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  1. This is incorrect. This isn't just a parser. It's a complete improvement on what Ren'Py offers. If you try to use it, you'll see what I mean. There's no real learning curve to this tagging system, and it's full fledged engine. The point of the Early Access is to get a direction of how users/creators want to control things. This isn't like WYSIWYG. The extreme limitations of Ren'Py are pretty obvious and that's why this exists in the first place, to completely improve it. Have you ever used Unity? I use it quite often for freelanced projects and it is not comparable to Ren'Py at all.
  2. Actually, you can share you visual novel, and link to the name of it on Steams Discussion forum for the engine here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/665040/discussions/ That way I can compile a list of all entries, and everyone can vote on the winners! If you have an idea or suggestion for a feature, don't hesitate to make a thread on the steam forum about it so I can take a look and we can figure out a good way to implement that feature without bothering all the other features.
  3. Absolutely! If you have an Android device you should try VNE for android. It's the same thing, but on the go! Also, if you go into the VNE folder that the app creates in your documents folder, you'll see two folders. A created one and a novels one. Inside them, are the list of visual novels for each category. You can copy any of the visual novels you download into your created folder and edit them just the same. It's pretty fun seeing how people make their visual novels. Also yes, the menu thing was done on purpose, because the projects section is being worked on. I want there to be
  4. Hey! It is in-fact barebones in terms of the interface but there's a lot under the hood. UI customizations are definitely being worked on (I'm working on another Steam title at the same time). The best example code you can get is by downloading "The World Doesn't Know" demo content. It will automatically show up in the Create section and let you edit it and see what does what. If you click the question mark when making a VN, all the supported tags are there with full explanations and usages.
  5. The reason the engine is attractive is that it appeals to those that already know Python. Previously, everyone who wanted to use it would have to learn Python as opposed to any other language to make their visual novel. The flexibility is also a curse as that's the main reason why Ren'Py compatibility breaks with every major version. I've yet to see a Ren'Py visual novel that isn't just a simple visual novel that didn't utilise the majority of the features that Ren'Py offers. Even TyrannoBuilder is too buggy and limited. What makes my engine more attractive, is that it's rebuilt fro
  6. This entire statement is incorrect. Your hatred for Steam doesn't really make sense. You're basing your assumptions as if "Steam" or "Valve" want to take over the market. If you watch some of the Valve staff interviews you'll realize that they only just recently started correlating a growth in visual novels on the platform. Also, Steam itself has nothing to do with developers choosing to put their visual novels on Steam. If you don't use Steam, you'll need a better reason than just "they're trying to make more money". Since that's every company ever. I seriously don't get your delusion in
  7. Hey there! To celebrate my Visual Novel Engine making it to Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/665040/Visual_Novel_Engine) I will be hosting a visual novel creation competition. Visual Novel Engine is an app designed to help anyone create their own visual novel for free without any programming skills. The rules are pretty simple, help the development of Visual Novel Engine by creating and submitting a visual novel using the engine itself. The winners will be able to put up their entire visual novel as DLC on Steam (free or paid). The Visual Novel Engine is in Early Access,
  8. No worries. The reason why this differs so much from renpy, is because of it's language. I made it extremely simple to write scripts for, you don't need to have ANY programming knowledge to get started. If you check out http://vnengine.com/documentation.html you'll see I made a simple tagging system for all the major features that visual novels have. Why it's the better choice at the moment, is specifically because if you need a feature added, you can simply e-mail me and I'll have it added for all platforms! Another good reason is that any visual novel made with my engine will be fully c
  9. Wow, it certainly has been a long time since I've been here. You guys have come a long way, and for that, I can finally say I've finished the first real working version of my old visual novel engine that I once did an interview on fuwanovel (https://fuwanovel.net/2013/10/interview-qbertys-om3ga-engine-transcending-platforms/) about. I'm proud to say that it's finally what I wanted it to become. A non-nonsense simple multi-platform visual novel creation and testing tool. It supports running your visual novels on Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux with only needing to write your story once for a
  10. Just thought i'd give everyone that was interested a heads up. The first full port of a visual novel to my engine is complete (Yume Miru Kusuri): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qberty.ymklatest As well as my engine is now fully compatible with ALL VNDS games as well as KiriKiri scripted games (documentation coming soon). Another thing that's neat, is i've also made it possible for the engine to run FULLY in a browser. So that boosts it's native operating system compatibility to Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Android, iOS, and Web/Browser!
  11. Yep, as Tay said the engine does support VNDS. The build that's currently on the playstore does not have VNDS features until I update it, but to show that it works, I have released the VNDS version of Narcissu running on my engine through the playstore. The engine on the playstore will be updated soon. The kirikiri compatibility will take a little bit more testing and perfecting before I can let it out in the wild.
  12. Is there any specific reason why you want to use this engine?
  13. Just taking a preliminary look here, the engine itself is hardcoded to do exactly what you don't want. The reason why, is because 640 by 480 is relative to a square, and for the text to be formatted properly, it would need those spacings (as well as the font they use). The text window graphic is a static image, so everything inside the text box must conform so that it looks right without any morphing. Anyway, you could fix this issue using assembly directly on the engine itself (though it'd take forever). Or fix the scripts to have no spaces (which would mangle the engine anyway).
  14. I can't really nail down an ETA until i've finished implementing the entire language first. Then i'll be able to tell you how long the testing and the rest of the debugging will take.
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