" is the equivalent of a show season. Episodes 1-4 can be considered Acts or Parts of a singular story chunk. Set in the fantasy continent of Ankh-Seah during a dour era referred to as "The Dark Age", one young man strives through trials and heartbreak to accomplish his dream of becoming a hero. You will follow the story of Elijah, a rookie member of a mercenary organization known as "The Braves". The lands of Ankh-Seah are wrought with dangers both human and inhuman. Elijah and his allies will be pit against the various threats that creep in the shadows of Ankh-Seah, uncovering secrets while being forced to confront harsh truths about their world and even themselves. Characters Progress Log Episode 1 of Book 1 ("Heaven") is released! It can be downloaded and played for free from my itch.io page or from patreon! As of the initial creation of this post, I am: -Currently writing Chapter 6/11(?) for Episode 2 of Book 1 -Planning out what commissioned art will be required as additions for Episode 2 -Expected release month for Episode 2: October/November Screenshots Team While written and coded by myself, I cannot claim credit for the art. I commissioned a few artists to do the character art and cgs, bgs, and the logo. Character Art and CGs - @terebozu92 on Twitter Commissioned Background Art -thinhnguyen91 on Fiverr Ankh-Seah Map - cloudcrow on Fiverr Logo - dr_design96 on Fiverr Some other bg assets, as well as my music, are all licensed and credited in-game. itch.io page: https://arssanctum.itch.io/the-nameless-braves Twitter: https://twitter.com/TNBraveOfficial
  20. The game is a parody spin-off of the original game taking place in 2284 in Nevada and California in a parallel universe. Here violence is forbidden, but booze, smoking and sex are normal things to do and to speak of and humanity tends to preserve itself from extinction! So, the whole thing reminds of the ‘normal’ world of 1980s and the main plot is about love and freedom. itch.io | discord | patreon Download WHAT’S THE GAME ABOUT? You will take the fate of a virgin 18-year-old son of the Elder of the Bruhood’o’Spill into your own hands after he escapes from his native bunker at his 18th birthday to face the challenges of the harsh world of the sex apocalypse. You will travel along with him through the dangerous Grossland, visit the glamorous neon city of Nu Vagis, fight New California Empire and the Flock of Tiberius for freedom and of course meet a bunch of cool girls and help them overcome the difficulties of living in a new world. For this you’ll have to upgrade all of your character’s six S.E.X.U.A.L. skills and gain all the perks and achievements completing numerous quests and mini-games, learning to listen to the girls, understanding their needs and acting accordingly. All of these things are truly essential for the young adventurer. But you’ll surely want to check it for yourself. WHAT’S UNDER THE HOOD? We plan an unimaginable amount of various stuff. The main features of B.O.N.V. are: Easily recognizable, good old world of Fallout post apocalypse, yet repacked and totally reshaped with fun and love to the new world of Balls Out sex apocalypse Zany and funny but at times truly dramatic storylines Branching dialogues & uneasy choices Beautiful, 100% hand-crafted art Lots of juicy animated & controlled stuff Awesome soundtrack, specially crafted for the game Highly interactable environment Multilayered maps for exploring local areas and the world both on foot and by car Hundreds of locations to visit and hundreds of persons to meet RPG elements like leveling up, upgrading skills and gaining perks Inventory and monetary systems Lots of mini-games As for now, not all of the listed features are in the game. But we know how to make this stuff and we’ll introduce it in the nearest future. WHO’S CREATING B.O.N.V.? Currently the game is in development by us – Peepboy Co – a team of professional writers, designers, film and music makers. Here we are: Peepboy – a person of many skills and experience. Team lead. Plans everything, designs the game, programs, writes all in-game texts, translates and creates sound landscapes and SFX. Kai Evlian – brilliant artist and professional film maker. Art director. Creates beautiful backgrounds and astonishing movies, animates stuff and makes everything look like a single whole. Oh, and tests like God. XXXD – a cool artist regardless of the task. Character & stuff artist, animation artist who creates all these cute face expressions, costumes, poses of the characters and the juiciest stuff as well. Willow Johnson – our Mysterious Stranger, who “appears occasionally in hostile random encounters to help us”. Makes truly random stuff like drawing maps, designing UI, researching & marketing, web-designing, testing and so on. Swiss army man in his best embodiment. RetroID – a well-known sound producer under the new alias. Makes awesome music for you like the title track or the one for the map. Antonious Dong – a great cinematic composer. It is Dong’s music that you can hear in the intro and many other scenes. Also, we are being helped by a professional web designer and tester, but as for now, this person prefers to keep a low profile. WHY BOTHER BECOMING A PATRON? Peepboy believes in B.O.N.V. so much that it has already become his full-time job with the perspective to go on for many years and to expand the company in order to develop and enhance this game and create more cool games. Other members of Peepboy Co also plan to make their creation processes their full-time jobs. And this is where you come into it. As I said, B.O.N.V. is in development, which has just started. Right now, we are making an update including several new scenes, characters and 20+ minutes of new gaming experience for you. And the game will surely be developed further as long as all of us continue giving our love to it. By us I mean you, our beloved patrons, and the BONV team. You can share your love by selecting one of the tiers above, joining our Discord server, reading patron posts, taking part in our surveys and polls, giving us your precious feedback, and of course playing the game. We, on the other side, are going to transform your love into the cutest storylines, beautiful art, lively animation, stunning mini-games and an unforgettable overall adult gaming experience.
  21. The Scorchfarer: A Scarred Earth Record Welcome to the scarred kingdom. The story of The Scorchfarer is set on a post-apocalyptic high fantasy world. A cosmic event known as the 'fire rain' destroyed most life on the surface of the planet. It was soon discovered that the flames were so magically dense that it would take a millenia for them to die on their own. Both of the continents, Uzu and Zuhaar, joined forces to bring back balance to their world. A new breed of magus was born, the Terramagus, tasked with healing the world and to give every living creature hope for the future. Mikaela and Yukiharu, two novice Terramagi are about to set off into the heart of the continent after finishing their training. Their journey is about to become much more complicated than they could ever imagine as the secrets of their world slowly unravel. Hello, we are Michiyuki Project! We are a team from Mexico, working on our main project 'The Scorchfarer'. Please enjoy the first episode of our visual novel and leave a review! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1617580/The_Scorchfarer/ https://michiyukiproject.itch.io/the-scorchfarer https://vndb.org/v35013 Current project progress The first episode has been released on Steam and itch.io, we expect to release more episodes in the future. Current features 17 unique hand drawn characters 45 hand drawn backgrounds (+12 variations) 15 original songs 3 to 4 hours in length (first episode) A point & click system to learn more about the world by searching for clues A journal mode to learn more about the characters and places A sound test mode Screenshoots Staff Julieta Perez: Character art, backgrounds, backgrounds colouring, UI designer and elements creator, story co-author Jorge Preciado: Programming, scripting, characters animations, backgrounds, story co-author Fernando Gonzalez: Programming Martin Firbacher: Social media NPC: Editing & proofreading Omar Gerardo Arriaga: Composer Tomeo: Composer and SFX Harda Hatta: Composer Irismaria Doherty: Musician Eric Matyas: Composer and SFX Various freesound contributors (full list in-game): SFX How to support us We have a patreon which you can find here! https://www.patreon.com/thescorchfarer You can also buy the DLC that is currenctly available in Steam. An artbook and the OST are available there. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1947410/The_Scorchfarer_Soundtrack/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1959290/The_Scorchfarer__Digital_Artbook_Episode_1/ Please enjoy!
  22. The plot revolves around a group of classmates who are entangled in a dangerous social game that threatens their friendship, principles, and questions their nature. With one person leaving the game each day, friends are forced to choose between who stays and who’s eliminated while something sinister gathers around them. Visual Novel “306” was inspired by Umineko no Naku Koro ni (written by Ryukishi07). It's been in development since 2016 and we are proud to show the results. A lot of hard work has gone into this game. I hope you all enjoy it. Every asset used in the game was created by this team, minus the majority chunk of the BGM and SFX. Created by: ReDHoddie/レッドフディー Art: Gegi Petriashvili, Marie Mzareulishvili Code: ReDHoddie/レッドフディー, Mari Babakishvili Original Score: Gegi Kirtadze (But most of the game music is placeholder OST from various official franchises) Voice Cast : Levan - Ryan Pratt Achi - Josh Portillo Marie - Sam Slade Pavle - Vincent Fabbri Teona - Loganne Digma Tako - Katie Otten Irakli - Josh Portillo Gvanca - Rebecca Chiara Marano Salome - Shakyra Dunn Miranda - Kelly Greenshield and Jenna Oliver Nino - Mari Chavez Mari - Cat Protano Giga - Mylo Reid Lika - Veronica Laux Natuka - Bella Sapphire and Kelsey Jaffer Veronica - Cat Protano Tatia - Kelly Greenshield and Jenna Oliver We hope you enjoy our game. ARTWORK Levan, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame. Achi, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame. Marie, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame. If anyone is interested to be a beta-tester, please let me know. None of us on the team are native English speakers so if anyone wants to help out, it'd be much appreciated. LINKS https://redhoddie.itch.io/306thesecondlap
  23. In a world where Fate seems to be set in Stone, there's nothing you can do to change it. Or can you? Download the Game on Itch.io "Moirai" is a Visual Novel Style Game, in which you meet Characters from Greek Mythology with a tragic Backstory, and can influence their course of Fate. Exploring the surroundings in a modern City, you can gather more information about the world you're about to plunge into and maybe spot some snarky comments here and there. In the current Chapter you meet Pandora, a young woman who is a victim to her mighty uncle Zeus' revenge. Can you help her out of that situation? Or... do you even want to? We are a Team of 3 Animation&Game Students from Germany, who created this Game as Part of our Bachelor's Degree. Our Goal was to create a Visual Novel which includes an explorable Environment, increasing the Immersion and Player Interactivity. This Version is showing the first Chapter of Three, so not all of the Consequences and Story can be shown. Due to our limited capacities concerning (wo)manpower and time, we decided to only create this Part as a proof of concept for our Thesis. If you liked this, please let us know and support us so we can create the other two Chapters as well! If you played the Game, please take a couple minutes to answer this survey on Itch.io, it would mean a lot to us and help write our Bachelor's Thesis. Our Team: Anneke Stiehler - Programming & Game Design Malika Widmayer - Environment & TechArt Marlena Themann - Characters & Dialogue Wieland Müller - Sound Design
  24. The Wishing Stone is a mystery point & click puzzle adventure. It's also a visual novel with an emphasis on storytelling. Different choices and what you do while exploring/solving puzzles both can contribute to different endings. It has 7 endings (excluding the 2 bad ends) + a special chapter. Story: Ailsa unexpectedly receives a wishing stone from a suspicious witch. According to the witch, the wishing stone could grant her 3 wishes, but she must make the first one before midnight. Unfortunately a simple wish leads to unexpected developments. Nothing is what it seems and Ailsa soon realizes there are inconsistencies in her memory and in the world around her. Is she in a bad dream? How can she get back to her normal life? Welcome to Ailsa's adventure as she goes on a journey to stay away from troubles, and to complete her wishes and get her normality back. You will guide her to explore, solve puzzles and make choices. She might find the truth or she might sink into the darkness. Her fate depends on you! Features: • Visual novel with point and click puzzle adventure gameplay. • Story related details to explore; Diaries, notes and letters to be read. • About 130k words for the whole game with twist and turns in the plot • 7 endings + a special chapter • Full HD graphics Progress: The game is about 98% done with the steam release date set next month on Dec. 9th. We are tweaking the endings and doing testing/polishing right now. Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1330100 Characters: Screenshots: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1330100 Please Wishlist our game if you are interested. It would mean a lot for us. Thank you!
  25. I would love to know what you think about a question I have I am working on a project that mixes funny things, humor, high school, many crazy and funny people and stories with black humor like south park... I would like to know what kind of dating level would you like to have? something light with simple references or something more explicit? I wait your opinions
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