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  1. So to start off, I'm McMuffin, I'm an aspiring writer that desperately needs someone to tell him how much he sucks. So to make it simple I have a question, would you (the reader) like to read and then critic my work? It doensn't matter if you hate it or love it, both negative and positive feedback would be much appreciated. To start off I'll leave you with something I wrote a very long time ago I call it Ashes Until ashes we meet again. It was late autumn, the sky had never looked darker. Black smoke filled the air choking any nearby life. A small girl, with all of her might, k
  2. Ah I understand where you were confused. You see, they're actually very different. A muffin is considered to be healthy, whereas cupcakes aren't really seen that way. It's all in how they're baked though, a muffin is plainly like bread and cupcakes are just small cakes. The reason why both were made was some parents preferred the "healthy" alternative. Here's a link for a better explanation: http://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/real-difference-cupcake-muffin/ And I've read only a few VNs them being Fruits of Grisaia, Katawa Shoujo, and Steins Gate. But I hope to read many more.
  3. So real quick let me make a fool of myself. The story begins in my Kindergarten class, which had like 24 kids in it, it was a Monday (I know this because my Grandmother always took me to school on Monday) Anyway it was a Monday, but it was a special Monday! The teacher, or should I say "teachers" (since we actually had two) had made and brought cupcakes (for those who could have them) and muffins (for those that couldn't) Anyway so I, being the socially weird child that I was, came up with this childish reasoning for cupcakes and muffins. So little me sitting there in his little chair thin
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